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I wanted to pick up another couple of Weber marinades since they’re still on Checkout 51 (limit 2) and only a buck at Jewel – so free!  Note that these current Checkout 51 offers expire tomorrow.  Walked by the clearance meat and notices these country ribs marked Reduced but the price seemed rather high, so I drifted down the cooler to the regular country ribs and they were the same price!  I called this to the attention of the butcher, who repriced them for me.  Obviously the person doing the markdowns got distracted and only the sticker went on.

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One thought on “Check your meat prices

  1. I’ve noticed this a lot at the Jewels. They have a reduced sticker, & the price is the same. Glad you pointed that out. Not only do we have to train the cashiers, but now the butchers?

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