making $$$ the old-fashioned way – rolling cats… – only $8 now?

Note: The Jewel fresh summertime fun booklet with the steak on the cover also contains a $1 mfr coupon for any size Truvia – this coupon does not expire until 8/15!
Read on CW that the Truvia catalina promotion that started 8/6 was running wonky:  Buy two of the 40 (dumbass!) 80 count boxes on sale for $5.99 each, use the $1 mfr coupon from 6/17 rp to bring your cost down to $11.98 less $2 or $9.98 plus low tax.  Pay and an $8 and a $4 OYNO print out.

Subsequent transactions you use the $8 cat and the two $1 mfr coupons to pay $2.19 OOP and get back that extra $4, so almost a $2 MM and you stock up on some very expensive natural sweetener.   You could also toss in something small like a pack of sale gum to use up the tiny overage and then use the $4 cat, too.  I don’t know how long this double cat will be printing, so I wouldn’t hold off for a few days or anything…

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18 thoughts on “making $$$ the old-fashioned way – rolling cats… – only $8 now?

    • While that part was a typo, I’ve just heard from someone that the cat is running on all size products, so will head out after Jewel’s evening rush (don’t want to piss them off by tying up the registers!) to check it out.

    • I think the smaller ones are also on sale, but am not certain. As you know, I don’t post anything until after I’ve actually run it. So wait a bit or else run to Jewel and let me know, too! Did you clip the coupons from the Jewel $15 summertime booklet? Surprisingly, Truvia was the ONLY coupon still valid!

  1. hey, I am wondering if this would work also at Walgreens or Ultra, as they are also listed on Coupon Network as stores the cat is printing at. Do they usually work the same way at all the stores, or could it just be a glitch in the Jewel system?

    • Those promotions are not run by Jewel – they have no control over anything (which is why you are instructed to call Catalina Marketing if a cat doesn’t print), so yes, it would probably work the same at those stores. The fact that it’s on sale is what makes this cat so good; shelf price is $7.49! If Wags and/or Ultra has the same sale going on, I’d definitely try it. If it doesn’t print, the heck with calling Cat, just return and get your cash back. If you do run this, please update us, okay?

  2. Nope, the little boxes generate the $4 cat. Since the 40 ct are on sale for $4.19, buy two for $8.38, use $2 in coupons and get back $4 means you are paying for this stuff. That’s not in my playbook…

  3. Giving a try in the morning – hope it is still working by then. Of course, I will be checking back to this post to read all the updates first!

  4. This was super wonky for me. I got two of the 80 count and got a $8 cat. Bought two of the 40 count and got another $8 cat. Bought two more of the 40 count and got a $4 cat. I did use the cats from transaction one to pay for transaction two and used the cats from transaction two to pay for transaction three.

    • And every 8 or 10 transactions the cats wouldn’t print at all and we had to just head over to customer service to get a refund. Each time thinking: OMG! They’ve fixed the glitch!

      Well, if it is still running this time tomorrow, I’ll be hitting up the Jewel all week-end to do my grocery shopping! Picked up a ton of the Simply OJ or apple or lemonade on sale for a buck each. Tastes even better when it’s free!

  5. No good this morning. Hit Glen Ellyn on my way to work, only got the $8.00 cat. I tried last night but the Jewel by my house was already out.

    • I am so glad I got it in last night! I didn’t have any trouble rolling that $8 cat through 23 transactions and setting aside the $4 for later use. Now, to get my coupons up here so I can post-redeem all that nonsense.
      As always Goddess, THANK YOU!!

        • That is so nice of you geneva coupon! Wish I would have seen it before because I ordered literally after I posted that. (I am living off my Splenda still too – lmao – but I’m down to my second to last box as of eary this week and I was getting nervous! Guess the coupon gods shined down on us this week!) Thank you again!!! (Next time I will notify myself of followup comments via email! My mistake!)

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