PSA on Free Starbucks Refreshers coupon – update

For those of you interested, Emily tells me that this stuff is really, really tasty, so I’m going to stock up lots.

I contacted Dale at WeClip to get information on the free Starbucks Refreshers coupons coming in this weeks Pepsico insert.  He replied immediately (he always does – very impressive, since they’re already on the road) and said that the majority of their inserts come from the smaller papers, which normally get the Pepsico inserts the week following the larger papers.  This means that WeClip will have some available immediately, and, hopefully, many, many more, the following week.

I’m not pushing you guys to buy any coupons at all from WeClip, but his prices have been considerably cheaper than other services and they come very, very fast.  I use him exclusively now (and yes, I pay for my coupons, too).

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