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Got your attention now?  This deal will be blown out of the water very soon, so jump on it now.  Jewel is running a Buy $100 worth of gift cards and receive a $10 catalina towards a Jewel Gift Card Purchase.  Pay a $5.95 activation fee for the gift card (not Jewel).

Here’s where it gets sweet:  Buy a VISA gift card for $500 (I ran the first one using my DIscover Card) with a $5.95 activation fee charged.  Five of the Jewel gift card cats spit out.  Take a Jewel card from the card mall and have the five cats added to the card.

Second and all subsequent transactions:  Buy a VISA card with the previously purchased card.  Pay the $5.95 activation charge with the cash put on your Jewel card.  Rinse and repeat.

WARNING:  You must use a cashier for this, not self-scan.  Do not use Customer Service Desk because they do not have a catalina printer.  Do not use American Express because they put a 4 hour hold on the card after activation.  Do not use MC because I don’t believe it’s working on this deal AND they don’t have a variable amount card going up to $400.  Other gift cards have different purchase policies, i.e., cash only for purchase, 24-hour hold after activation… Stick with the various VISA gift cards.

What’s nice is that you can then use the VISA gift card to pay other bills, so you’re really not putting out cash.  For example, pay your cell bill at a store with it.

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  2. Jewel in Yorkville only let me roll this once. I went to two different cashiers and they would not let me pay for a visa card with a visa card. Any suggestions?

    • The Jewel corporate policy says that they are not allowed to buy gift cards with JEWEL GIFT CARDS, so what we are doing is completely legitimate. The only recourse you have is to go to a friendlier to couponers Jewel. Sorry, for the bad news. I can guarantee that this deal will not last beyond tomorrow morning. I’ve been shopping the Lisle Jewel (where I met three of your so far today!), which has announced that pending clarification from Corporate, they will be running this through the day (or until the run out of $100 VISA gift cards). btw, two of my readers drove up from Romeoville and the other from Downers Grove. Consider this a job – would you drive to work to earn a few hundred dollars?

  3. Hey, and then once they are out of Visa cards (which I heard some store already are), use the same Visa card to buy other GCs you may want…like McDonald’s etc and get more Jewel GC cats!

    • Or, if you are planning on home home remodeling, etc. in the near future, the Home Depot cards make a heck of a lot of sense. Any further down the road and I would pass, since you don’t want to tie up your cash like that. But planning ahead for Christmas and holiday gifts? That’s REAL smart thinking.

  4. Went to Jewel in Morris – There are big signs up that say you can only pay with CASH for the Visa / MC cards. Went to customer service to ask why I could not buy a 500.00 card using my Discover Card – they said it has ALWAYS been in the policy that GC’s must be paid for with cash. She said that some of the cashiers forget the policy sometimes and let it happen. She (Liz) said she is the cashier trainer and it is in the training video that GC’s are to be paid for with cash only. I did point out that it doesn’t say that in the Jewel advertisement for this offer either. ( of course I did not have a copy of the policy with me – drats – and it does not say that on the gift card that you have to buy it with cash only either!) . She said if someone bought a gift card with a credit card that was no good, then the person would have a gift card and they would be out the $’s. ( NOT SO – if a credit card is no good then it would be denied – therefore – no gift card COULD be bought! ) How stupid does she think I am to believe that! She went on to say that some people were buying 20 to 25 thousand (yeah right!) $’s worth of cards so they had to put a stop to it. I stayed calm through all her excuses, then told her I would check with corp in the morning. Then I called Minooka – was told it would be fine to buy a 500.00 Visa Gift Card with my Discover Card or any other credit card. Drove over there, bought the GC. BUT – then they would only let me put 1 of the $10 on a Jewel GC. It says – Limit one coupon per transaction per day ( she stressed the PER DAY!) . Yeah – Yeah – Yeah, I was to tired to argue at this point. I will stop at Morris AND Minooka tomorrow – do 2 transactions each. After all this crap, I did not even want to push to see if I could buy another 500.00 GC using the GC ! You are so fortunate to have so many friendly stores up your way! Thanks for all you do and for letting me VENT !

    • Okay, the putting one cat on the card isn’t something anyone can argue with ’cause that’s what it says on the stupid thing. We’re lucky in that most stores override that little bit of stupidity. The main thing is that idiot who claims people are buying $25,000 in gift cards – does she have their names and addresses, ’cause I sure want to know them. Especially since I’m only buying ONE FRIGGIN’ CARD FOR $500 and then rolling that sucker as far and as long as I can. I probably got about $600+ in Jewel gift card credit and I have my original $500 VISA card, so I am not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth! And your rant made me laugh – sorry.

    • you should have came a little further North and went to Shorewood–I had no problem there–bought the Visa, paid with Visa from a previous purchase, and then right at the register had the cashier immediately put all 5 cats on to a Jewel GC. I also did this at the Joliet store at 59 and Caton Farm, no problems. In fact, I ended up at 4 different stores, and did the same thing each time, having them immediately put the 50 bucks on Jewel card. Not one store even questioned it.

    • wow…I am surprised you were still able to do it this morning. I was even afraid to go later last night. Thought for sure, by now, they would have stopped it everywhere.

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