More My Coke Rewards codes – update

Pam says that she was unable to enter any of the codes today, so ymmv.

Here’s a NEW My Coke Rewards code to use:  10095827987467.

If you haven’t yet entered these other earlier codes, go for it:  10095913378567; 10096122897198 and 10096071476917.

I’ve been entering the earlier codes every day, but they weren’t accepted today – I guess I reached my cap.  So, don’t know if it’s limited to one time now or total number entered.  Either way, I got my ten points using today’s new one.  Now, if they would only offer those 12-pk coupon deals…

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10 thoughts on “More My Coke Rewards codes – update

    • That’s the standard cost for a 12-pack. They run promos periodically where you can buy that same 12-pack for about 30 or so points. And since they don’t expire, I’m holding off. Now, if you work for a large office that fills their own pop machines with Coke products, hey, 250 would be nothing!

      • I’m kind of new at this coke rewards thing. I didn’t know they offered the 12 pack coupon for 30 instead of 250. I’ll have to keep watching. Thanks for the heads up

        • I’m new, too! When I think of all the years I wasted codes ’cause I didn’t realize how painless it was to accumulate free stuff. Well, we’re all in a happy place right now.

  1. Im pretty sure that coke has always restricted points by only allowing you to enter up to 120 points a week. Im guessing this is why people are having issues.

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