Custom Couponing T-shirt

Here’s shot of PITA (wearing an extremely pissed expression because I told her she couldn’t dance around and because I wouldn’t put her head in the shot) wearing this cool t-shirt one of my readers made.  I chose red and extra large.

Comments, people?

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8 thoughts on “Custom Couponing T-shirt

    • Yeah, I thought of that, too, but the truth is the show has gotten so mind-numbing boring that I don’t see it hanging around too much longer. Yes, fame whores will still clamor to be on EC, but the producers have pretty much given the show as many twists as possible. What’s next: Man vs. Woman? Or Grandma vs Grandkids? I’d better stop…they might be reading.

    • omg, i completely didn’t notice that stack. in point of fact, i have too many to fit in the totes, so some bundles are just sitting out until the end of January when the October inserts all expire. You should all use the insert checker on the right sidebar to find out when you can toss the suckers.

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