Dead – Free Beyond Meat coupon

Here’s part of an email I received from Beyond Meat regarding my post with the freebie coupon:

“Just wanted to reach out regarding today’s free coupon you shared on your website. While this coupon was being used strictly for our online advertising initiatives and not public distribution on coupon websites (no biggie, that’s the internet for you!), it quickly reached its cap in the first few hours (CRAZY!)

The good news is that lots of new fans (including hopefully some of yours) were able to grab one and people eating Beyond Meat is never a bad thing! The bad news is that since this was not meant for public distribution, once the coupon was taken down fans on the internet were faced with that ugly “404 Page” which resulted in some confusion for visitors looking for a coupon.”

Goddess here:  I made salsa verde tacos again last night in the crock pot with Herdez sauce (no Safeway corn syrup, thankyouverymuch) and it was excellent.  FirstBorn is only punishing himself!  I’ve replaced the original link to the BeyondMeat Stores page, where you can still score a $1 coupon (exp. 4/1/14) which can be stacked with the Whole Foods coupon.  This is what I did last week when I actually paid for food.

UntitledI do NOT know why I had to learn about this from Rachel, since I signed up for all their friggin’ emails and such, but Beyond Meat has a FREE products coupon available.  As far as I know, this is still only sold at Whole Foods, but those places are getting almost as ubiquitous as Walgreens – spit and you’ll hit one!

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3 thoughts on “Dead – Free Beyond Meat coupon

  1. Rumor has it they pulled it because it scans $5.79 off any product by any manufacturer meaning you could get any item at any store under that price for free.

  2. Does Whole Foods carry the frozen 9 oz faux chicken strips? I was able to use a couple of the freebie coupons to get the feisty beef crumbles and the refrigerated strips tonight, but the store I went to in the city didn’t have the 3rd kinda which had a $1 back in Ibotta. Was curious if maybe they don’t carry that one. Luckily the $1 bonus in Ibotta is for purchasing 2 of the 3? Cause I earned it with only the 2 kinds.

    • I’ve not seen any frozen chicken strips, only the refrigerated ones. The frozen stuff is beefy crumbles. And there aren’t any other items on their own website. There is a new mesquite flavor chicken strip, which sounds tasty. I think they’re changing the packaging so that all products are now in pouches – maybe that’s what’s happening; instead of a new product, it’s just the same strips coming at you frozen.

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