Old People Rejoice – Walgreens Senior Day is today!

44619_Hero_466x570Attention creaky old people: Today (Tuesday, December 3rd) is Senior Savings Day at Walgreens.  Get 20% off all Walgreens, W brand and Nice! products and 15% off brand names. Discounts not valid on prescriptions, cigarettes, dairy products, liquor, liquor department items, phone cards, newspapers, magazines, stamps, gift cards, items or services submitted to insurance for reimbursement or where otherwise limited by law. Also not valid toward Prescription Savings Club membership fee.  Online orders give you 15% off with code SENIOR15.

You must be at least 55 years old or an AARP member if younger.

Greetings from BlogHer2013 – Day 1

Flickr was down last night for maintenance, so no pictures were loaded – here’s a couple from yesterday’s parties.  The first one was Toy Book, a two-level madhouse of both small and large toy companies.  I ended up spending 2 1/2 hours there and it wasn’t until Rachel got a text asking where I was that I realized I was supposed to be SocialLuxe with Jill!   The little robots were like an updated Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots – this time you use electronic controllers and each time you hit the head the light changes color – turns red and game over.  The MegaBlocks people made us build our own Hot Wheels racers and then race them – mine kept flipping over and crashing…must have been a defective one…


SocielLuxe is, for want of a better term, a pampering party.  The main sponsor was Cottonelle (remember my Fed-ex delivery?), who provided not only manicures, massages and henna tattoos, but also large swag bags containing the items shown here – we lugged the case of toilet paper back to my car and then walked to Pioneer Court for a snacky meal of mini-hamburgers, chicken wings, drinks and probably other stuff but we got there so late that that part was pretty much over.  It was hosted by Womensforum and Escalate Network and we spent about an hour+ snacking and talking with Escalate people.  It’s great to be able to finally meet the people with whom you interact on an almost-daily basis.

Carmex is regularly-priced at $1.69 at all the Walgreens around me – in downtown Chicago it’s not! Yes, the sale price of 5/$5 remains the same, but for someone picking up one or two items, yikes!  And the high tax is 9.25%.  Seriously!  Tax would be the deal killer!

Resolution for next year’s convention is to make sure I schedule about 18 hours for each party – otherwise you just can’t do all, see all and meet all – and that’s the purpose of this whole convention, to meet and develop relationships with companies.  but we never turn down free stuff…

Walgreens Friends & Family Sale Wednesday

If you’ve been unable to locate those single-page coupon sheets that show the F&F sale running through July 9th, you’ll still be able to get your discounts this week.  Regarding that single-page of coupons, no one at corporate seemed to know anything about it!  Other store managers felt that it might be limited to certain geographical areas, although there was no mention of that anywhere.  I give up and toss you this bone instead:

Tomorrow is another Friends & Family Sale day at Walgreens, where you get 15% off all in-store and online purchases of brand name items and 20% off Walgreens private label items.  Use FAMILY15 to get your online discount.  Spend $25 for FREE SHIPPING.  Click here to get to the Wags landing page to print out the coupon(s).

Rolling your Crest Register Rewards into Splenda


Print $1.00/1 Splenda here or another $1.00/1 Splenda here and grab 100-ct Splenda for $1.99 at Wags starting Sunday 5/19 when you use that in-ad $2.99 coupon. But here’s the roll. Starting Monday 5/20: Buy two, get $2.00 RR. Buy three or more, get $5.00 RR. So if you buy three for $8.97, use three printables, pay $5.97 with $5.00 back, then you have Splenda for $.32 each.

So if you happen to have some Crest $5.00 RR around from this week, start rolling, rolling, rolling them into SPLENDA.

Wags F&F

While we certainly don’t need more toothpaste this week (month, year), a 15% extra discount is too good to pass up.  Ran two transactions, each the same:  2 Colgate and 1 Luster White for sensitive teeth (only only on shelf) with a filler Easter pencil to use a $5 Almay RR.  OOP was $1.55 for each and I got back 2 $4 RRs for each transaction.  (so $6.55 to get back $8 – works for me).

Wags Family and Friends Day DIAPERS!

Update:  DIAPERS ARE INCLUDED ON IN-STORE PURCHASES. At $5.99 x 5 you are at $29.95 (over threshold for MIR), less 20%;  less $8 for store coupons ($10 less 20%), less $10 MIR equals $1.19 per jumbo pack. We just rang this and it works!

As I commented earlier, tomorrow, March 31st is the Walgreens Family and Friends 15% discount.  This comes off of everything, but the best deal is on Wags products, which get 20% taken off.  Print, print, print.  Unfortunately, the ratbastards exclude diapers and formula.  although they don’t exclude sleep pants, which are obviously not considered diapers by the register, because it would not accept the $2 Wags diaper coupon… hmmm…

see what the rest of you can come up with.

Rollin’, rollin,’ rollin’, rewards!

Update: Ordered my coupons from Dede.

Just saw this on hip2save and NOW I understand why peeps have been asking for rain checks…

Buy participating Nescafe Taster’s Choice products and get a Register Reward

Buy 2, get $2 RR; 3 get $3 RR; 4 get $4 RR

Buy 4 Nescafe Taster’s Choice 7pks 2/$2, use four .50/1 (2/13 r), get back $4 RR or a $2 MM.  If you throw in a Snickers egg as filler (a burden, I know) or a .15 pencil, pay with the Plackers $2 RR and you’ve made $2 and extended the RR another two weeks.  We just tested this and the RR prints just as it should.

This promotion runs through 4/17, so plenty of time to use any rain checks or to order coupons.  Coupon Dede has them for .07 with lots in stock.  I don’t see this coupon in any of my inserts, Trib or otherwise, so I’m guessing that this was a regional coupon and the only way to get it will be to order.  These coffee sticks are great to pair with the free Swiss Miss we picked up at Jewel – instant cafe mocha!

Lisle Wags update

I know you’ve be waiting on this info, because having two couponer-friendly Walgreens would be the bees knees.  Had a long talk with Ms. Katrina Brown, the Lisle store manager, who was aware of most of the issues, but not all.  She assured me that she is very much in favor of not only using coupons and placing special orders, but is more upset over the way any customers were treated when using those coupons. She expects her staff to treat every customer the way they would want to be treated – no exceptions, no excuses.

Having said this, Ms. Brown wants my readers to know that she will be ordering a minimum of 200 of the Luster White toothpaste for the small MM 4/10-16 (basically just to extend our RRs two weeks).  If you wish to place an order, please call 630/353-0252 to speak with her or her Executive Manager, Bill, who is fully authorized to place as many orders as needed.  She’s asking that you give her store another chance and guarantees that you will not be disappointed.  She is thinking of opening the store one hour early on a couple of days, so that we can have the registers to ourselves!  No having to let “normal” people cut in.  Everything set up and ready to go.  I think this is an excellent idea, so please call and place your orders if you will be looking for more than the 20 Steve is trying(!) to limit us to, or if you are driving in from the far north or south surburbs and eliminating 20-25 minutes from your transit is only logical.