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Exceedingly great deals from Meryl who shops on the west coast.  Remember, many of the deals are nationwide, so don’t skip a post ’cause you think it won’t work where you live.  I’m pasting her (almost) entire email because she’s having computer/keyboard issues.  She was going to just post it under comments, but I think it deserves its own post.

ok, goddess- more from me in CA and the Land of Albies + Doublers!!! In this part of the country we are limited to 2 doublers per transaction and hence the need for many transactions. However as you will see, in this case it is also necessary as each product contains a high value coupon inside of it so in order to do subsequent transactions I need to open the boxes and clip the coups! Here goes:
I am doing this 7 times with our albies and doublers- the tampax are generating $1 cats oyno [which are manu q’s] wyb 2. Each box contains a $2 off coup. These 7 transactions will qualify me for the $10 MIR when you spend $50 P&G. 
1st trans
Buy 2 boxes of radiant tampons $8 [find radiant ones with $2 coupons inside]
use 2 $1 [from 5/6 insert]
use 2 doublers
pay $4
get back $1 cat [save for later use with doubler]
2nd trans
Buy 2 boxes of radiant tampons $8 [radiant ones with $2 coupons inside]
use 2 $2 [from boxes]
use 2 doublers
pay $2
get back $1 cat [save for later use with doubler] 
Lather, rinse, repeat for as many transactions as you have doublers basically! 

Total OOP $16 [Retail value $56]  

Total cats earned 7 [so like $9 OOP]
I will use the 7 $1 cats with 7 doublers to ‘earn’ another $7 [so like $2 OOP] 
I will submit receipts for MIR for $10 [so like ALL FREE & EARNED $8?!?!?!?!]
I  will need 21 doublers to do this which I have. 
This scenario is endless with coups and doublers!!! I have been to several stores each with many of these boxes so I am not clearing shelves. 
Note from Goddess:  She says she’s not clearing shelves – like it’s something to be proud of!
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  1. I always look forward to the “Comments from Goddess” in each of your posts. They’re the highlight and make me laugh sheepishly to myself while sitting on the subway.

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