.14 Spectrum sprays @ Target – today only

unnamed-6I paid pennies for this Spectrum organic spray! Target has a 30% Cartwheel expiring today which you combine with the sale price and this $3 Spectrum Culinary Oil, Spray, Vinegar, Mayonnaise or Shortening.  Cartwheel also has the same offer as a one-time use coupon.  My subtotal was 51¢.unnamed-2

If you don’t have coupons now, buy and post-redeem – every Target I’ve shopped allowed post-redemption from 3-7 days; ask your store how they handle things.

unnamed-7And when I tell you stuff is way cheaper online or at Dollar Tree, you should believe me:  small Snackeez cups were $9.99 and the Veggetti was $14.99.  ouch

CityPASS: Great gift idea for out-of-town friends

Visit San Francisco’s “Aquarium of the Bay” & 4 other attractions at a savings of up to 49% with CityPASS. Shop Now!  

  • An average savings of up to 50% when compared to Box Office Prices
  • Skip lines at attractions
  • Easy access booklets, just purchase and print
  • Travel when you want, exchange vouchers within 6 months of purchase
  • Visit attractions in any order on your own time, booklets valid for 9 days
  • Available for Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Toronto

new printables: Tasty Bite, Celestial Seasonings, Duncan Hines…

$1/1 Duncan Hines Perfect Size or any Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mix
$1/2 Duncan Hines Perfect Size or any Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mixes
$1/1 TASTY BITE Product
$1/2 Wet n Wild Products
$0.50/1Sugardale® Hot Dogs, Beef Franks, or Smoked Sausage
$1/1 Celestial Seasonings® Tea
$0.50/1 POM Wonderful Beverage (12oz+)
$1/1 alive! multivitamin product ($3 if you share)
$0.75/1 Furlani biscuit product

Live from New York – – not

So our one-night stay in Pennsylvania has turned into two…Last night, while driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania (where I live, anything requiring you to shift bike gears is a hill) – AT NIGHT – the temperature gauge shot up to high and I became really alarmed.  Got off one exit early (still less than 10 miles from motel) to find a gas station.  Well, I apparently took the God’s Armpit exit ’cause there were no houses, store or even streets for miles, while I grew increasingly more nervous about destroying my car’s engine.  Pull off to the shoulder, leaving on headlights and four-ways ’cause there were so many trucks zipping past I wanted major visibility!  No internet and spotty cell phone coverage.  Call 911 (a couple of times) and the call reroutes to non-emergency, so they can’t locate me.  All I can tell them is there are a LOT OF TREES HERE.  Turns out it’s a state park.  And there are lots of black bears…which won’t bother me, but hey, you know what?  I’ll just sit in the car with the doors locked and windows up and unless the bear is wearing a Subaru maintenance uniform, he ain’t getting in.  Long story short, we added fluid (a part ranger and state police helped), but the radiator wasn’t empty.  Started back down tree lane with the state police car behind me; gauge went nuts after a couple of blocks.  Took a long time, but they were able to locate a tow truck a couple of towns over and we ended up – finally – at our motel after midnight.

So apparently the only local Subaru mechanic is related to a motel owner, so that’s who picked up my car for the replacement of the head gaskets.  Yes, basically a full engine repair and tune-up tossed in as well, just for grins, and I sit here until tonight or early tomorrow.  Sadly, my car was just checked last week before the trip.  But isn’t that the way it always is?

Since I’m not required to sign in by a particular time for tomorrow’s blogging convention, I should still be fine.  PITA was ready to choke me when I said maybe we should just forget about the Broadway tickets we already bought and just go on home.

Jewel: Shopping on the 4th & paying less than a 3rd


Wanted to pick up more Nabisco snacks with the B2G1 and .75/2 coupons, so decided on a case of Skinny Pop for the overage.  Deli coffin had Chobani Mezo dips on sale for 2/$5 with a $1 ssticker attached; I’ll post-redeem the $1 Chobani Mezé Dip printable later.  There’s also a $1 Ibotta offer for the three varieties, so an extra $3 back there as well.  Snack Artist chips were only 99¢, so something to make FirstBorn happy.  Will use the ginger root to make simple syrup to flavor sun tea.  Not shown is very expensive organic cauliflower at almost $4.  The pita bread on top of the Skinny Pop will be used to fry in my rosemary-infused olive oil for humus snacking.  cue stomach growl…


L’Oreal & Wish-Bone Shopping @ Target


Picked up four Wish-Bone Ristorante Italiano salad dressings at $2.59, used this $1 Wish-Bone printable with the 50% Cartwheel and paid 29¢ each.  L’Oreal has a Buy 4 get a $5 gift card promotion, so I bought 12, used the $2 and $3 coupons from 6/12 S together with the Spend $20 get a $5 gift card coupon from Sunday’s ad (also available at Guest Services).  Subtotal was $21.06 and I got four $5 gift cards.  I actually just rolled some prior cards…