CVS 5/13

This has been a hard week for me with the CVS ad – lots of stuff could be GREAT but without a decent coupon?  pass.  So let’s see what could possibly work well.

1.  Pantene will be 2/$6.97 (monthly deal) earn $1 ecb when you buy 2.  You can use the BOGO coupon from the May P&G and you’re at the same deal you can get right now.  However, there will be another P&G bonus insert 5/13 which will contain another Pantene coupon.  Here’s the rub, though:  I’ve seen two coupon amounts – a $1 and a $3/2.  Use the $1 and you’re paying $1.25 for each bottle.  Howsoever…if you happen to get a $3/2 coupon, you’ll be paying 48¢ and getting back $1 ecb.  suhweet, huh?  Limit one per loyalty card.  Even without the extra $1 ecb it’s a good deal, though.

2.  VO5 shampoo and conditioner is 3/$1.67 after $/3 coupon in 5/13.  I’m only throwing this out because the shampoo makes a great liquid hand soap refill and it’s worth the 40¢.

3.  Softsoap body wash and liquid hand soap are 2/$3 after $4 in ecbs, if you’re totally grossed out over using shampoo for hand soap.  And if you’re that much of a purist, why the hell are you on my site?  hmmmm?

4.  Dial and Tone bar soap, 2 and 3 packs are 88¢ after $1 ecb.

5.  The Spend $25 get $10 ecbs deal from 5/6 is still running.  Here your best bets are the Playtex Sport with the BOGO coupon for the $5.99 size.  You end up spending $4.58 after ecbs for four boxes of Playtex tampons.  If you’re going for the razors, you’ll need three razors/cartridges plus a small filler to get you over the price bump.  Use the Schick disposable 2 ct for $2.19.  It says limit two per card, but I ran this one this afternoon after the registers were switched and it said limit four.  IDK if this will change by morning, but pay attention.  I also tried running both razor transactions at the same time and it was glitchy as heck and they had to push the second $10 ecb to print.

6.  Finish – Ah ha!  Once again it appears!  If you’re running low on dishwashing soap, grab this deal ’cause it’s a very, very good one.  Finish Powerball or Gelpacs are 2/$7 and part of the Spend $20 get $10 ecbs.   So buy six Finish for $21, use six 75¢ coupons from 4/22 S, get your $10 ecbs and you’re spending $6.50 for six boxes or slightly over a buck a box.  As far as I’m concerned, this new phosphate-free stuff cleans like crap, so I always put two tabs in the dispenser – works like a charm – so I need the stuff to be really, really cheap.

If I get wind of some great coupons coming up, I’ll post immediately – keep checking the daily IPs post because and redplum have been known to release high-value coupons with limited print availability.


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5 thoughts on “CVS 5/13

  1. Actually I never thought to use actual shampoo for handsoap… what a great idea! And you clearly are such a purist yourself! lmfao!

    • Came about when there hadn’t been any great deals on liquid soap but they were handing out bottles of Suave shampoo for a penny or two at Jewel – literally pennies. Picked up all they had in the apple and rain and mountain breeze scents, which are almost identical to the hand soaps. and know one ever knew before now…shhh

  2. You are brilliant! thanks for the finish idea…I’m getting dangerously low…was hoping for some frees but may have to cave.

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