Jewel Clearance Shopping

Since I already have a big box for the Food Pantry on Monday, figured I’d run in to Jewel for the crummy ice cream word of the day and bring that with.  Found all this clearance in one aisle!  The Barilla pasta is from their expensive Collezione line – on clearance for $1.28 and with a 75¢ coupon in 3/4 rp.  The pickled veggies were extremely cheap.  How cheap you ask?  They were all marked $2.98 on the shelf, but the asparagus rang at only a buck…so I went back and took them all.  The regular price spicy asparagus was $14.99!  Ended up with green beans, asparagus and carrots.  I like shopping rich!

Saturday Sampler Sneak Peek

These Nissin Original Chow Mein Premium Terriyaki noodles and lala smoothies will be tomorrow’s free Saturday Sampler when you add them to your MyMixx account tomorrow morning.  I’ll post with the link tomorrow when available, but thought you might be interested…

edit: Free shopping at Jewel

The anything Ibotta rebate for 25¢ has reset, so scan your receipt on the freebies and make money! I just got back a quarter on the water.
MyMixx freebies plus some of the Monopoly Instant Winners – the batteries tickets was a new one for me.  Here’s something watch out for – – if you have a coupon loaded on your account and it turns up as a MyMixx freebie, only the cents-off coupon comes off!  I had added a Left Field coupon for 55¢ and even though my account showed the clipped coupon, it wouldn’t come off.  They made it work, but something to be aware of.  And apparently it was “I don’t want my Monopoly tickets, you can have them day!”