Sunday’s inserts & new $/$$ Target coupons!

20140724_073127.jpgFive inserts this week, so make sure you hit up your local dollar stores!  Two redplums, two Smart Source and one P&G.  A quick glance reveals another Wet & Wild $1 coupon, $3 Revlon nail coupon ($1 IVC at Wags), 2 BOGO AXE coupons (if you get this before the end of Target’s deal – woo hoo!),  Fisher nuts $1 – let’s hope Menards has the trail mix on sale for a buck before 9/9th; BOGO St. Ives body lotion (up to $7.99).

$10 Target gift card when you buy 4 Household Item listed; $5/$20 fresh, frozen or deli meat.  $5 gift card with 3 listed items…

Hampton Forge cutlery sale over half off at

10936907_138x138Target has a great sale on this Hampton Forge 15 piece Continental Cutlery set – $29.99, down from $60.99!  Read the reviews – the bad ones are hysterical!  Several people had handles break while slicing cheese (3 people in one family alone!), while two people seem to have written word-for-word reviews years apart…Oh, and don’t put these knives in the dishwasher ’cause they’ll fall apart. And the knife block is only two pieces of wood glued together (gasp!) hope these people aren’t breeding…

Double, double toil & trouble – copper cauldron clearance @

14488223Apparently Summer is over because the stores are dumping stuff to make room for Christmas items! Frankly, fire pits make a whole heck of a lot more sense in the Fall, right? So why not grab this deal in either size and toast your marshmallows in style!  This Smith & Hawken Premium Copper Cauldron Fire Bowl with Screen is available in two sizes for roughly 65% off list.

Target and Walgreens

photo.JPG Smart-ass FirstBorn sees this display and says “Oh, finally you bought something for me!” I said, don’t be an idiot – they’re backups in case of another flood! Kids. So the Centrum vitamins are all from Walgreens, which I’ve posted about earlier (this is really a great price to stock up with) and all the pads and tampons are from Target using a combination of the $5/$15 store coupon from the 7/20 ad, $2 coupons from the July P&G, 5% Cartwheel and my REDcard.  I bought these more expensive items because they generate a $5 gift card for each set of three.  Weirdly enough, I had both the Pearl and Infinity pads on my Cartwheel for 5% off when I walked in Target, but one disappeared while I was in line and I had to re-add it.  OOP for each box was about $1.50.

Sunday: Target, Jewel & Wags blow-outs

Here’s how I wasted my Sunday after leaving the flea market:


You could pull up the in-stock inventory at any of your local Targets on Sunday morning to see that most never had more than 25 in stock to begin with (not real time, so as of Saturday).  Readers complained they were at the first of 5 or 6 stores at 8 am and found empty shelves in all. A SuperTarget that only had 3? Come on, now! I didn’t find a single product on the shelf. And if P&G is playing games with deliveries (as I’ve read), what does this mean for us?


The Schweppes seltzer waters were $1 with a $1 RR.  Planned to roll the Starbucks $1RR into this one because I like the lemon-lime seltzer.  The plain one was the only one coming up at $1 (the other two flavors were $1.90 or 2/$3); NONE of the varieties generated a RR.  Walgreens is aware of the issue, given the number of store comments on their corporate site.


Stopped in my local Jewel on Saturday to grab a few Fruit H2Os that were free with the Sunday SS coupon.  Apparently not all stores carry this now!  If your Jewel cannot get this product in for you (it’s brought in by the 7-UP driver), then call some of the larger stores.  I’ve heard that some of you are getting the full $1.25 value, even though the coupon requires a cashier to enter the price (currently on sale for 10/$10).  That’s some nice overage!

