108 Cottonelle doubles for $34.94 shipped!

UntitledWe’re still highly stocked on Puffs here (thank you Jewel & P&G!), but toilet paper seems to get regularly stolen by the house elves.  Stock up on delivered Cottonelle using a couple of Target promo codes plus free delivery plus a gift card!  Note that you will save an extra 5% with your REDcard; double note, do NOT sign up for any subscription services or this deal will not work.  Here’s a shot of my order before using my REDcard – the 7th item is the $10 gift card.

  1. Buy 6 18-Pack Cottonelle Double (or 12-pack Triple) Rolls  (I mixed varieties):
  2. Apply promo code KCSAVE10 for $10 Off
  3. Apply promo code TGTE59AF for $5 Off
  4. Total will be $44.94 (or less with REDcard) + tax

Crest is dead?

photo.JPGWanted a few more tubes of 3D Crest so stopped at another Targer – – no gift card. I had a receipt from yesterday in my purse showing the same items, so they were kind enough to generate a gift card, but I’d say this deal is dead since I tried it two times on the off-chance there was a glitch. Supervisor also punched in the number and the system did not show that UPC as part of any promotion.

Shelf tags still show the Pantene gel at $2.48, but it looks like Chicagoland is out!  I’ve been grabbing $3.99 hair sprays and detanglers, but make sure you have someone with a gun scan the UPC to make sure that product will generate the $5 gift card.

Target (clearance) grocery shopping

photo.JPGStopped in the Lombard Target since I was driving right by – figured I’d check for Crest and Pantene. PITA texted me (gotta love kids and modern technology!) that there were clearance stickers on Quorn products! And not only that, they all had $1 stickers! So you get $1.88 clearance prices less the $1 peelies for some very, very cheap breakfast fare.  The M&Ms were all 50% off plus a Cartwheel offer, but frankly, the amounts are so small it’s not that big a deal!  And the coffee was 50% off so I decided to try this flavor.  Archer Farms is usually good coffee, although they do have a few flavors that sound majorly disgusting…

Note that most of the Pantene stuff isn’t tagged, so you really have to grab someone with the gun to scan before you get up to the register and get the bad news.  I picked up six products, using the two different $2 coupons – Crest is the same deal as earlier in the week (remember that only the 5.5 oz Radiant Mint flavor works).

Target…it’s good!

photo.JPGThe Pantene gel is on a price drop to $2.48! As if that weren’t enough, there’s a $2 coupon in the April P&G. And if that weren’t enough, buy three and get a $5 gift card! Now are you finally satisfied? I haven’t seen any shelf tags for this, but grab someone with a gun and the promo will show up when scanned.  There is an additional $2 Pantene coupon in the 3/15 S so that you can get more product per transaction without violating the Limit Four Wording and Target policy.

The Crest 3D White is $3.49, buy 2 and get a $5 gift card.  Use the $1 coupon from the 3/15 rp.

BMW M3 GT $134.38!

14200299Grab this BMW M3 GT 6 Volt Ride-on car for only $134.38 on clearance – usual price is $335.99!  It’s only available online.  Use your REDcard and pay even less.  Note this is an oversize order and has a $40 handling fee – went all the way through to the end to see it it came off with my REDcard, but I was afraid to go any further.  PITA is a little too big for this one!  Let us know, okay?