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As promised, here is the Free guac product for Monday at Jewel. This is what I thought it was, but by the time I got home I’d drawn a complete blank…and it wasn’t that full a slate to begin with, folks! Remember, you don’t need to have a MyMixx account to get the freebie.
22042331_10156005987059349_8411417709796955898_oSabra Guac & Go is a perfect snack made with fresh Hass avocados and the crispy, crunchy deliciousness of Tostitos Rolls Tortilla Chips. Try it for FREE on Monday, October 16th! Just go to the register and say the trigger words “Fresh Avocado” to redeem. (Valid 1 per customer on 10/16 only). #WordoftheDay

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2 thoughts on “Monday Freebie at Jewel

    • Haven’t stopped in yet at any Jewel (too cold earlier!), but I checked and it’s a Chef’s Kitchen item but should be stocked with the other guac products in produce. If you don’t find it there, go up to the deli and ask where they’re hiding it!

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