UPDATE: MyMixx Freebie today

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There are apparently TWO separate Uncle Ben Freebies (same one) PLUS another Arla cream cheese available on MyMixx. My email only said the one, but I’ve learned (and found) the other two, so just keep looking and you’ll find them. This is absurd.

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Add the paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account by Sunday, 11/19 and redeem by Monday, 11/20.  

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: MyMixx Freebie today

  1. I thought the two Uncle Ben’s was a glitch in their system. I picked up one today and figured I’ll go back tomorrow for the second one if the coupon was still showing up in MyMixx. And really, more cream cheese?
    I never pass up a freebie. I gave away twenty packages of Arla cream cheeses yesterday after using up the last of those smartsource coupons. The La Brea take & bake bread was on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1.25 MyMixx that worked.

    • I love the Arla for veggie dipping and to dump into soups and stews – it works well there and should be great even frozen and thawed. I got about 90 of them. One Uncle Ben is a MyMixx freebie, while the other is apparently just a freebie which is coded as a BOGO, so they’ve got to straighten that one out or there’s gonna be a ton of angry customers.

  2. I backtracked to add something and forgot to reset, should read: The expiration date for the free cream cheese is 12/10, so you have a while to get the freebie.

  3. There were 2 coupons for the free MyMixx. I clipped them both (and checked that both were clipped), but when I went to buy it at Jewel today, only 1 was free; not both. Maybe magically it will work tomorrow.

    • Just got back from Jewel with Pita and they still haven’t fixed the issue, but she showed them the clipped coupons on her phone and they manually removed the $3.49 charge. Make sure you don’t get stuck with any tax on it!

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