Readers doing the double

Couple of pictures from readers running double deals.  These two were from an Albies (Albertsons) store:

This reader had the Barilla whole wheat pasta on sale for 99¢ cents, with the $1 off fb coup and a doubler gives you a buck overage so I used 2 of them to bring down the price of our bogo frigo. I did not use the frigo coup which is lower value. The string cheese was $7, no smaller sized packs- these are 12 packs, so $5 for all of this which was a 71% savings per my receipt!

This email says the cashier was stupefied!

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4 thoughts on “Readers doing the double

  1. And the think thin has a pdf Goddess giving shoppers 75 cents in overage- which is nice since the barilla is limited to 2/fb account you know? I have kids so I get multiples- after printing they can unlike barilla!

    For the record the Think Thin protein bars are organic, gluten free, 20 grams of protein, have a year shelf life, small, pretty tasty- good for whatever you need this type of food for [earthquake storage here]. Camping, hiking, and the like.

    I did not see the coupon in the database when I did a search- you can go to website and click on coupons. PDF so print!

  2. On the double jewel coupon it says once per day. Does anyone know if its being tracked by ur jewel card or can u go twice in one day?

    • I just did three, but I used two different Jewel cards and a Speedway tag. I planned to use the Dominicks cards first, but I don’t think they’re tracking it because I’ve heard from people who were running a few at a time on the same card. Some stores are enforcing it, and the busy ones are not!

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