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Whether or not you eat these as ramen noodles or use them as a base for other dishes, free is good.  Right now the Yakisoba noodles are BOGO at $1.09. Use the 50¢ coupon in the 5/19 S2 and pay 9¢ for every set of two.  However, buy them on a Blackhawk’s game day when you’re wearing a Blackhawk jersey or shirt and get 10% off — Jewel will now pay you to take them home!    This sale only goes through Tuesday the 18th.  Now, maybe you don’t have any coupons or just want more.  The Goddess has you covered.
I have a couple of stacks this size which I will be pleased to share.  Let me know how many you’d like and I’ll send them out.  The Lisle Jewel has placed a larger than normal order, so if you’d like, I’ll clip and place a stack in an envelope at customer service, but not before Sunday.  Remember, you can always buy and return within 60 days with the coupons or else get a rain check for the BOGO price (obviously you won’t get the Blackhawks discount on a non-game day).  Also a great donation idea.

Oh, and I paid $1.09 for the 20 packs shown.

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14 thoughts on “Free noodles @ Jewel

  1. Thanks Goddess! I’ll take some of those coupons off your hands! I stop by customer service on Monday! You are the best!!

    • Goddess, I am sorry I didn’t make it to Jewel Monday but stopped by tonight and coupons were not there. I *hope* you got them. I should have let you know I wasn’t going to make it last nite…bad work day..grrrrr. Anyway, thanks and I’m sorry for the mess up. Mad at myself for missing this deal. 🙁

      • There were only 35 coupons left when I got there this evening, so I gave them to a couple of Jewel employees who live on these. You must have come by just after I left. Look at the photo I just posted.

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  3. Hi Goddess, I’m too far to pick up the coupons, but would you be willing to mail some to me? If so, can I have 11? (I know they’re BOGO, but I have an odd number of coupons right now.)
    Thanks, and I can send you my mailing address once I hear back from you. Thanks so much for sharing! : )

  4. Would love whatever you can spare. Im rebuilding my stock too after the flood. Will email vitals 🙂

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