Jewel’s Rachael Ray dinnerware promo

973588While everything about this Rachael Ray dinnerware promotion is being kept close to the vest, here’s what I’ve been able to find out so far. The picture isn’t of the actual items, but it’s very, very similar (that I remember!).  Promotion items include a soup/cereal bowl, mug, dinner plate and salad plate (4 items).  Promotion is scheduled to begin September 4th and go through the end of December.  The timing part is okay.

You earn a stamp for every $10 in purchases.  Fill the entire Stamp Saver booklet and get 6 free items.  For 20 stamps you get 1 free item.  For 10 stamps you get to purchase 1 item for only $2.99 (their wording, not mine!)

The rub:  Under Terms & Conditions, slick old #2 states:  Coupons are not included for purposes of calculating the total spending.

Yeah, they can program the cash registers to calculate the amount excluding coupons and show that on the bottom of the receipt, but they can’t correct the software glitch that causes coupons to automatically adjust down on a sale item or allow the second coupon on a BOGO sale to actually record a value!  Sure, Target, I mean Jewel, of course we believe you…  


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4 thoughts on “Jewel’s Rachael Ray dinnerware promo

    • My local Jewel has been out for about a week now and I’ve seen many, many people come in or call, saying NO JEWEL has stock, except for the side pieces. The honorable thing for Jewel to do would be to get more stock and extend the redemption period. It would make a great advertising campaign: Our recent RR promotion was so popular that we completely wiped out our inventory before the end. So we’re getting more stock and will extend the redemption period. Don’t toss those booklets! And to my mind, a much less abrasive campaign than the current “We’re Still Here.” Yeah, we’re still here ’cause we were lucky enough to get bought out first…

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