Greetings from Richfield, OH! – Now with pix!

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Much cleaner than home - I may never leave!

Just like the Muppets, I’m moving right along – – on my road trip to New York City for this week’s BlogHer ’12.  Weenie Rachel is flying! of all things.  Lucky her – my broom is only zoned for local traffic.  It’s a two-day drive to the bright lights of Times Square, but an easy 400 miles a day.

Things I’ve noticed so far – after awhile the trucks all start to look alike and you feel like you’re in a Truman Show remake.

The State of Ohio is under construction.  Speed limit is 50 and occasionally I’ve dropped to that!  Otherwise it’s pedal to the metal with the other IL drivers.

Stopped at a CVS in Brecksville, OH to try the Head & Shoulders deal (yes, I do have coupons with me!).  The shelves were completely stocked.  No cashier for about three minutes.  Came over and when she saw the coupons she was “Oh, what are these?  Buy One Get One Free?”  Which explains why they had stock on the shelves.  Then she scanned the coupon and said “Oh, that can’t be right, I’ll have to adjust down the coupon.”

Not in my reality, toots.  So I just left the shampoos on the counter and took my coupons back.  And I’ll bet the Walgreens on the other side of the street is doing great business here in Bizarro World.

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4 thoughts on “Greetings from Richfield, OH! – Now with pix!

  1. So I did a search for “Richfield, OH” on Twitter and found your blog and checked it out. Can you tell me where you stayed? When you look at the hotels in town, you don’t expect to see these types of rooms. I’m just curious because I’d certainly recommend this place to out-of-towners when our home is full.



    • This was a Motel6 sharing a parking lot with a Holiday Inn Express – same owner for both. The registration counter at the Motel6 had a sign stating guests could pay a $5 weekly fee for unlimited use of the Holiday Inn’s pool, fitness center, etc. I even had my free breakfasts there! And if you book the room online, they have an internet rate of only $40.49. The motel is undergoing renovation, but there was no noise or any disruption during either visit. I would definitely recommend this motel for a very clean, bare-bones room (they did have a large flat-screen tv mounted to the wall in a frame [to eliminate the need for additional furniture, I’d say]). Here’s the info:
      Motel 6 – Richfield #4502
      I-80 Exit #173
      5171-B Brecksville Road
      Richfield, OH 44286
      (330) 659-6116

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