Miller rebate update PSA

I’m waiting on another shipment of rebate forms (both Miller and a few more yellow tail) due to arrive tomorrow.  Please check the earlier post and see if your name has been crossed off (either mail or Lisle Jewel).  If it is, then your rebates are out; otherwise, do not ask customer service at Jewel or bother checking your mail box ’cause they ain’t a’ gone out yet, okay?

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7 thoughts on “Miller rebate update PSA

  1. Thank you for the rebate! Mine arrived. I’ll keep my eyes out for wine tag rebates and stuff to send your way. I’ll include some stamps as well.

  2. Hit up the Jewel downtown and found where they stashed all of the alcohol rebates and coupons (all on the same table). I found a $4.00 of Yellow Tail wine when you buy Miller Lite. Is that the Yellow Tail coupon / rebate you’ve been talking about? They don’t expire until 1/8/12. I did pick up several if you want me to send them your way. Along with a few others I would never use.

    • No, I have a couple of those $4 off yellow tail ones (not enough for a giveaway, but if you have plenty I’d be more than interested in handing them out), but only a few. The yellow tail rebate is for $20 back when you buy multiples. In this case, buying 12 gets you $20 back and you’re buying them with the 10% Jewel case discount.

      How many are we talking about? Why don’t you email me directly through the Contact tab on top.

  3. I was a happy camper when I checked the mail and saw my rebates in the mailbox. Thank you very much. I will be drunk and merry this Holiday Season.


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