Shoulda brought more inserts shopping

Times like these not only try a woman’s soul, but make her really wish she’d brought more inserts, especially since I love a free of Crest or Quantum Finish as much as the next person.  Sadly, I only brought inserts enough for more Suave and U by Kotex.  Oh, well, Atlanta will be another day…Total OOP was $3.13; you pay for feminine hygiene products in Kentucky.

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Road Trip Time!

Heading off in a few minutes on a road trip to the wilds of Atlanta, where these Yankees (PITA and I) will show ’em who actually won the War of Northern Aggression 🙂  Not gonna do it all in one day; we’re stopping in Metropolis, IL for a night or two (an indoor pool holds strange and mystical powers over me) and then continue on.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures (Metropolis has a large Superman statue, museum and their paper is the Daily Metropolis (guess The Daily Planet was taken).  Check Facebook for photos, since that’s were most of the world seems to dump their vacay shots 🙂 I have lots of inserts with me and a planned trip to Kroger and Publix, two stores of which I’ve heard great things, but never been able to shop since they seem to avoid Chicago.  Rented a Ford Fusion Hybrid, so gas should be really cheap!

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