Out & about shopping – hurry!

Been once again at a flea market all day – in the friggin’ hot sun! But, boy, I haven’t been this tan since we took a two-week Caribbean cruise! Here’s some deals you might want to run…I did!
photo.JPG Food4Less is still running that awesome $2.99 Schick Hydro 5 and Hydro Silk sale. Use either the $4 Hydro 5 or $3 Silk coupon from 6/8 S for, at a minimum, FREE razors (possible overage if your cashier doesn’t care).

Walgreens has a 50% off sale on both Sure and Brut deodorant in the online portion of this week’s ad – that means $1.50! Use the $1 coupons from 6/29 S for 50¢ anti-stink sticks!

Here’s a deal that I can almost guarantee won’t be running tomorrow: Get a $5 Target gift card when you purchase TWO of these $1.99 Aleve 10 ct travel packs! Note that the cashier will NOT see the card appear on her screen – she’ll need to get a manager to authorize the cards, but it’s not a huge or time-consuming deal.
unnamed And here’s a few of the ones I picked up: Started with a 2+ $5 gift cards and paid out 46 for my first transaction. After that it was use the prior cards and keep rolling. I ended up the cards you see pictured. And remember, this stuff is all LOW TAX. No insert or printable coupons, but some tearpads are out there.

Target & Ultra shopping

photo.JPG Needed toilet paper(!!) and a flag (ours did not fare too well in the flood) so decided to hit up Target.  You see here three separate transactions, which allowed me to use four of the EAS $3 coupons in each.  Off is Buy 3 get a $5 gift card.  I used two $2 Deep Woods Off coupons for the cans and a $1 OFF Personal Insect Repellent for the other four. There’s also a $1/2 Target coupon (which is why I bought six products) and a 10% off OFF on Cartwheel.

Second and third were plain ole use the EAS coupons for overage on the expensive stuff transactions.


Ultra has 17 oz bottles of GOYA extra virgin olive oil for $3.48; print the $1.50 coupon here (change the zip to 12345)  and pay $1.98 or this $1.75 coupon on the GOYA site.  Note that you have to register and the coupon prints out with a giant ad; to me it’s not worth the tiny extra savings.

I really didn’t want to drive to Ultra and attempted to price-match at Walmart, since they had GOYA online.  My local store did not carry it, which means the similarly-sized Bolingbrook SuperWalmart also wouldn’t carry it.  I tried calling the Naperville SuperWalmart, but was unable to get an answer.  If anyone finds it elsewhere, let me know, please.  I still have “a few” bottles of EVOO from Dominicks that were very, very cheap, but thought I’d grab a few justincase.

Add to your gifts closet…


If you’re looking to add to your gifts closet, head over to Target where they’ve put a number of games on temporary price cut.  For example, Candy Land is $4.89, but use this $2 Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land coupon and get it for only $2.89!  Cootie is another game on temporary price cut and there’s a $2 coupon for that, too!  In fact, there are lots of games on temporary price cut and clearance so check out the other toys and games coupons on the coupons.com page and see what ages and interests you can match up.  Print ‘em all and see how lucky you can get.

Target shows me the evol. – or the things I do for free food

photo.JPGHad to drive all the way to the Hillside SuperTarget to find these EVOL burritos for free, but I was bound and determined…This is the only location (I called all over the suburbs) where they apparently sell a few of the burritos for $1.24 – the rest are $3.49 and up!  Use this $2.50/2 coupon and score “a few” for FREE!  I paid .56 for the 24 pictured.

Note:  The Udi’s coupon is automatically clicked, so unclick it if you prefer; the EVOL coupon is on the second paage.  As always, limit two prints per computer.

Where’s ya been post

In a word…Target!  Picked up a few more of the Runner Runner DVD for high tax (these will make great last-minute or extra gifts), some flip flops with the overage from EAS packets and lots more mouthwash, hair color (more L’Oreal clearance), shampoos and styling products.  Now I wish I’d picked up 100 papers at Dollar Tree!

