Coupon craziness

Here’s a perfect example of a pissing match.  You are so hungry for a certain coupon that you lose sight of what you’re actually getting:

(1) Free Pepsi 12 Pack Product Coupon

(1) Free Pepsi 12 Pack Product Coupon

Current bid: US $4.25

There are already 7 bids for a coupon with a maximum value of $4.99.   Add the .44 shipping and you have paid $4.69 (at current bid) and that’s if there are no more bids, unlikely since there are still 2 days left in this auction.  Is this a realistic way to shop or are people hoping to get on Extreme Couponing…

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2 thoughts on “Coupon craziness

  1. Funny! Last week I checked in on Ronzoni coupons on eBay since they are about to expire and I wanted more free pasta, but with the prices they were asking, I might as well just buy some pasta!

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