MyMixx Freebie: Chobani Drink


Well, only one MyMixx freebie this week.  Add this Chobani drink paperless coupon to your Jewel MyMixx account and redeem before 2/27.  Get a rain check if they’re out or a substitute.

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9 thoughts on “MyMixx Freebie: Chobani Drink

  1. Ah yes, this Saturday, the long awaited Pebbles cereal MyMixx freebie. And the following Saturday has MULTIPLE freebies once again. Things are looking up. Tired of the free drinks that I don’t care for.
    FYI: Fred Flinstone never has diarrhea, he has Pebbly-Poo!

    • As a sad aside, the freebie Evolution not only did not fly out of my store, they had an entire coffin reduced to 50 cents! Even at that we passed – – sugar content was unbelievable! So far our favorites (only things actually consumed) have been junk cereal, candy and Noosa yogurt.

  2. A 3-fer-free: Oreo & Chobani Flips & another drink on 3/11. Not sure what Oreo product it is. That’s the rumor at least. What am I supposed to do with all the monopoly free donuts/bagels. Carbs & sugar. Sugar & carbs. :*(
    My Jewel now has lemons at 30 for $1 … they didn’t fly off the shelf from the 10 cent sale, & are looking pretty bad, lots of brown spots.

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