cheap Justin (Timberlake) & Ben (Affleck)

photo.JPGDVDs, that is!  Amazon is selling Runner Runner, the latest Justin Timberlake movie, for $2.99(!) – Blu-ray is over $25, so we’re not even going there.  Print out the Amazon detail page and/or pull up the item on your phone using the Amazon APP (yes, it is rather belt and suspenders, isn’t it?).  And, in case you don’t want to spend the $2.99 (I don’t blame you), here’s a $5 coupon to get it for FREE!  Note that Target coupon policy states that they will reduce the coupon value if it’s more than the item – the Target I was at didn’t know this so we agreed to use one coupon for two DVDs – and I ended up spending $1.31 for both, including high tax.  I’m rich, I tells  yah!

“fun” at Target

Okay, I realize my details were a little skimpy, so I strained my Barbie brain and added up the totals – $25.22 for everything, which was paid with gift cards rolled over from prior transaction. I ended up with with one $5 gift card and a balance of $2.20 on another.  So maybe $10 in total after I was finished with all three transactions?


I don’t mean that I had a bad experience shopping at Target, just I’m spending more time (though less $$) than ever before.  Are you experiencing the same thing? Like moving to Bizarro world.

I ran three transactions, using the various insert and printable coupons and the $5/$15 Target coupon.  How much did I spend?  dunno, but I used prior gift cards to pay and still ended up with gift cards.  which works for me!  Also included was the Crystal Light clearance drops thing for $1.78 – I only took it because I had a $1 printable with me – and a very expensive Father’s Day card.  Well, it would have been very expensive…

Use the BOGO Dove coupons from the 6/01 rp, the $3 EAS coupons from 5/11 S, the $2 got2b coupons from 5/4 S and $1 ACT mouthwash coupons Rachel was kind enough to print for me because they’re Smart Source, which uses Java…and Java hates me.  Print out the $4/2 ACT coupon.  The entire Target coupon site was down a few hours ago and it may or may not be working now.  I sure hope it comes back up so I can print more of the $5/$15 coupons!  Note that these coupons do not scan (which Target is aware of) and there is an alternate barcode taped to each register at every store I’ve visited.

got2b a wasted trip

photo.JPGHad lots of plans and scenarios, but the bottom line was there was either no stock or the Woodridge Target didn’t carry the product – grrr!

I grabbed the four got2b glued because I needed to get up over the $15 mark for the $5/$15 target in-ad coupon, otherwise I would have stopped at the 3 to earn a $5 gift card. My four products were $3.37 after the $2 coupons (which expire the 15th) and the $5/15, which I paid with a $5 gift card from last week and got back my $5 gift card. So what is that, a $1.63 money maker?  Not too shabby when you consider this is all high-tax stuff.

Bullseye @ Target

photo.JPG Everything in this picture is from three transactions:  One transaction had the two different Crest mouthwashes.  Each set of three got2b, Secret deodorant and mouthwash gave me a $5 gift card, which I used on subsequent transactions.  Since the coupons aren’t high-value enough, we have to make our own, right?  Grab the EAS protein pouches for $1.29 and pay with the $3 coupons from 5/11 S (no size restrictions) or these $1.50 and $3 printables from the EAS site. The Secret deodorant used $1 coupons from the June P&G.  The got2b products used $2 coupons from 5/4 S. The Crest mouthwashes used the $1 Pro-Health Target coupon from the 6/1 insert with this $1 printable; the 3-D Whitening version used only the $1 printable.  Got it?

waste of gas & time shopping

photo.JPGTarget has a special price on Speed Stick Gear deodorants and antiperspirants – the Cool Motion and Fresh Force scents are selling for $2.99 online, which means Guest Services will reduce the in-store price to match.  Stack this $2 off Speed Stick Gear coupon with this $1 Target coupon and score FREE deodorant!  Remember, limit two coupons per computer and limit four like coupons per Target transaction.

