Target Saturday overlap shopping

photo.JPGTwo transactions combined in this picture, one being the plain vanilla four TRESemme products, use the $5/$15 Target coupon and two $5/2 TRESemme coupons:  OOP was 96¢ + tax.

Second transaction involved the six Suave items for 99¢ + tax and four Pantene products and four EAS powder packets.  I had three Pantene conditioning packs at $3.99 each and one at $5.99 (I needed this one); buy four products and get a $5 Target gift card.  Used 2 $4/2 Pantene printable and four $2.50 EAS coupons (from 10/5S) for the overage.  OOP was $4.66 plus tax and I got the $5 gift card.

more Target shopping? Suave!

photo.JPGForgot to take a picture, but here’s the receipt – it’s easy enough to picture in your head.  The 9/28 red plum has great Suave coupons and $5/$15 Target coupon specifies Suave as one of the items in the 9/28 red plum so decided to try this out:

Two Suave styling product + two Suave dry shampoos.  Since the stupid mfr coupons limit you to TWO each, you have to get different products and use two $2 coupons and two $1.50 coupons (boo).  Buying the four products allows you to use the B2G1 body wash coupon from the same insert/page.  I just did this and my OOP was 99¢!  Easy-peasy, no beeping shopping.

Target for tax (or less)

The 9/28 red plum has $5/2 TRESemme coupons and a $5 Target coupon on listed items, among them TRESemme products! AND through the end of today, you get a $5 gift card when you purchase 3 TRESemme products (as noted on the shelf, not all products). You can either run this in sets of four with the $3.99 shampoos, conditioners and styling products ($15.96 less $5 Target coupon less $10 inset coupon; pay 96¢ and get back 2 $5 gift cards) or, if your cashier gives you the stink eye when you try to run multiple transactions, you can buy 9 products and use 4 TRESemme $5/2 coupons and the $10/$35 Target coupon expiring today.  You’ll pay $35.91 less $10 Target coupon, less $20 insert coupons or $5.91 but get back $15 in gift cards.  Either way you save!

I ran this with both the $10 Target coupon and the new $5 coupon, just for grins.

Oscar Blandi hair care fans?

If any of you are fans of the Oscar Blandi line of hair care products. all the Targets I’ve shopped at recently have had them on clearance and each full-size product generates a $5 gift card!  Since they’re super-high to start with, don’t look for miracles, but something that was $25 is now $17.70 and less $5 after the gift card.  Stock up using the $5 and $10 Target coupons since they’re not brand-specific like next week’s coupon.

shopping Target – beware gift card deal prices

Target sale prices are pretty universal, but items that generate gift cards or are part of a B1G1X off aren’t.  Case in point is the Olay cleanser I’ve been picking up for between $4.99 and $5.99, here selling for $6.49 and the $11.29 Claritin syrup which most stores have at $8.99 (although a few are $9.99). This store is obviously high…as in crack.

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG

photo.JPGBeen finding L’Oreal Extreme Platinum color on clearance (regular shelf) for only $4.48! Scans at $8.99, but hey, we follow shelf tags (and used the $2 mfr coupon from 9/14 rp & a $3/2 Target coupon from some store flyer I picked up months ago)! The Olay 6 pack (bonus) of bars is clearanced out at $4.05; use the $2 coupons from 9/14 rp and you have some mighty cheap soap. Even cheaper when you use it as part of the big Target $5 or $10 promotion (which I did!).  I will say that the Targets I visited seemed to be getting Olay stock in and they all had enough HE products.

Another Target, another battle against dirty hair

photo.JPGI originally stopped at this Target for Claritin – which they had in stock – at $1 more than any other Target.  Which explains why they had stock…This transaction was $1.99 subtotal; used four of the HE BOGO coupons, one Regenerist coupon and the $10 Target coupon.

Also been picking up clearance hair color and using the applicable mfr and Target $5  coupons currently available, together with Olay products as fillers, if needed.

More Target $10 coupon ideas

photo.JPGHere’s another Target option to consider.  I’m still using HE shampoos and conditioners, but now added Olay Regenerist facial cleansing wipes to put me over the $35 threshold:  $39.94 was subtotal, less $19.96 for HE BOGO coupons, less $8 for two Olay Regenerist coupons, less $10 Target coupon left me with $1.98 for a subtotal. The Olay wipes were NOT part of the 40% promotion, which is probably why they were still on the shelf!  But I’m okay with that, especially since I have not found any of the $5+ Olay cleanser since the first day or two of the 40% off promo…and we’re talking about five or six stores…

Also ran a second transaction using the $5 Target coupon and clearance HE body wash that were $2.48 and clearance L’Oreal hair color.  LOTS of possibilities all over the beauty department!  I’ll return with $1 body wash coupons and $2 L’Oreal hair color coupons, which will bring my subtotal down to $8.36…even better…

Target: Claritin & shampoo/conditioner shopping

Ran two separate transactions so the breakdown would be easier to see.


Two Pantene at $3.99 plus four Herbal Essences shampoos and four conditioners. Total was $29.96 for HE and $7.98 for Pantene. Since $37.94 was the subtotal, I was able to use the $10 off $35 Target coupon from the 9/21 ad plus the new $4/2 Pantene coupon plus four Buy one HE shampoo get one conditioner free. Notice that the coupon does NOT say you have to buy the same size, so I grabbed the big bottles that were $4.99 to push up my total (since the max is $4.99 and I never get stores that push through the max – how about you?). Subtotal was $3.98 plus high tax of $2.17 for an OOP of $6.16 for a fairly decent haul!

4 children’s liquid Claritin @ $8.99, get a $5 gift card with every two purchased. Use the $3 Target coupon from 9/21 S and the $2 mfr from 9/7 S1. I paid for these four with my REDcard, which brought the total down to $5.90 after the gift cards.

new $4/2 Pantene printable – use @ Target or Ultra!

pantene1-300x167New $4/2 Pantene shampoo, conditioner or styling products coupon just appeared!  You can use it this week at Target or save it for Ultra, where starting Wednesday the 24th they’ll have Pantene for $2.88 each.  Since Ultra takes expireds back 30 days, I’ll use my old coupons  there.  And remember, Ultra allows up to 12 like coupons (unless the coupon itself has limits).  Check for expired coupons using the Find a Coupon tab – you can set it for expired 30 days.