Free Papermate pens @ Target!

photo.JPGNote:  This is a regularly-priced product, so don’t rush (probably won’t find inventory), but I’d print justincase they hit limit.  I saw crowds of mothers at two Targets yesterday, frantically grabbing school supplies.  Really, people, you had to wait until the school bus was practically at the corner before you moved on this?

Target carries Paper Mate 10-pks for 97¢.  Stack the 50¢ mfr from 8/17 S with this $1/2 Paper Mate items Target coupon for FREE pens!  I only picked up four packs ’cause we really don’t need any more pens or pencils!

Looking for free gum to toss in the cart, grab some Juicy Fruit bottles and use this triple play:  Print this $1 Target coupon with this 75¢ mfr coupon from All You and the 50% off Cartwheel.  Prices range from $2.24 to $2.99 so either free or really cheap gum.  I was unable to find any stock at three Targets, but the numbers should work.

If you’re wondering about the Elmo Junction deal, it’s still working ’cause I picked up one at a different Target within the past hour.

credit and love to CouponingFor4

Elmo Junction: PM + Cartwheel combo

Stopped at another Target to see if there were any Suave lotions in the Chicagoland area.  This store had lots…marked 30¢ higher!  Even scanned to double-check.

So ran another deal entirely… has this Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Junction for $24.99, while stores carry it for $44.99.  There is a 40% off on Cartwheel, so I price-matched, used Cartwheel and REDcard and paid $14 plus tax.

Great way to impress for less…

Target for the rough times ahead…

Mondays at Target are like shopping in Soviet-era Russia – not much on the shelves.  Since the sun has done a number on skin, it’s time for lotion deals!  Buy four Suave lotions and get a $5 gift card.  These 18 oz pump bottles are $2.54.  Start at $10.16, then subtract the $3/$10 Suave products Target coupon, two 50¢ mfr coupons from 7/27 rp2 and 2 50¢ coupons from Walmart site (does NOT print with Walmart logo).  These coupons read Limit TWO per transaction…  After REDcard and bag credit, I paid $5.74 and got a $5 gift card.

Note:  The $3/$10 coupon scans as expired.  Cashier will first announce it’s expired – you’ll drop your gum – then look at the date and see 8/30.  It’ll have to be manually entered (most cashier are old hands at this!) or call for a supervisor to show her/him/how.  Maybe by the time stock comes in they’ll have this glitch fixed.  probably not…

PM Kraft mac @ Walmart

photo.JPG Posted this on Facebook earlier in the week and decided to take my own advice! Stopped at Walmart and picked up 12 boxes of Kraft original mac & cheese, showed the Jewel ad and paid 29¢ each – no muss, no fuss.

So if you’re trying to stock up on the greater weight original boxes, Walmart is the way to go.  Of course, you can always stop by Target starting Sunday, and pick up 5 boxes at $1.04 each and get 5 boxes free.  Works out to be 52¢ a box and you can be sure that any deal requiring 10 boxes per customer and limit 20 will be out of stock at 8:03 am.

Target – it’s not just pet food anymore!

photo.JPG Well, it’s still mostly pet food, ’cause some of the “deals” I was checking out…weren’t. Well, not to someone interested in saving $$$. The Palmolive is regularly priced at $1.02; use the 25¢ coupon from 7/27 S (the Chicago insert cover had Crab Fest on it) with the 75¢ Target coupon and pay only 2¢.  What’s great is that this high-tax item only gets taxed at 27¢ since the store coupon reduces the value!  And Palmolive green is DH’s favorite – he grew up with it - must bring back fond memories.

Other than that, grabbed another 60 Sheba cans and six Beneful tubs.  Used the $1 Target catalina that printed out from my prior Sheba purchase, reducing my cost even more.  In fact, this time the Beneful coupon took off $2.29!  I do not understand the Target registers…Total OOP was $8.89 after bag credit and REDcard.

August 17th Inserts

20140815_072259.jpg Here’s a shot of Sunday’s inserts (Chicago Tribune) plus the Target ad – one red plum, one Smart Source and one Crest/Scope single pager.  Nothing super jumps out, but Target continues to blow away the competition, deal-wise.  This week they have a $5/$20 on underwear, socks or bra purchases – just their house brands, but odd things pop up all the time, right?

Target for dog food & more for $58.01!


First of all, despite reports that the Beneful BOGO coupons are scanning without beeps at crazy-high values, here among the non-Hill people the registers prompt for the price of the product. And I might as well say that those who claim the St. Ives BOGO coupon scanned (for high value, no less!) on the regular pumps…stop hitting the sauce so early in the day.

You see here two identical transactions totalling $58.01 with one bonus: A jar of Vaseline! Since I was never even in the Vaseline aisle, I am mystified – I can see Walgreens handing out free Vaseline lately…but I digress.  In the picture are 12 bags of Beneful and 12 Beneful Prepared Meals tubs, six Simple cleansing wipes, two moisturizers (ouch!), two pump cleansers and two moisturizing facial wash. Neat how I got the facial wipes free AND made $10 in gift cards from them!  Other areas had Beneful for $5.99 but the Woodridge location marked it at $5.49, which meant I had to add a couple more tubs to the mix so I could use that $10/$40 Target coupon.  I’ll probably hit a few more Targets during the week.  Shame that the Simple coupons expire today, though.  I‘m never satisfied!

I used $15 in gift cards from prior deals and ended up with $15 in gift cards, so a wash.  Saved 5% by using my REDcard.

Target clearance Beneful

The Wheaton Target has bags and bags of Beneful dry dog food marked down to $7.98 (regular is $10.98, I believe) on the shelf with regular dog food, not on an end cap.  Sucks that the new BOGO coupon is only for 3.5 or smaller bags, not these larger 7+ bags.  Don’t know if the BOGO coupon scans on the larger bags, but I’m not gonna be the one testing it with a cartload of dog food and a possible coupon nazi manning the register…

If you want to run this using the $10/$40 pet food Target coupon, you’ll have to pick up 6 bags (5 is $39.90 – ouch!), then use the $1.50 coupon from 6/15 rp, which doesn’t have the size limitation.  After all discounts you’ll be out about $4.81 a bag (plus tax).  I don’t know if you’ll get the cashier to push through the two extra coupons, but if it’s a no-go, try the following deal run with the 3.5 bags:

Note that I didn’t see the smaller bags, but if you can locate the 3.5 size, you can pick up 8 for $47.92 and pay with four of the BOGO coupons and the $10/$40, which will give you a per bag price of about $1.75 (based on a $5.99 shelf tag).  You could also pick up 6 bags and use the small Beneful tubs as filler with the BOGO coupon also in today’s SS.

Target trippin’ for freebies

photo.JPGMost, but not all, of the SuperTargets carry these but none of the smaller stores. I’m putting this as the firs line ’cause otherwise you’re gonna be bummed…well, you’ll be bummed anyway if you’re looking for Skippy, but I digress…

photo.JPGPrint out four coupons (that’s the limit) of $2 Pasta Chips coupons on Hopster.  They are $2 each on a BOGO, which means 8 bags FREE!   You have until the end of the month on this deal.

Stack this $2 Target GE coupon with this $1 GE mfr coupon for either free appliance bulbs or really cheap singles.

Super cheap Skippy @ Target

photo.JPGUse the BOGO coupon from 8/3 S1 at Target, where they’ve just added a 30% off Cartwheel (through August 9).  Each 9 oz jar is $2.29 and the coupon automatically scans (no beeps) at $2.50.  The two containers pictured here cost me .71 after my bag credit – didn’t bother with REDcard.  Unfortunately, these were the only two left on the shelf!