PSA: Michaels admits nearly 3 million customers hit by data breach

Michaels, which originally confirmed a data breach a couple of months ago, said nearly 3 million customers’ information had been stolen from its point-of-sale system.  Here’s their comment and link to the full page with a list of states and stores affected. I’d suggest that if you’re already getting Target protection, wait until that expires to sign up for the Michaels deal.

Michaels has fully contained the issue it first reported on January 25, 2014, and the malware no longer presents a threat while shopping at Michaels or Aaron Brothers. While the company has received limited reports of fraud, Michaels is offering identity protection services to affected Michaels and Aaron Brothers customers in the U.S. for 12 months at no cost to them.

PSA: Americans consuming less fish

Little item from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

The average American is consuming only 14.4 pounds of fish per year, down from the record high of 16.6 pounds in 2004, Ben DiPietro writes. Experts report the fading numbers are due to high prices, lack of major marketing efforts by the seafood industry and consumers’ unfamiliarity with preparing fish. “This millennial generation really loves food, loves to experiment and wants more exciting foods. Seafood has to make it hip again to eat fish,” said Warren Solochek, vice president of client development at market research firm NPD.

I hope this means more sales and coupons in the future on things other than fish sticks - not that i don’t like them, too…

Home Run Inn Dock Sale Returns!

UntitledThrift pizzas are cosmetically defective (pepperoni or sausage in wrong spots, etc.), but otherwise exactly the same as retail, bulk pizzas are the pretty boys you find in grocery freezers.  I have to admit these are very tasty pizzas.

These Dock Sales are only held a couple of times a year, so if HRI is your fave, stock up now.  Location is easily accessible (link to Google Maps).

MUM & .me Coupon and Stockpile Swap this Saturday – don’t forget

UntitledJoin the first Mashup Mom and Coupon/Stockpile Swap Meet at the Lisle Public Library on Saturday, April 19th from 1-3.  Want or have baby coupons or just running low on peanut butter and hoping to swap for your extra jelly?  Stop on by and see what you can find.  If you are looking for/hoping to swap a lot of something, feel free to comment.

  • Bring one/take one – this isn’t a stockpile shopping trip!
  • Everyone should be able to leave with something new, but this is not speed-dating (who has households with stockpile husbands around here anyway?)
  • If you have lots of items, leave most in your car and just bring in a few samples or pictures – we know what you’re talking about and you can bring in the rest as needed
  • This is a caveat emptor meet:  Buyer Beware, meaning you check for expiration dates, etc. – kinda like Dominicks shopping used to be…
  • No selling is allowed at this event per Library rules. No money can change hands; bring items and coupons with the understanding that you’re giving them away to others. You won’t take home leftovers from this potluck, okay?
  • Remaining stockpile items will be donated to the Lisle Township Food Pantry, which serves residents of Lisle and unincorporated parts of Lisle, Naperville and Woodridge.  I’ve donated here for years and can vouch that they’re a very dedicated group of mostly volunteers who serve a very large number of households.

PSA: Don’t forget expiring Coke coupons

The last batch of the FREE 12 pack coupons from MyCokeRewards expires today.  I always keep the freebie coupon in their own special pouch ’cause, well, they’re special! Since I had quite a few of the 3/31/14 coupons, I  picked up 15 Mueller yogurts, 3 packs of Diet Coke, 6 pouches of Bumble Bee Albacore Tuna at Jewel and paid $3.42.  Why so much?  I only had a couple of the Coke coupons left, so sometimes you have to pay for food, unfair though it might seem.

PSA: Keep those inserts close by…


Lately I’ve been keeping the March P&G inserts in the car, since I’ve been running into so many clearance items at Walgreens:  This Vidal Sassoon gel, various brand hair colors, many styling products, all vastly reduced and just waiting to be rescued for the price of a coupon.  In this case the stuff wasn’t free, but I hadn’t seen it before on clearance and I was in an expensive Walgreens (the Vidal Sassoon mousse pump I bought for $1.19 was $2.39 here!).

PSA: Check your date codes!


This is one of a couple of Eight O’Clock coffees that were purchased, who knows – they’re not mine!  Anyway, the point is that coffee, unlike some wines, does not mature, nor is there a market for vintage.  I’m gonna open this at some point in the near future as a test:  even if it’s not rancid, it’s likely to taste like pyramid dust.

Note:  Do not automatically put new products on the stockpile shelves and block the older stuff (what are you, Dominicks?) and you end up with lots of food that can’t be donated (and pantries would kill for coffee and tea), or even fed to teenagers…

PSA: FitBit Force Activity-Tracking Wristband recall

051413_Force_popUpBanner_grey_oHere’s the entire article withFitBit refund information – basically it involves skin irritation.  Note: On February 20, 2014, Fitbit Inc. announced a refund program for the Fitbit Force. This news release serves as the official Consumer Products Safety Commission recall announcement.

Hazard:  Users can develop allergic reactions to the stainless steel casing, materials used in the strap, or adhesives used to assemble the product, resulting in redness, rashes or blistering where the skin has been in contact with the tracker.  So it’s not like your skin will drop off like a zombie or something…unless you plan to attend the Walker Stalker Con this weekend.

PSA: Time to dump the inserts, folks

SNN0814_1523895aFirstBorn readily agreed (hahahahahaha – yeah) to run the PITA errands this afternoon, freeing up enormous amounts of my time:  Finally got around to dumping expired inserts.  How to know what to keep and what to dump is easy using that handy-dandy Insert Checker on the right sidebar.

Say you have a small bundle of 156 10/6 inserts and wanna know if you should toss them or take a chance on the floorboards collapsing.  You click on 10, then the 6 and you find that all coupons from those inserts except Smart Source have expired and the last date of expiration.  The SS date is 2/28.  What I always do is pull out one of the inserts and thumb through it, looking for that one coupon.  99.9% it’s for Morton water softening salt tablets, so I feel no pangs about tossing the entire insert.  If, as happened with quite a few today, there is one coupon that might very well show up on a clearance cart, then I pull the entire page and clip them with all the other orphans.

Today I emptied out 2 1/2 full totes.  Used to be my recycling guy threw hexes at my house, but now I load up the car and dump them in the paper recycling dumpster at the library (so they get the extra $$).