Print now for possible free TIDE @ Target

Screen-Shot-2014-07-08-at-5.54.50-AM Starting July 13th, Target will have a great promotion on laundry care products:  Buy 3 and get a $10 Target gift card.  Here’s how I plan to work this:

Buy 3 or 6 Tide OXI laundry detergents (6 would be the maximum since the P&G coupons all have the Limit 4 wording).  Use the BOGO coupons from July 6 P&G.  There is also a 5% off on Cartwheel, plus you can Text CLEAN to 827-438 to get a 50¢ mobile coupon.  If you use Cartwheel, run this in sets of 3 (Cartwheel is limit 4 items, but you can run them 6 times a day).  Here is a $2 printable you can use if you don’t have enough BOGOs or if your local paper didn’t have the BOGO.  I’m printing the $2 coupons now before they hit limit!  Keep your receipt and use them for this MIR from P&G:

fabricCare_rebate_landingPage_5column Valid July 1 through September 30, 2014, get a $10 VISA card back when you purchase $30 in Tide, Gain, Bounce and Downy products!  I’ve read that the BOGO coupon scans for $12.99 which may or may not screw up your rebate, but even without the MIR, this is one sweet deal!

shopping the 6/30 coupon expirations…

photo.JPG The $3 EAS coupon expires today, so hit up two Targets to see what I could see. I should point out that, while I like overage, I’m not nuts enough to drive all over – I “found” one Target by accident while picking up some bundles of Hoy!. Used the overage for L’Oreal hair care products and massive quantities of decent toilet paper – - left to himself, DH would exclusively buy Scott. ugh The lime-infused raisins were on clearance for 72¢ a 5 oz bag.

Out & about shopping – hurry!

Been once again at a flea market all day – in the friggin’ hot sun! But, boy, I haven’t been this tan since we took a two-week Caribbean cruise! Here’s some deals you might want to run…I did!
photo.JPG Food4Less is still running that awesome $2.99 Schick Hydro 5 and Hydro Silk sale. Use either the $4 Hydro 5 or $3 Silk coupon from 6/8 S for, at a minimum, FREE razors (possible overage if your cashier doesn’t care).

Walgreens has a 50% off sale on both Sure and Brut deodorant in the online portion of this week’s ad – that means $1.50! Use the $1 coupons from 6/29 S for 50¢ anti-stink sticks!

Here’s a deal that I can almost guarantee won’t be running tomorrow: Get a $5 Target gift card when you purchase TWO of these $1.99 Aleve 10 ct travel packs! Note that the cashier will NOT see the card appear on her screen – she’ll need to get a manager to authorize the cards, but it’s not a huge or time-consuming deal.
unnamed And here’s a few of the ones I picked up: Started with a 2+ $5 gift cards and paid out 46 for my first transaction. After that it was use the prior cards and keep rolling. I ended up the cards you see pictured. And remember, this stuff is all LOW TAX. No insert or printable coupons, but some tearpads are out there.

Target & Ultra shopping

photo.JPG Needed toilet paper(!!) and a flag (ours did not fare too well in the flood) so decided to hit up Target.  You see here three separate transactions, which allowed me to use four of the EAS $3 coupons in each.  Off is Buy 3 get a $5 gift card.  I used two $2 Deep Woods Off coupons for the cans and a $1 OFF Personal Insect Repellent for the other four. There’s also a $1/2 Target coupon (which is why I bought six products) and a 10% off OFF on Cartwheel.

Second and third were plain ole use the EAS coupons for overage on the expensive stuff transactions.


Ultra has 17 oz bottles of GOYA extra virgin olive oil for $3.48; print the $1.50 coupon here (change the zip to 12345)  and pay $1.98 or this $1.75 coupon on the GOYA site.  Note that you have to register and the coupon prints out with a giant ad; to me it’s not worth the tiny extra savings.

I really didn’t want to drive to Ultra and attempted to price-match at Walmart, since they had GOYA online.  My local store did not carry it, which means the similarly-sized Bolingbrook SuperWalmart also wouldn’t carry it.  I tried calling the Naperville SuperWalmart, but was unable to get an answer.  If anyone finds it elsewhere, let me know, please.  I still have “a few” bottles of EVOO from Dominicks that were very, very cheap, but thought I’d grab a few justincase.