I originally wanted to pick up a few more göt2b glued, since Target has the Buy 3 get a $5 gift card promotion through 6/14 and the $2 coupons are still valid.  Spend $13.17 (around here glued sells for $4.39) less $6 in coupons and get back a $5 gift card so your cost per item will be roughly 73¢.  If you have gift cards from earlier deals, you wont’ be putting out anything about that.  Odd that Walgreens and CVS have shelves full of göt2b, but Target only carries two items.

My I really need to stop shopping or hold a garage sale Target trip

I realize that you have to get to Target at the butt-crack of Sunday dawn if you have any reasonable expectations of getting sale items, but I do have a life, pitiful though it may be, and yesterday was the first day I was able to hit a Target…where I scored a big, fat goose egg.

photo.JPGTried another Target today and was marginally more successful.  Yes, I know the 17 ct Finish is the way to go, but realistically, you’re not going to be driving from store to store searching for that elusive dodo – - it’s still decent with the 27 ct box.  Use the $1 Target printable with the $2 mfr printable and the 10% off on Cartwheel.  Not as cheap, but you have product.  The Feria hair color had dropped in price to $4.48 and each pair generates a $5 gift card; lots of L’Oreal insert coupons out there (use the Find a Coupon tab).  Coppertone is $7.99 each; use the $4/2 coupon from 5/18 S and get back a $5 gift card.  California Pizza Kitchen pizzas were BOGO (as were all frozen pizzas), so I used whatever printables the register would accept – and I mean that sincerely.  The $1.50/1 mfr coupon is no longer available, but I believe the $1/2 Target coupon is.  The Palmolive was just sitting there on the clearance endcap, so I took it home with me:  $1.67 each less the 50¢ coupon from 5/18 S.  Can’t say I need any of the stuff I just bought (I still have free Finish from years ago), but I’ll put it to work…

Check for new Target coupon booklet


Here’s a nifty new coupon booklet you can find, usually behind the counter at guest services. Lots and lots of TARGET coupons, all with expiration dates 7/26/2014.  Nice thing is that the Market Pantry and Archer Farms products usually appear on Cartwheel, too, for even more savings.  and find a clearance package…

Cheap paper towels & an unadvertised body wash deal

photo 1.JPG Don’t particularly like paying for paper towels and thankfully I’m stocked up right now, but bought this roll at Jewel earlier today just, you know, cause… The Fiora single roll (which is next to and looks remarkably similar to the Bounty Basic roll) is $1.29.  Use the $1 coupon from 5/4 rp for cheap paper towels.  Not a sale, so no urgency; expiration date is 6/30.

photo 2.JPG Picked up a few more boxes of Swiffer wipes and tried this unadvertised Dial bodywash deal: Buy any 3 Dial body washes and get a $5 Target gift card.  While the men’s wash was a buck cheaper, we still have tons of Old Spice and Gillette and Irish Spring…you get the point.  These bottles are $3.99 less this $1 Dial bodywash printable; pay $8.97 and get a $5 gift card, so $1.32 each for the girly stuff.

The why pay road trip


This is a two-Target haul – I decided to check out the Wheaton store to see if they *maybe* had any of those $1.70 sandwiches remaining…they actually had 22, which took me pretty close to the $50 discount threshold, so decided to check out my old standby, clearance coffee syrups.  Ended up taking six of those (new flavors like toasted hazelnut, almond, creme brulee).  Mobile coupon didn’t scan, but they had a UPC taped to the side of the register…

Found a few more DreamSoles and some Swiffer Wet wipes or something and a Duster; each was $4.79, but the $2 coupon only goes for the Starter Duster, the refills got $1 coupons.  OOP was $11.37 with a $10 gift card.  I used my REDcard for a 5% additional discount.

I’ve also been clearing out the L’Oreal clearance hair color because for each pair of $4.48 boxes less the $2 and $3 coupons earns you a $5 gift card.  Lots of inserts, so check the Find a Coupon page.  btw, the new $3 coupon for the Absolute Mouse hair color should have a higher value ’cause it’s about $14!