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I have driven to Targets so far out they’re still waiting on electric lines – places where English is a foreign language.  I have now officially given up on the hunt for Similasan eye drops of any kind, along with the Garnier Olia hair colors.  Oh, and the Nivea lotions.  I found two bottles of the $1.97 priced Nivea and I had three Target 50¢ printables for first aid products, so I got three quarts of hydrogen peroxide and the two Nivea – OOP was 46¢.  Siri keeps giving me directions designed to get me broadsided as a bonus…

I did manage to use up all my Planters peanut butter coupons at Dollar Tree before the 31st expiration date.

Target for whatever is left on the shelf

Start with this nifty deal on Seventh Generation dish soap (I wanted free, but got it for as little as possible):  Shelf price is $3.19, so use this $1 mfr printable, plus the $1 Target Seventh Generation Home Care coupon (dish soap is pictured), plus 10% off with Cartwheel and get up to $1 back on Ibotta (a poll, twitter post & how often use?).  Pay with REDcard and save 5% more.  Here’s my purchases:

You are looking at a total of three transactions in two Targets. I had overage but there were so many clearance items that I went nuts and stocked up on coffee and coffee syrup and hair color.  Total OOP was $59.62 – I got $30 in gift cards.

•  12 Similasan eye drops ($6.49 each less $5 coupons)
•  bananas were $1.26 but there is a 50¢ rebate on Checkout 51
•  5 Archer Farms pumpkin spice coffee syrups ($2.78 less 10% Cartwheel)
•  4 Archer Farms coffee ($3.58 less 5% Cartwheel)
•  2 pints white vinegar ($1.04! used 50¢ Target coupons)
•  2 7th Generation dish soap (see above breakdown)
•  18 Nivea body lotions. Although these were found in the travel section bins, the size is 2.5 oz, so use the $5/2 3/16S coupon (thank you to Rachel, since I’d been hunting for these at different Walmarts with no luck) for small overage – they were $2.24 each.
•  2 Garnier Olia, one of which was $2.24 clearance, the other $8.99. By getting both and using all coupons, I came out slightly ahead after the gift card.
•  5 L’Oreal Feria in Wild Ombre ($3.04 each less the $2 Target coupons)
•  1 Garnier Nutrisse ($1.74 and used $2 coupon from 3/2 rp).

a short trip to Target…


One open bottle of Similasan and none of the Garnier hair colors on clearance were part of the list – in fact, one of the colors on the list as clearance wasn’t. But I was able to get 8 more Touch-ups (DH says why are you buying all of those – trades probably for the 4/19 swap meet), 12 more Iams cat food for overage, a couple of pounds of bananas (mobile coupon $1 off $1+ fruit), four boxes of the Post cereal in the chocolate almond variety and…two 20 oz bags of Pumpkin Spice coffee for $5.38 and 3 Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice coffee syrups at $2.78 – the last two were on my Cartwheel for 5% and 10% off, respectively. I ended up spending $25 on the nose (a lot, yes, I know), but the coffee and syrups alone were almost $18 on their own. Knew the total was too high, especially since I didn’t get any gift cards for the Touch-ups, but I’ll return with the receipt for those. I have the previous receipt and it’s in the ad – I’m not worried about it. So subtract $10 in gift cards I should have received and I spent $15 – - less than the cost of the coffee and syrup.

Target – sigh, i love you


With the exception of the Garnier Olia hair color, I’ve posted everything previously. No Target deal on the Horizon milk, but at $3.99 I’ll grab a couple ’cause it’s not like it’s really costing me.  Yes, I could have purchased it separately with the gift cards, but come on now, my time is worth something!

Garnier Olia hair colors are being clearanced out (many colors) at $4.58.  Use the $3 from 3/2 rp and the $1.50 Target store coupon to get them free.  Buy TWO and get a $5 gift card.  I purchased the 6.60 and 2.0 colors;  on Slick Deals they’re reporting that 8.0, 7.0, 8.31, 6.43 and 6.1 are also generating the gift cards when you buy in multiples of two.  Remember, you can only use four like coupons, so if you’re lucky enough to find a score, run a couple of transactions if they aren’t too busy or put the cart to the side, pay, put in car and return.  When you’ve finished all your shopping, have guest services combine all your cards into one new one.  You see here two transactions where I used $10 from yesterday’s Similasan deal and paid $15.31 after coupons, gift cards and REDcard.

Second transaction was only two hair colors and four Similisan  that ended up costing me $6.27 and I got back $15 in gift cards.

