2 Free Mr. Potato Head Hash Browns

These are a BOGO, which means two for free! I was there so early they hadn’t even handed out the UPC sheets to the cashiers yet – – I think they almost had a heart attack when I walked in…i am not a morning person.

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Mix and match Mr. Potato Head Hash Brown Shapes with your favorite dinner! Try them for FREE on Friday, December 22nd! All you have to do is find them in our frozen aisle, bring them to the register and say the trigger words ‘Mr.Potato Head’ to redeem! (Valid on 12/22 ONLY!) #WordoftheDay.  
Remember, you don’t need a MyMixx account to score these!

Clearance Cart Shopping

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Okay, can you guess what my end result will be after I post-redeem the current coupons (check the data base) and the $1 Quaker Oats coupon coming out on Sunday?  My OOP without coupons was $65+.  The Spice Islands mulling kit was $2, but the value of the spices was worth way more … then it came up 33% off spices at the register!