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Rhonda sent these pictures of Jillian and her sister with all the goodies collected for the Lamb Fold shelter donations.  You guys were very clever in what you donated – baby formula, for instance – things certainly needed but ones I hadn’t thought of!  Again, thanks to all.  Click the pictures to enlarge.  I’ve had people ask about doing something like this on a regular basis (not every week or even every month and/or possibly different shelters, homes, etc.) – any thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Shelter donation pictures

  1. This is Jillian’s mom! I just wanted to thank everyone that helped out with Jillian’s B-Day donations to Lamb’s Fold. The pictures don’t even do it justice – we had a crazy amount of stuff to donate to them! Debbie at Lamb’s Fold was so thankful for the help. One of the things they need the most are diapers. The day we dropped our items off, they had just given out their last size 6 diapers. Debbie said this couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks again for all the help. My family has really enjoyed helping them out and the response from everyone was so much more than we could have expected!

  2. Woo hoo! I’ve been waiting to see the pics. Way to go, everyone! Lisa, I am so impressed that you’ve raised such a wonderful daughter.

    I for one would love to see more collections like this for various agencies. 90% of the coupons I use are for items I donate to two organizations, P.A.D.S. and the People’s Resource Center. I know there are many organizations in need and we have the tools and knowledge to help others.

  3. I donate about once a month or two to Family Shelter Services, and they have been extremely thankful. Another couponer donates there also and the gals in the office say they are amazed at what we’re able to get for free. I’m happy to be able to still donate and help others, after losing my job after a medical emergency. I used to donate cash to charities, and now I donate goods. Know what? Donating items that people need/will use gives me way more joy than giving cash ever did. 🙂 I love seeing/reading of what other couponers donate too. 🙂

    • Let’s see if we can come up with a couple of places and a schedule to drop off donations. Maybe once every other month or so wouldn’t hurt any of us and it might make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Of course, personally, I feel that the best gift would be my business card and a Tribune subscription!

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