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Just got back from Jewel, where I was testing out a double dip cat that just started at Jewel:  Buy two SnackWell’s breakfast bars and get a $1 cat OYNO and a $3 OYNO!  woot!  Works beautifully.  For each transaction of two ($5) I used a $1/2 from the 6/19 S and the two OYNOs from the prior transaction – the first transaction I used the one $1.50 cat coupon I got during the NV cat, so I wasn’t out the entire $4.  Yes, I am that cheap.  Subsequent transactions ended up OOP .09.

I gave a heads up to the Lisle Jewel, so they’re going to be getting in as many of these as they can, since the cat runs through 8/7, giving you lots of time to get those coupons in your hot little hands.  I checked on CouponDede and she’s selling the $1/2 coupons for .15 each, with no limits.  There was a .75/1 coupon, but it was regional (not Chicago region) and pretty much sold out everywhere.

thanks to the OP on CW
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9 thoughts on “HOT DD Jewel catalina

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  2. Do you know if this is just the bars or if other snackwells products are included? I’m looking at the caramel popcorn things on the coupon?? TIA – Amy

    • The 2/$5 are for the SnackWell’s bars, cookies and Nabisco 100 calorie packs. I think the cookies and packs will only generate the $1 OYNO, but thanks for the question: I’ll try them all out later today and post about what works with what.

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  4. I just tried this tonight and the coupon wasn’t accepted because it stated cookies or crackers. Apparently cereal bars are neither.

    • I didn’t pay that much attention to the little pictures of the various cookies and crackers on the coupon – I mean there’s 8 boxes! One said SnackWell’s so figured it was good. And honestly? I’ve done enough deals that having a coupon scan and say “Item not found” is just a minor inconvenience because it happens so frequently with sloppy coding. Will I continue using them? Hell, to the nth yeah! Besides, if you’ve ever seen the chocolate/puffed rice bar, you’d know it has as much a right to the title “Healthy Breakfast Food” as Octomom has to “Mother of the Year.”

    • Yeah, but isn’t the Nabisco 100 calorie box shown on the coupon for chocolate-covered pretzels? Well, just what are hell are those supposed to be: cookies or crackers?

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  6. I did the deal today. I got 4 boxes of Snackwells with other groceries, and got $8 back in coupons. Thanks for the heads up!

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