CVS & Pantene run

Just some of the Pantene shampoo I picked up today – I’ll just take the other bags down to the basement.  PITA seems to enjoy pouring shampoo and body wash directly down the drain without stopping to make contact with her body.  Well, that’s the only explanation I can give for a 90 pound stick using a bottle of shampoo and body wash each week.  Seriously, there just isn’t enough skin surface to justify those numbers!

Note:  Even though the ad says limit one per card – it lies.  Limit is 4 transactions of 2, or a total of 8 bottles earning $4 ecbs per card.  In this case, I really don’t see the need to split up a bunch of transactions to make a bit on each card.  If our transactions start taking overlong and require more than one cash register to be open our stores will no longer look as kindly on us.  And this is the rumbling I’ve heard from all stores, not just CVS.

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5 thoughts on “CVS & Pantene run

  1. im going to sound like a newbie, but, im a bit messed up here. so if i buy 8 bottles in one transacation, what coupons do i need? and what OOP and ECBS should i expect? dang, i know its newbie-ish, but im oddly lost LOL

    • I used the $3/2 and the BOGO coupon for each Pantene pair. You’d be getting back $1 ecb for each set of two, up to the maximum of 8 bottles (four transactions) limit per loyalty card. And your OOP should be .48 for each set of two, less that same $1 you are earning. In my case, I didn’t do the split among different cards because my time is worth something.

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