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I first of all will admit that I’ve never been a big fan of lamb, probably only bought it once every few years…on sale, so when I saw Open Nature lamb chops on clearance last week for so low, I bought all five packs and decided to try again.  Outstanding!  Very light taste and very tender.

Today I just needed to pick up more half & half and post-redeem a bunch of coupons before the receipts expired (you know you can post-redeem up to 60 days after purchase, right?).  But when PITA told me about ground lamb in the regular reduced meat section for $2.99, I went over and saw all these chops marked 78¢ and 88¢ a package.  Yes, I grabbed them all and spent $10 for what you see.  Heck, ground lamb is normally $8.99!

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