PSA: Walgreens new RR wording

Been much talk about the new wording on the RRs:  Save $XX Off your Next In Store Purchase Over the value of Coupon.  People were thinking that if the RR were for, say $4, you would have to have at least a $4 item to use the RR.  That’s why there were so many glitches lately at Walgreens…or so the story went.

Balderdash!  Ever since Walgreens went to the cards and “upgraded” their registers to prevent impulse purchases and take control away from the managers, they’ve had a total clusterf**k there.  I figured the wording change was to prevent any employee from reducing the value to match a sale price (usually by a penny, right?).  Just got back from Walgreens where I rolled my $3 L’Oreal RRs into $4 P&G RRs on the Crest toothpaste and mouthwash deal:  Each set of two was $6, less the $3 RR and two $1 coupons (for rinse) plus a .13 pencil.  Paid $1.57 and got a $4 RR and 300 loyalty points.

Now let’s hope there’s something to buy in the next two weeks.

2nd Stockpile Swap – Saturday, July 12

stockpileswap2The first Mashup Mom and Stockpile Swap Meet was so successful that we’re holding another one!  No registration required – show up and say hi!

Join us at the Lisle Public Library on Saturday, July 12th in Meeting Room A from 1-3.  Running low on peanut butter and hoping to swap for your extra jelly? Stop by and see what you can find. If you are looking to swap a lot of something or looking for something special, feel free to comment.

♥   Bring one/take one – this ain’t a stockpile shopping trip
♥   Everyone should be able to leave with something new
♥   If you have lots of items, leave most in your car and bring in a few samples or pictures –      you can bring in the rest as needed
♥   This is a caveat emptor meet: You check for expiration, condition, etc.

No selling is allowed at this event per Library rules.  No money can change hands; bring items with the understanding that you’re giving them to others.

Remaining stockpile items will be donated to the Lisle Township Food Pantry, which serves residents of Lisle and unincorporated parts of Lisle, Naperville and Woodridge. I’ve donated here for years and can vouch that they’re a very dedicated group of mostly volunteers who serve a very large number of households.

FYI on finding dry & wet dogfood

Been finding a lot of dry dog food and now cans and tubs, too, at the big chain pet stores.  Everything from Pedigree to Purina Pro.  Found out that they’re discontinuing all the stuff you can find for cheaper at warehouse and grocery stores!  I’ve seen cans of Pedigree dog food marked down to 20¢ with dates well into 2015 – use the $1/6 coupon  from 4/27 rp and you’ll pay just 20¢ for six cans!  I saw IAMS tubs for 40¢ but I’m not rich…

Lots of Purina Pro – apparently they aren’t completely dumping the line, but will only carry the more exclusive types like grain-free.  Great time to stop in to any and all stores and see what’s available.  Like I said, this isn’t stuff they’re marking down because it’s getting close to expiration – these are almost new and there’s never a better time to stock up (many of the brands are in those thick plastic bags, too) when the stuff is so cheap.

No coupon inserts this holiday weekend

A quick reminder that we are expecting no inserts in this Memorial Day weekend’s paper.  Once in a while we get surprised, but there’s been no mention from anyone receiving early papers, nor have I gotten any of the coupon previews to share.

Back in the “old days,” people would put their newspapers on Vacation Hold for non-insert weeks and get credited, but no more – you pay one way or another.  I’ve never tried this because I was always afraid of messing up subsequent weeks with the carrier!

PSA: More bank card fraud?

screwJust got an email from my BOA credit card alerting me to possible fraud activity.

“We have learned that your Bank of America® Small Business credit card information may have been compromised at an undisclosed merchant or service provider. This does not mean fraud has or will occur on your account, but we are taking precautionary steps to help protect your account.”

I called and yes, this is a blanket email sent out to all their customers; customer service hasn’t been told the wheres and whens…which means more news stories and possible/probable aggravation for other card holders, especially anyone who uses their cards for automatic payment!  this card is primarily used at the post office…uh, oh!

DEAD – here’s a printable, instead! KFC BOGO coupon giveaway

2pc_BOGORachel just informed me that there is a printable coupon for this same offer on the KFC website, so those of you who were without — are now not.  Click here for a KFC coupon for a BOGO 2-piece chicken dinner with two sides and a biscuit.  I’ll end this giveaway now, but leave the post up as a header for a couple more hours.

For those of you missing parts of your Sunday paper or just need more KFC coupons, I have acquired “a few” of those BOGO coupons and want to play nice.  Please comment on this post and I’ll be pleased to share:  6 people will get 5 coupons each.

And if you say how bad fast food is for you…the grilled chicken is very tasty along with a side of cole slaw and potato wedges.  Plus the biscuit, of course!  And, when you’re all discombobulated by rushing around with the errands, it’s nice to be able to grab something even slightly meal-like, kwim?  I paid $5.99 plus tax for two orders – not sure if all locations have the same price.

This giveaway ends at 6 pm on Tuesday – I’ll keep this post as the header until then, too.  Coupon expiration date is May 11, so plenty of time to enjoy.  Each winner will have until 6 pm Wednesday to reply to my email or another name will be selected.

PSA: iPhone 5 sleep/wake button replacement program (loaners provided)

Apple has determined that the sleep/wake button mechanism on a small percentage of iPhone 5 models may stop working or work intermittently.  iPhone 5 models manufactured through March 2013 may be affected by this issue.

Apple will replace the sleep/wake button mechanism, free of charge, on iPhone 5 models that exhibit this issue and have a qualifying serial number.

Click this link to see if your i5 is part of the recall (mine is).  If you require a loaner during the time that your iPhone is being serviced, participating Apple Retail Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will have iPhone 5 models (16GB only) available.  Note that this option is not available for mail-in repairs.

Reminder: Home Run Inn dock sale is this Friday (pizzas under $3!)

Do the math – you will never find HRI pizzas for under $3 even with sales and coupons. And stomachs can’t tell the difference between thrift and retail.


Thrift pizzas are cosmetically defective (pepperoni or sausage in wrong spots, etc.), but otherwise exactly the same as retail, bulk pizzas are the pretty boys you find in grocery freezers.  I have to admit these are very tasty pizzas.

These Dock Sales are only held a couple of times a year, so if HRI is your fave, stock up now.  Location is easily accessible (link to Google Maps).

PSA: Michaels admits nearly 3 million customers hit by data breach

Michaels, which originally confirmed a data breach a couple of months ago, said nearly 3 million customers’ information had been stolen from its point-of-sale system.  Here’s their comment and link to the full page with a list of states and stores affected. I’d suggest that if you’re already getting Target protection, wait until that expires to sign up for the Michaels deal.

Michaels has fully contained the issue it first reported on January 25, 2014, and the malware no longer presents a threat while shopping at Michaels or Aaron Brothers. While the company has received limited reports of fraud, Michaels is offering identity protection services to affected Michaels and Aaron Brothers customers in the U.S. for 12 months at no cost to them.