CVS – use coupons before 31st shopping…update

Lisa bought six of the Head and Shoulders using the BOGO coupons only – the $1 coupon beeped and was rejected. However…those three BOGO coupons scanned at $9.49 each and the entire purchase generated a $5 ecb!  Totally weird!CVS has a great deal going on for the next few days with the Olay “Spend $30 get $5 ecbs” promotion.  It relies on using coupons from the 7/01 P&G, which expire July 31st paired with coupons from this week’s red plum.  Buy four of the Olay daily facial cloths at $3.74 each.  Use the $3/2 coupon from the 7/01 P&G.  Today’s P&G has a BOGO coupon for one body wash when you buy one Olay daily facial cloths, so toss that one in the mix.  Here’s the kicker, though:  Most cards are printing out a $3/$15 or $4/$20 coupon for the Olay from the Magic Coupon Machine!  Here’s the recap:

4 Olay daily facial cloths = $14.96 less $6 from two coupons = $8.96.  Body wash is completely free (except for high tax).  Use the $3 or $4 coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine and you’re at $5.96 or $4.96.  You will then get back a $5 ecb. for purchasing $25 worth of products.  Here’s the best part:  Use that receipt showing you purchased $30+ worth of Olay products and submit it for a $10 rebate.  Note that this is not a new rebate offer, so if you’ve already sent in for one, you’re SOL.

Other not-so-bad deals.  Head & Shoulders shampoo and/or conditioners are part of the same Spend $25 get $5 ecb promotion.  Buy six at $4.99 and use three BOGO coupons from the 7/01 P&G insert (expires 7/31) plus the $1 coupon from today’s P&G.  Pay $8.97 and get back $5 ecb.  You’re effectively paying .66 a bottle, not FREE, but very cheap if you use this brand.

If you’re only looking for FREE, grab a bunch of the Suave products, which are part of a Spend $12 and get $4 ecb promotion.  Your biggest bang for the buck would be the deodorants, which are $1 each.  Buy 12, use .75 from today’s red plum to pay $3 and get back $4 ecbs.  If you don’t have/want that much stink stick, choose one of the other products, like the body wash or professional shampoo.  The coupons aren’t as high a value, but you’ll still be getting a bag of potential donation items for very little money.

And here’s something that would be a total waste of money to buy … but it sure is cute!  This 6 load Tide sells for $3.19!  I suppose it would be a perfect size for hauling to the laundromat or if someone has difficulty in lifting the larger bottles (and you can always refill it), but it’s that first $3.19 that would choke me.

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7 thoughts on “CVS – use coupons before 31st shopping…update

  1. Oh Goddess! I think I took one for the team at my CVS for the Head and Shoulders…my local- Lemont Rd, Darien-CVS wouldn’t take the $1.00 off coupons with the BOGO coupons!! I should have had her void the transaction. She wouldn’t budge on taking the $1.00 off too. Have to lose the feeling of being embarrassed and maybe ask to speak to manager. Should I go back?

    • Heck yeah! The prior CVS coupon policy specifically allowed this; the new policy does not say yes or no. It says:

      If our store is running a sale for BOGO, you can use two manufacturer’s coupons for a specific dollar amount off. For example, if Revlon lipstick is on sale at our store for BOGO, you can use two $1.00 off Revlon lipstick manufacturer coupons.

      Seems to me that this would be pretty much the same situation, since you are using a coupon on the FREE item, right? Listen, if you’re going to be dealing with coupon-unfriendly staff, talking to a manager probably won’t help because the staff takes its lead from the head. I’d return the whole thing and either call corporate or just hit up another store that values your business.

      Long answer, but there you are…

  2. Thanks for your advice! I will call corporate tomorrow! I really enjoy your blog. You have saved me so much money…thanks!

    • Me again….called corporate and store manager called me back within 2 hours..impressive…he agrees that policy is ambiguous so he will issue me a ECB for the $1 coupons. Nice enough but I will not shop there with regularity…too risky because while he understands my argument I can tell he has his staff on alert for couponers…just like you said…the cashiers follow his lead!

      I really appreciate your help on this one…btw…Do you have a recommendation for a coupon friendly CVS? Is it still Naperville/Emily?

      • Emily no longer works at the Naperville CVS – no drama (people have emailed me for the real story!). She moved a distance away and took a part-time office job about a mile from her new apartment. They were so happy with her work that they offered her a full-time job for more money than CVS. While she was going to stay one evening a week at CVS, it got to be too much.

        Stephanie is the new person to help us – she’s fast, smart, funny and a quick learner. Not only my opinion, but those of many of my readers. John, the store manager, has also come a long way in terms of understanding coupons and couponers. Truthfully? There really isn’t a bad employee at that store.

        • I agree. After having much dificulties with Lemont Rd. store, I drove the extra miles to Naperville. It’s worth my sanity and time. NO HASSLE!!!!

  3. Well, wouldn’t you know I got the cashier who said, ‘Manager!! This Q is taking off the wrong amount!!! I’m going to adjust down!”

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