Blink at Walgreens

Okay, Mark, I went out into the cold, heartless night and picked up Blink at Walgreens.  Got three products, which didn’t make it a moneymaker like two would have, but I like Blink and paying a bit works for me.

Before hitting Walgreens, I added three Blink Checkout51 offers to my account.

Bought Blink RevitaLens (glad I don’t wear contacts ’cause the proliferation of products is insane!) for $10.49, less $5 January IVC; Blink drops for contacts for $8.79 less $3 January IVC and Blink gel tears for $11.99 less $3 January IVC.  Used three $3 coupons from 1/21S.  Total with tax was $12.51 and I submitted for the three $3 rebates.  Also earned 200 everyday points.  So $12.51 less $9 plus a $1 Checkout51 bonus for the 2+ offers redeemed plus 200 points means my outlay was really 51¢.

This is being redeemed on the current offer, which ends at midnight – but the new week contains the same items (they reset), so another go-round tomorrow!

money making toilet paper


White Cloud is on sale at Walgreens for $3.99 this week with a $1.50 coupon in the 1/21 S.  Submit for a $3 Checkout 51 rebate (limit 2) and you’re making money.  Check to see first online if your Walgreens carries White Cloud – many stores have been clearancing them out for the past few weeks.  Just in time for a sale in the ad…  I was only able to find the one package in two stores.

Walgreens Bitter Cold Shopping

Ugh, don’t need toothpaste, but for those of you doing without or tired of all Colgate no Crest deals, you can grab three Crest and earn a $3 Register Reward.  Use the two $2 coupons from the January P&G plus the digital coupon found on the Wags website.  Why? Because the P&G coupon says limit two.  I used three ’cause the stupid digital didn’t work, but then I’m not a big rule-follower.  Total was $3.60 and I paid with $3 in points, leaving 60¢.  Out came the $3 RR.

Took the $3 Register Reward and bought two bonus size OgX products on a BOGO 50% off sale this week.  There was a $3/2 digital coupon on the Walgreens site that worked, leaving me with a total of $6.82 for both.  Paid with $5 in points, leaving $1.82.

Free 8×10 at Walgreens

IMG_4845Get a FREE 8×10 print at Walgreens with promo code GIFT2U and in-store pick up. Your total will be $3.99 before code and zero afterwards. Can’t see expiration date.  Don’t use their APP ’cause it’s wonky –  use the above link; also issues with sizing when you use mobile devices (works but doesn’t look like it’s sized correctly).  I should call this “The Great Communicator” because the TV is on and his cell is on the couch; all communication channels are covered.