Jewel: clearance meat (lamb)

I first of all will admit that I’ve never been a big fan of lamb, probably only bought it once every few years…on sale, so when I saw Open Nature lamb chops on clearance last week for so low, I bought all five packs and decided to try again.  Outstanding!  Very light taste and very tender.

Today I just needed to pick up more half & half and post-redeem a bunch of coupons before the receipts expired (you know you can post-redeem up to 60 days after purchase, right?).  But when PITA told me about ground lamb in the regular reduced meat section for $2.99, I went over and saw all these chops marked 78¢ and 88¢ a package.  Yes, I grabbed them all and spent $10 for what you see.  Heck, ground lamb is normally $8.99!

No Ingredients from China pet food

Was wandering the pet food aisle when I noticed this on the Beyond cat food label (it’s also on the dog food).  I have to ask myself, though, why is it wrong to feed our pets human/table food, but all the pet foods now (especially those raw ones in tubes) contain meat, vegetables and basically what I feed my family.

K-cup clearance at Jewel

Well, the clearance cart was out just a short while ago – odd, so late in the day, but I’m not complaining – and full of various brands of k-cups for $2 a box.  Giant Peet’s for $5.  I’m not a k-cup fan, but I was tempted by the cartons of O Organics cold brew coffee (top shelf) for only 75¢.  Grabbed a bunch of green salsa cans for only 25¢ each, great with the reduced tamales in the meat department!  Swiss Miss canisters for 75¢, oh, and I took six Febreze essentials, those new air fresheners that are normally $5.49; here they were $1 and there’s a BOGO coupon in the July P&G.  I’m pleased.

booze clearance cart at Jewel

And me, the non-drinker (or more precisely, one drink and fall asleep drinker) had to grab a few because the prices were just so insane.  Fernet-Branca is a bitter; company founded in Italy in 1845, so they must know what they’re doing and for $6.99 instead of $29.99?  Heck.  Brandy is probably cheap and nasty, so keep it for baking and Diet Coke; even I know liquor limitations, but $4.99 instead of $16.99 puts it in the cart). St. Germain is a liquor made from elderflowers; is it worth $23.99?  Probably not, but for $5.99 it hops in the cart.  It’s a Bacardi product introduced in 2007.

Actually stopped in for the 99¢ Lucerne cheese – TODAY ONLY – since that’s one hell of a good price.  I only buy the chunks and then shred them myself to avoid the cellulose they coat their shredded line with.  Kraft doesn’t use wood, so why does Lucerne?  Might as well eat toilet paper…  If your store is out (or even if it’s not), get rain checks on the Limit Four cheese.