Target, for I’m not that clean so why should I pay shopping


First off, I assure you I don’t plan for this stuff to happen…it just does. I picked up three packs of the Bounty DuraTowels that were on the shelf in the spot with $9.99 shelf tags and had printed out $1.00/1 Bounty DuraTowel six roll pack+ (change zip to 77477 then hit refresh).  Since I’d already texted BATH ($10/$25), PAPER5 ($5/$20), SPRING ($1 paper towels) and THANKS ($1/2 paper towels) to 827-438, there was a good chance I’d get all the discounts – hope springs eternal.

So what happened?  My total was $40, which I found odd since I only had the three items for $9.99 BEFORE coupon AND there was no $10 gift card.  But someone had stocked the 12 roll packs in the 8 roll section, and I hadn’t paid attention, just grabbed.  The cashier suspended the transaction and sent someone for the right product.  Girl came back with the green package shown, not the DuraTowels I wanted. Soooo, they were kind enough to give me the larger size packages ($18.99 shelf price) for $9.99, but the discounts dropped the price too low to qualify for both the $10 and $5 discount, so I tossed in the $9.99 pack to bump it over the threshold, then they gave me $`10 credit since they weren’t able to generate the gift card for these sizes… Note that my $1 mobile coupons disappeared after the transaction was suspended and transferred to another register or it would have been even lower.

Final OOP was $11.45 after REDcard (which isn’t all that when your subtotals are always low).  While the 8-pack stacked with the mfr, mobile and $10/$25 coupons would have been a few cents cheaper per roll, it’s worth it ’cause I just don’t need any more gift cards!

I see the light at Target!


Okay, bad pun, but sometimes it’s hard to be clever…much more clever to be hard! Here’s the deal on the photo (which I ran two times due to Cartwheel limitations).  The eggs are on sale this week for 99¢.  Text both SPRING and THANKS (separately) to 827438.  You should get two separate mobile coupons for 50¢ off a ½ dozen or more eggs.  FirstBorn says there’s no difference between the cheap eggs and the more expensive vegetarian-fed chicken eggs we normally buy – - so these are for him!  Triscuits are $2 (check the scanner because they all came up as $2, even though shelf tags were missing); use the $1 mfr coupon from 4/13 S1 to get them for a buck.  There’s also a $1 off Target mobile coupon, but that’s a one limit – wheeh!

Now for the pricey bulb:  $17.99!  Yep, that’s a scorcher for sure, but I’m not really thrilled with CFL bulbs and especially hate the way those coiled ones look and have heard good things about LED lights.  This GE LED light is 50% off on Cartwheel, there’s a $1 mfr coupon in 4/13 S2 and a $2 Target coupon.  Using my REDcard and my own bags brought the total for everything in the picture down to $11.08.

Fat butt shopping at Target

Photo.jpg Selected varieties of Kelloggs Frosted Mini-Wheats are on sale for $2.50 and also on a 50% off Cartwheel deal.  Use this $3.00/3 printable coupon here to get them even cheaper!  Unfortunately, Cartwheel is a four item limit per transaction, so if you want to use them as part of the $10/$50 groceries deal, you’ll miss out on anything over four.

Starbucks 20 oz bags of blonde (light) roast were supposed to be ringing at $3.48, but the Wheaton Target not only did not have any bags, I didn’t see a shelf tag for them.  There’s a $2/2 insert coupon in 4/13 S which will help.

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are 3/$5 and there’s a .40/2 printable coupon here.  There’s also a 10% off Cartwheel, which again limits you to the four.

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice coffee syrup is still hanging around at $1.98 and still on my Cartwheel for 10% off.   I got a few…

Pedigree dog food @ Target under .27/lb

targetdogThe back page of the Target ad shows Pedigree dry dog food 36 lbs bags (or 40 lb bonus size) for $19.99.  Buy two and get a $20 gift card.  If you find the bonus bags, you’ll be paying under 25¢ a pound ($19.99 x 2 – $20), which is definitely a stock-up price.  There was a $1 printable last week which seems to have disappeared…I’ve checked various zip codes, but nothing on or redplum.  If you find one, let us know!

Target: Claritin syrup .36/4 – today only!


The 4/6 Smart Source has a $3 coupon for children’s Claritin syrup 4 oz or larger, valid for one week.  Use it today at Target where it’s the last day of the sale, Cartwheel and gift card promotion.  Worked in sets of four, you’ll pay 36¢ after gift cards.

My receipt shows four bottles x $8.99 = $35.96  - 10% Cartwheel discount – $12 in coupons = $20.364.  Get back two $10 gift cards!  Use them to pay for subsequent transactions if you want!  I didn’t bother with REDcard because 5% isn’t that great an amount to save after all the other discounts and I really need to use up the gift cards!

I’m doing this on the fly, so if my math is faulty, let me know, but you can see by the receipt that I paid $20.36 plus low tax and got back two $10 gift cards.

PS3 DualShock®3 Wireless Controller – Crimson Red – only $29.99 @ Target

14233211_120810043000PlayStation 3 DualShock®3 Wireless Controller – Crimson Red (PlayStation 3) is on a temporary price cut to $29.99 (from $54.99!).  I don’t see the store pick-up option, so much better to have them deliver it!  If you have a REDcard you’ll pay 5% less and get free shipping, otherwise buy two (or other things) to hit Target’s $50 shipping threshold.

$1 Post printable has reset

18183086Target also has a coupon for $1 off Post dry cereal (this has not reset, so if you printed it earlier, you’re SOL), which has the Honey Bunches of Oats Energy variety on a temporary price cut to $2.55 a box through 4/5 (this has been the same price at every Target I’ve visited, but apparently I live a charmed life). Use this $1 Post printable and pay 55¢ (If you don’t see it as the first coupon, change zip to 77477.  If you use your REDcard you’ll save 5%.  Jewel will have this on sale 2/$5 starting tomorrow, but if you are collecting as many Target gift cards as I am, much better at Target!   and yes, i know i can combine them into one card, but i was over $100 earlier today!

fun at Target – no, really!

Photo.jpg Two identical transactions consisting of four Claritin syrup (5 oz bonus size) at $8.99 each, four clearance Archer Farms coffee at $3.48 each and four Archer Farms coffee syrup at $2.78 each.  Both the coffee and syrups are still on my Cartwheel (5% and 10% off respectively), so why not? Once they sell out of pumpkin spice I’ll have to wait until next Fall.   Each set of two Claritin provided a $10 gift card and 10% off on Cartwheel; use this $2 Claritin coupon (if you don’t see it, check under Health Care), make sure you have your Cartwheel up-to-date, use a REDcard and you’ll spend $46.73 and get back $20 in gift cards.  And probably more caffeine than is good for you. 

Cartwheel limits you to four identical items per transaction(same as coupons) and a limit of 6 in all…i think, which explains the two identical transactions.  And when everything works beautifully and there’s lots of product in stock, then the only thing missing is a Target store coupon.

Lots of clearance K-cups, Archer Farms has a 5% discount on Cartwheel and I just found $1.50/2 Archer Farms coffee coupons I can bring back within 3 days with my receipts to spend even less!