CVS – Magic Coupon Machine update

The $`1/2 Mars candy bars coupon is spitting out every day so far – even though the coupon is good through the end of the month, the Mars candy bars are only on sale this week,  Don’t wait!

Readers have gotten FREE CVS kids gummy vitamins lately – I, alas, did not.

Some readers are getting a $2 off any body wash or bar soap.  Use this on the Yardley bar soap on sale this week for 69¢.  You could take two for free or three for 7¢.  Me?  I’d pay the 7¢ if you only have one or two cards; otherwise, free is the way to go!  Note that CVS is on to me ’cause my coupons all had $2 when you spend $8…time for a new card!

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2 thoughts on “CVS – Magic Coupon Machine update

  1. Funny, but apparently Twix are considered a food. The tax on them was 2.25% compared to 9% on the other candy bars…

    • Welcome to the wacky world of taxation! Your Twix contains flour, so it’s moved into food group land, which makes some kind of twisted sense. However…..try the same thing with Twizzlers and get the same result. Apparently they use flour in the manufacturing process, so Twizzlers are also considered part of a healthy diet.

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