Total amount on combined gift card is $28.73.

Target for more and more and more!!!!

Here’s a nifty trick I’m about to try at Target for cereal and household cleaners.  Note that I have not yet run this so ymmv, but looks easy-peasy, REDcard or not.

Windex Touch-ups are $3.39 and when you buy 4 you get a $5 gift card. Buy four, use the BOGO from 3/16 S and the $2/3 household cleaners Target coupon and you’ll pay $3.39 x 2 – $2q = $4.78 and get back a $5 gift card. Note that you’ll get screwed on the Target coupon, since you can only use up to four Like coupons and the Target coupon is for 3 items. Even Barbie can figure this one out. But it’s still free, so why whine?

Target also has a coupon for $1 off Post dry cereal, which sells for $2.55 a box. Use this $1 Post printable and pay 55¢ (If you don’t see it as the first coupon, change zip to 77477.  If you ran the Similasan deal earlier or plan to run it today, do that first, ’cause you’ll be getting that gift card overage to pay for the other stuff.

Target – oh, please stop paying me…

Photo.jpg Run in and run out – I don’t need to operate on Target time any more.  My new modus operandi is to not only have my coupons in hand at the register (as always) but now have coupons scanned immediately after the products to which they attach.  Problem?  Take off the items ’cause I don’t need the customer service nonsense when I’m in a hurry…which is pretty much always.  You see here:  4 bottles Dial body wash, 4 Similasan eye drops and 12 cans of Iams cat food.  Paid $8.79 after REDcard and got back two $5 gift cards, which I can combine at a later date.  I used the $5 Similasan coupons from 3/2 S, the four Dial soaps ($2.99 each) were 20% off on Cartwheel plus there was a $2/2 Target coupon and a $1 in the 3/26 rp and the $2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food for overage.  There is also a $1 rebate on the Dial on Ibotta, so make that $7.79 in total.  And that fancy cat food will make some senior very happy…oh, knock it off – i’m kidding…they get store brand

What’s Ibotta?  It’s an APP for smart phones that pays you $ for buying stuff you’re buying anyway….double-dipping!  Basically, you buy certain products from participating retailers, scan the product UPC and your receipt and get cash back in your Ibotta account  At $5.00, you can cash out with PayPal.  It’s possible to get cash back on items for which you only paid tax!

and a new MM on Similasan eye drops @ Target!


Right now you can score a $5 Target gift card when you buy two Similasan eye products (they make allergy, computer, dry eyes, irritated eyes … all work).  I was up north in Schaumburg, which had them for $6.49, which meant the subtotal was $12.98 (tax was also slightly higher).  Use the $5 insert coupon from 3/2 S and you’ll pay $2.98 and get back a $5 Target gift card.  Remember, you are limited to four like coupons per transaction and an unfriendly Target will make you stop at that. If you use your REDcard, you will also get a 5% discount, which makes it even sweeter.

If you know in advance that your Target sucks donkey balls or only have a couple of inserts, combine the $3 any Similsan product coupon that’s just under the $5 eye product coupon – you’ll pay $4.98 and get back $5.

Note:  You can bring all these gift cards to customer service and have them combined into one card.

Note 2nd:  If you combine the $2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food printables, which gives you about 20¢ overage per coupon, you’ll reduce your OOP even more!

Note 3rd:  Dates on these products were end of 2016.

FurReal Friends Butterscotch Target deal

14774295_Alt01_201311261138If you weren’t lucky enough to find Butterscotch for Christmas, here’s a way to make amends:  Target has a new 20% off FurReal Friends Butterscotch offer on Cartwheel, which you can combine with this $5.00 off FURREAL FRIENDS MY WALKIN’ PONY Toy coupon.  No Target coupons, sorry.  The online price is $24.99, which should compare to the store price.  Use your REDcard and your price should be around $15…

Target has a total of 22 Cartwheel toy offers, some of which match up with the following coupons – enjoy (I see Playdoh offers).  And don’t forget that wonderful REDcard extra 5% discount...which i am lovin’

$5.00 off any BOP IT! game
$3.00 off OPERATION or BATTLESHIP game
$5.00 off AMAZING SPIDER-MAN WEB Shooter
$2.00 off PLAYSKOOL HEROES Figure
$5.00 off BABY ALIVE Baby Gets a Boo Boo doll
$5.00 off any TWISTER DANCE RAVE game from Hasbro
$2.00 off NERF DART refill pack
$1.00 off any (1) PLAY-DOH Compound