Oddities from the Trib

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Major spam network shut down.

The complete story in the Breaking News section of the Trib.  Which explains why I only had 60 pieces of spam in my junk folder instead of the usual 100.  and people wonder why we use google…

And then here’s another Breaking News story.  Procter & Gamble Co will raise detergent prices by 4.5 percent in June as the world’s largest household products maker starts to respond to rising costs for materials, packaging and transportation.

So we stock up now for the next year.  What’s the big deal?  Oh, wait, you mean other people don’t stock up for a year?

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5 thoughts on “Oddities from the Trib

  1. ya know they don’t stock up for a year and just when I think I’ve got enough to get thru the year, DD brings not only laundry a 10 hour drive home to be done, she takes bottles n bottles back to school! somethin’ ’bout helping other poor students…
    and when DS moves out, well, y’all don’t think he’s gonna go to an empty place and pay retail??
    that’s why we stockpile
    oh, and did i mention the #2 item on the local food pantry most wanted list is detergent??

    • What’s number #1? And my 20 year old does the same thing… all that struggling college student, spent all the cash on beer.

  2. where she goes to school its too expensive to drink!! thankful for small mercies!
    DS, well, that’s another story…he’s discovered a place he gets paid for plasma donations.

    here’s the list from the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry website:
    1. Cereal
    2. Liquid Detergent
    3. Fruit Juice
    4. Spaghetti Sauce
    5. Sugar
    6. Canned Fruit
    7. Paper Towels
    8. Toilet Paper
    9. Gluten Free Foods
    10. Sugar Free Foods
    11. Bar Soap

    • I totally meant her friends drink! She brings them laundry soap, cuz they can’t afford it… or so she says. lol. Your food pantry might be a tad far from Michigan, however, I am going to find one here. I never had ‘excess’ to donate before! Life is good!

      • depending on where in MI you are, [she’s in the ‘zoo right now visiting the boyfriend, who drove up from 40mi outside of Chi-town with his grands…] we can wave as we drive by!!
        and we drive up the UP to go through the Soo to visit Dad..fun

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