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Hey, I went through the Blizzard of ’67, so this little bit of snow wasn’t gonna keep me from my free Nutella and cheap bagels, even though I don’t really like Nutella (too sweet)…and I wasn’t old enough to be driving during the Blizzard of ’67.  The Weber rebate on Checkout 51 has reset, so more free marinade; the aspirin was my first Monopoly instant freebie.  I’ll get more with the 20 tickets from this trip (I bought 40 Finlandia butter on the B2G1 spreadable, using the $1 coupon from 1/21S.  Solid butter will be frozen and the food pantry will pick up the spreadables).

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    • Nutella was the Facebook freebie only on 2/9. Finlandia is 2/$5 and when you buy the two solid (8 oz) bars you get a free spreadable in either reduced fat or regular (with canola oil). Use the $1 coupon and pay $3 for imported butter, which is pretty much all we use here. The spreadables get picked up directly from Jewel by the food pantry. easy-peasy donation.

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