Fannie May Warehouse Sale – update with days/times/location

Since I was kinda/sorta headed in that direction anyway…stopped in at the Melrose Park Fannie May warehouse.  Here’s a couple of pictures.  The first one is rows upon rows of Pixes.  The 12.5 oz boxes were selling for $3.99!  The spring Mint Meltaways were also cheap at $4.99/lb.  I picked up a couple of fudge/pecan eggs for $1.99 each.   They had tons of 3 lb trays of most of the Fannie May assortments:  Mint Meltaways; Pixies; Trinidads.  You name it, it was probably here in tray size.  Most trays were marked $19.99, but the dark chocolate/expresso creams were only $9.98.  They also had a large selection of other branded items:  jars of olives; black pepper crackers; decorative metal and woven baskets; fruit toppings; popcorns…lots and lots of stuff.

The box on the left is $22.99 at Fannie May; the one on the right is $4.99.  Buy a shitload of them and you have solved your year-end teachers/aides/health professionals/bus drivers… gift-giving dilemma.  So unless gas goes up to $17 a gallon, you’re still ahead.

Blow Out Warehouse Sale

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11 thoughts on “Fannie May Warehouse Sale – update with days/times/location

  1. Do NOT tempt me… I was really considering making a road trip…but so much w/the gas cost! I will live vicariously through you!

    • Aaah, I lured a new one over to the dark side! Welcome. It’s actually not marked where any person could see. There’s a big warehouse-y building on the northeast corner of North Avenue and 25th Street. Go one street east of 25th and turn into the empty parking lot. Drive through the lot, following it as it turns north. Then you’ll see (near the end) a large banner on a loading ramp that says Fannie May Warehouse Sale. The swarm of fat old women coming down said ramp with carts is another giveaway. I was amazed at how “cheap” this stuff was. Even thought it would be a great fundraiser for schools. Although they’d have to put up the money first, can you imagine how many boxes of spring Mint Meltaways they could sell for $10? When the same one is $22.99 in the stores? Yeah, but they won’t do it.

  2. Is this a week long thing or is it over??? I’m pregnant, ya know….And I just HAPPEN to be heading in that direction today to go to the doctor.

    • It’s a week-long sale, started Sunday and ends on Saturday. I would definitely not drive by. It’s open and there was no line to check out at any of the multiple registers. Oh, and they take cash AND credit cards. which means i spent waaay more than necessary – oh, who am i kidding? FM is necessary!

  3. ooh, I’m in Forest Park so it’s not too far… plus I’m heading to the Costco on North Ave either tomorrow or Saturday… any idea of what the hours are? thanks!

    • I hit it today – they are open one more day (Sat the 21st) from 9 till 5. WOW on the deals!!! More candy than we need… I have lucky friends coming over tomorrow.

  4. Oh! And here is what they had left, close to closing on Friday – No more boxes of candy (Pixies, MMs or others) – those in your pics are long gone – but lots of the trays of 4lbs of Trinidads (marked down to 9.freaking 99!), some trays of MMs, and a few trays of Pixies, both still at 19.99. Wonder if they will slash them Saturday?

    Giant FM creme and pb filled eggs were BOGO free at 1.99, (these were retail 9.99!) and they had a TON of Valentine towers, which were a $137.00 value, for 9.99. (I bought one. Worth $137? Doubtful. More gourmet chocolate than you could ever want? Yes.)

    Tons of decorative baskets were slashed 1/2 price, so anywhere from $2 to a max of $12. Tempting but I didn’t need any baskets! Some popcorn and popcorn gifts left (lots of popcorn eggs, ew). Harry and David white chocolate pretzels for 99cents.

    Does anyone know if this is a yearly sale? I didn’t find a lick of advertising on this anywhere, and a google search only brings up your blog, Goddess!!

  5. hey, there. i just saw these posts. Thought i would let you all know. That there is now a fannie may outlet store that just opened last friday in the same place where the blow out sale is held.

    enjoy :)

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