Elgin Wags 5/6 stock update

Stephanie called to say the Elgin store has all the items in stock for the 5/6 -12 rolling deals – lots.   I’ll recap the major points and link to the original post because the comments have some excellent suggestions for fillers.  Any more ideas, let us know.

First transaction

Complete Multipurpose contact lens solution (12 oz).  Use $1 coupon from 4/29 S.  Pay $6.99 get $8 RR.

Second transaction

Dickinson’s witch hazel (16 oz) Pay $4 get $4 RR.  Note that this is not the yellow label cosmetic line but the blue label first aid line.

Lanacane Complete Maximum Strength.  Pay $5 get $5 RR.

There is now an insert coupon for the Complete solution (in 4/29 s). After you run the two transactions, you will end up with two RRs totalling $9. Transaction 1 needs either a $2 item with a small filler or two $1 items with no mfr coupon so that one of the RRs can attach to it and the other is because you’re now including the mfr coupon for Complete.  Some good ideas in the comments.

Kelloggs cereals, bars and pop tarts are on sale 2/$5 get $2 RR.  4/1 rp had $1/2 coupons for cereal  and 4/15 had $1/2 coupons for bars.  Obviously, if you have good tear pad coupons, this would work well for the above transactions.

Stephanie is the ExA (Executive Assistant Mgr).
Phone numbers are (847) 695-5847 and (847) 695-5745.
Monday Noon is the order deadline – both deliveries come on Wednesday.
When you place a special order, leave your full name and a couple of contact phone numbers.   They do ask that we not descend on them on Sundays like brain-starved zombies – give ‘em a few days into the week, por favor.

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