I’ve spent so much time at Target lately they’re gonna ask me to sign a lease… Hope you’ve been finding great deals, too!

more Target fun shopping!

photo.JPGTwo separate transactions, one with the got2b and the other with the AXE, so I was able to use two of the $5/$15 coupons.  Got2bs were only $4.29, so had to toss in four, but still came out ahead; this transaction included two clearance Garnier Olia (with free trial/travel styling product) which I took because I had Target and mfr coupons.

Second transaction was for the three $4.49 Joint Juice 6-packs – Buy 2 Get 1 Free and I used three $2 coupons from 6/1 S – and the four AXE shampoos at $4.99 for Buy 4 get a $5 gift card;  I used four $1.50/1 Axe hair care coupon plus the $5/$15 coupon, ended up spending $8.96 and got back a $5 gift card (spent about 99¢ on each).  These were bonus packs and included small body sprays.

cheap Justin (Timberlake) & Ben (Affleck)

photo.JPGDVDs, that is!  Amazon is selling Runner Runner, the latest Justin Timberlake movie, for $2.99(!) – Blu-ray is over $25, so we’re not even going there.  Print out the Amazon detail page and/or pull up the item on your phone using the Amazon APP (yes, it is rather belt and suspenders, isn’t it?).  And, in case you don’t want to spend the $2.99 (I don’t blame you), here’s a $5 coupon to get it for FREE!  Note that Target coupon policy states that they will reduce the coupon value if it’s more than the item – the Target I was at didn’t know this so we agreed to use one coupon for two DVDs – and I ended up spending $1.31 for both, including high tax.  I’m rich, I tells  yah!

“fun” at Target

Okay, I realize my details were a little skimpy, so I strained my Barbie brain and added up the totals – $25.22 for everything, which was paid with gift cards rolled over from prior transaction. I ended up with with one $5 gift card and a balance of $2.20 on another.  So maybe $10 in total after I was finished with all three transactions?


I don’t mean that I had a bad experience shopping at Target, just I’m spending more time (though less $$) than ever before.  Are you experiencing the same thing? Like moving to Bizarro world.

I ran three transactions, using the various insert and printable coupons and the $5/$15 Target coupon.  How much did I spend?  dunno, but I used prior gift cards to pay and still ended up with gift cards.  which works for me!  Also included was the Crystal Light clearance drops thing for $1.78 – I only took it because I had a $1 printable with me – and a very expensive Father’s Day card.  Well, it would have been very expensive…

Use the BOGO Dove coupons from the 6/01 rp, the $3 EAS coupons from 5/11 S, the $2 got2b coupons from 5/4 S and $1 ACT mouthwash coupons Rachel was kind enough to print for me because they’re Smart Source, which uses Java…and Java hates me.  Print out the $4/2 ACT Target.com coupon.  The entire Target coupon site was down a few hours ago and it may or may not be working now.  I sure hope it comes back up so I can print more of the $5/$15 coupons!  Note that these coupons do not scan (which Target is aware of) and there is an alternate barcode taped to each register at every store I’ve visited.

got2b a wasted trip

photo.JPGHad lots of plans and scenarios, but the bottom line was there was either no stock or the Woodridge Target didn’t carry the product – grrr!

I grabbed the four got2b glued because I needed to get up over the $15 mark for the $5/$15 target in-ad coupon, otherwise I would have stopped at the 3 to earn a $5 gift card. My four products were $3.37 after the $2 coupons (which expire the 15th) and the $5/15, which I paid with a $5 gift card from last week and got back my $5 gift card. So what is that, a $1.63 money maker?  Not too shabby when you consider this is all high-tax stuff.

Bullseye @ Target

photo.JPG Everything in this picture is from three transactions:  One transaction had the two different Crest mouthwashes.  Each set of three got2b, Secret deodorant and mouthwash gave me a $5 gift card, which I used on subsequent transactions.  Since the coupons aren’t high-value enough, we have to make our own, right?  Grab the EAS protein pouches for $1.29 and pay with the $3 coupons from 5/11 S (no size restrictions) or these $1.50 and $3 printables from the EAS site. The Secret deodorant used $1 coupons from the June P&G.  The got2b products used $2 coupons from 5/4 S. The Crest mouthwashes used the $1 Pro-Health Target coupon from the 6/1 insert with this $1 printable; the 3-D Whitening version used only the $1 printable.  Got it?