Target – for fun shopping

photo.JPGOOP for the DVDs and Ambi cream was $21.03 (REDcard saved me $1.03 – woot!).  The Fast & Furious 6-set collection and Fast & Furious 6 were price-matched to Best Buy’s $39.99 and $9.99, respectively, with Cartwheel offers of 76% and 60% and Snow White & the Huntsman was on my Cartwheel for 65% off the $9.99 price.  Ambi was clearanced at $1.16… naturally the available coupons are $2 and $5/2…sigh…

The cashier at Guest Services told me the total and then said “Wait.”  She couldn’t believe something hadn’t been missed.  Checked and said “Boy, you have some really good Cartwheel offers there!”  which is true…

If you’re looking for The Lego Movie – Awesome Edition (Blu-ray), it will be $9 on Black Friday (in their ad), which means you will not be able to find it in the stores now since all copies are in totes and you’d have to be suicidal to even attempt to locate the correct tote!

Target clearance – keep your crummy gift cards!

photo.JPGYou can buy five of the $2.99 expensive sprays and get a crummy $5 gift card, or you can use the same printable coupons and score these three Glade sprays for an OOP of 63¢ (after 5¢ bag credit and 2¢ REDcard discount).  Well, you could if you’d listened to me and printed all the Glade coupons when I told you to (November 17 - many are gone).  BTW, my October REDcard bill was $28.  Stack with this Target $1 off with purchase of three Glade Holiday Seasonal items.

$2.00 off any THREE Glade products

Razor Pocket scooters $173

Target has these Razor Pocket electric scooters on Cartwheel – 30% off – for pink, purple and hot pink models! 10338347 Since Cartwheel is only B&M, I’d advise buying online, then using store pick-up. You can either cancel and re-buy at Guest Services or just get the Cartwheel credit (they’ve done it both ways for me). You’ll pay $173 for the $259.99 colors with REDcard.  Amazon is shelf price ($239.99+).

Puppy Surprise Popcorn & Pups $19.99

UntitledThe Puppy Surprise Popcorn and & Her Pups Set is only $19.99 with FREE shipping on Target. Perfect for the little dog lover in your house. Popcorn, the pretty plush dog, is about to become a mom. Will she have 3, 4 or 5 plush puppies? That’s the surprise. Soft and huggable, these stuffed animals are waiting to be natured, groomed and cuddled. Ages 3 and up. Ten bucks more on Amazon.