Target…pickens getting slimmer


Clairol Herbal essences hair color clearance for $2.98 – use the $2 coupon from 8/10 S for an eveh better price. The Secret body spray was also on clearance for $2.78 – buy 3, use the $1 coupon from the September P&G insert and get a $5 gift card.  Pantene conditioning treatment was $3.99. Buy 3, use the $2 coupons from the September P&G insert and get a $5 gift card. The hair spray was $4.99 (most tagged products are over $3.99), so $1.32 after coupons and gift card.

I have NOT been able to find any of the $4.26 Swiffer refills since Labor Day…will go out again tomorrow to another Target and maybe have better luck.

The Old Spice body wash with bonus body sprays are on clearance but do not trigger the gift card so avoid them like full price!

UPDATE: Target trippin’ – Monday edition

New printables have appeared which make the toilet paper deal less wasteful! Use this $1 off Quilted Northern coupon to save more plus a 75¢ coupon when you do the Like thing on FB. Here’s a Brawny 55¢ coupon, if you’re trying for more/different coupons (limit 4 like at Target).photo.JPGRan this last night broken down into two transactions – could have been broken down into smaller ones rolling the gift cards, but I didn’t want to spend my life at Target (although it seems that way lately, right?)!

First transaction was for 2 Swiffer refills, 4 Playtex tampons, 1 Charmin, 6 Old Spice body wash, 2 Zevia (had $2 printables), 3 Angel Soft and 3 Quilted Northern toilet papers.  After REDcard and bag credit, total was $102.32; paid with $20 in gift cards from Sunday’s shopping, leaving me at $82.32.  Received $40 in Target gift cards.

Second transaction was for 3 Old Spice body washes and 4 Playtex tampons:  Total was $27.26, paid using gift cards from first transaction.  Received $15 in gift cards.

I successfully submitted a screen shot of the Angel Soft/Quilted Northern receipt to for a $10 prepaid MasterCard, which will be sent out within the next three days.  Subtract the $10 in gift cards from the $36.24 paid for the tissue (after six 45¢ coupons) and the $10 MasterCard card coming in the mail, and I’ve spent $16.24 plus tax for an awful lot of toilet paper!

Sunday out & about shopping

If you’re looking for a good place to use those $4/2 Starbucks printables, head over to Jewel, where the iced coffee bottles are $1.50 each – and Jewel gives you overage without sneaking!

photo.JPGTarget continues with their gift card bonanza, this week with a sweet deal on Old Spice body wash: Buy 3 and get a $5 gift card. They have shelves just crammed with the bonus boxes, where you pay only $3.95 and get two bottles! That’s a few pennies cheaper than the single bottles! Buy three of the doubles, use either this $1 printable or the $1/2 coupon in the September P&G.  With the printables + gift card, you’ll be paying about 65¢ per bottle, slightly more with the insert coupon.

There’s an even better deal for a whole list of products where you buy three and earn a $10 gift card! Pick up the $4.26 Swiffer refills, pay with this $1 Swiffer printable plus these two Target mobile coupons (Text LUNCH to 827438) and (text THANKS to 827438).  Even with NO coupons, you’ll be paying $2.78 for all three after gift card.  I bought one set of three Swiffer, but there were only two remaining on the shelf – luckily? we needed toilet paper and Charmin 30 ct double rolls are not only on sale for $16.99, but part of that same $10 gift card promotion. Completely out of the 30cts, but they substituted the Mega + Double Plus and pushed through the gift card. There are .25 coupons in the September P&G, plus a .50 Target one expiring today. Since I hadn’t planned on picking up the toilet paper, I didn’t have any coupons. Yes, I can always return with the mfr coupon within a few days, but I’ll be SOL for the store coupon, since they won’t take expireds.

Sunday 8/31 insert

20140829_093708.jpegThis Sunday we have the P&G September insert, together with some extra coupons courtesy of a CVS flyer (mfr coupons with CVS logo).  Target has only two store coupons:  25% off Boots & Barkley pet purchase of $30 or more (boo!) and a $5 off Just One You made by Carters purchase of $20 or more (a double boo!!).

Target has been making statements about ratcheting down the high value store coupons and in-store promotions, but I don’t think this week is necessarily a sign of the times.  More likely people are out enjoying the last weekend of summer and not shopping so why bother with promotions!

It’s got2b Target…

photo.JPGWas on my way to Meijer when I decided to stop at Target. Good thing because I was able to grab got2b styling products and get the $5 gift card (I think it’s through the 30th).  The orange can of mousse is $3.99, while the flat-iron balms are 30¢ more.  The Starbucks are on sale 2/$4 and there’s a handy-dandy, no size specified, $4/2 printable on the Starbucks site (thank you, Rachel!). The Herbal Essence hair color was on clearance for $2.98 – I’ll return with a $2 coupon from either 8/10 S or 8/24 S.

The Quorn chik n’ cutlets were clearanced out at $1.88 – looked good, so I took them all! Please don’t tell me they smell like feet.

$1/2 Hormel REV printables – use @ Target

unnamedHere’s a nice healthy $1.00 off 2 HORMEL REV Wraps printable for Target’s deal. These are great as a quick snack or part of a lunch – just nuke for about 10 seconds to warm them up.  PITA took one for lunch today, along with a bottle of Fruit2O and a little bag of grapes from Whole Foods (see, we sometimes eat healthy).

Yesterday’s post with more info

another Target trip

photo.JPGHit another Target looking for the kitchen Touch-Ups (yellow), but again, only found a few bathroom bottles. At least this Target had a nice variety of the Hormel REV wraps which both PITA and FirstBorn grab as quick lunches. On the REV wraps, grab the 30% off  Cartwheel (through 8/30), plus the $1/2 mfr coupon from 8/17 S plus this $1/2 Target coupon. Since they’re currently on sale 3/$5 ($1.65 each), I paid 30¢ each after bag credit and REDcard.

Target trippin’


Two transactions ’cause I wanted to roll the $5 gift card…’cause i’m cheap that way. all ways, actually.

By three Got2b products and get a $5 gift card. Grabbed four gels for $3.99 each and used the $2 mfr coupons from 8/2 r2. Pay $5.97 and get back $5. I used my REDcard and also one bag credit so total slightly lower. The Windex Touch-ups are also a $5 gift card promotion: Buy four at $3.99 each, use this $5/4 Target coupon with this $2/3 mfr printable and add the 5% Windex Cartwheel.  Brings down your total to $6.24 after coupons, Cartwheel and bag credit. Pay with a prior $5 or not, actual OOP was $1.32 with my REDcard.

8/24/14 inserts – SS & rp

20140822_091632.jpgHere’s some shots of the Chicago Trib inserts for this Sunday, August 24th – Target  continues to be hot … trying to make up for that disappointing last quarter!

20140822_092419.jpgShould be able to make something of this pet coupon!

20140822_091649.jpgUnfortunately, the last coupons for these ($1) expired back in June. Nothing showing currently, but printables can always appear. Those Outshine bars rock!