The I’m an Idiot shopping trip & more

photo.JPG Remember what I said about my local Jewel not carrying Fruit2O? Forget about it – why would you listen to me anyway? I mentioned to the Store Director today that she didn’t carry it anymore and she said “yes we do” and walked me right over. My only redeeming point is that other store personnel couldn’t find it either!

photo.JPG Stopped off at Walgreens to see if the Schweppes seltzer waters had been corrected to ring at $1 with a $1 RR – they had – so I grabbed eight and used the eight $1 RRs from the Starbucks a couple of weeks ago. THEN, I turned around and bought $25 worth of Nestle Crunch bars at 39¢ each, used the promo code on the front of this week’s ad and earned 5,000 points.  I also paid with the .50/2 coupon in the 7/13 S and the eight $1 RRs (the Nestle coupon attaches to one bar, not two, so I had lots of wiggle room).

Here’s the funny part:  This is all LOW TAX because these candy bars contain flour (even rice flour is enough to trigger the low tax code, apparently!).  So, on the off-chance that there are any bars left over, we’re set for Halloween…

Sunday: Target, Jewel & Wags blow-outs

Here’s how I wasted my Sunday after leaving the flea market:


You could pull up the in-stock inventory at any of your local Targets on Sunday morning to see that most never had more than 25 in stock to begin with (not real time, so as of Saturday).  Readers complained they were at the first of 5 or 6 stores at 8 am and found empty shelves in all. A SuperTarget that only had 3? Come on, now! I didn’t find a single product on the shelf. And if P&G is playing games with deliveries (as I’ve read), what does this mean for us?


The Schweppes seltzer waters were $1 with a $1 RR.  Planned to roll the Starbucks $1RR into this one because I like the lemon-lime seltzer.  The plain one was the only one coming up at $1 (the other two flavors were $1.90 or 2/$3); NONE of the varieties generated a RR.  Walgreens is aware of the issue, given the number of store comments on their corporate site.


Stopped in my local Jewel on Saturday to grab a few Fruit H2Os that were free with the Sunday SS coupon.  Apparently not all stores carry this now!  If your Jewel cannot get this product in for you (it’s brought in by the 7-UP driver), then call some of the larger stores.  I’ve heard that some of you are getting the full $1.25 value, even though the coupon requires a cashier to enter the price (currently on sale for 10/$10).  That’s some nice overage!

Jewel: FREE ice cream & clearance finds

photo.JPG Until July 13, Jewel has the Friendly sundae cups 10/$10 – use the $1 off Friendly novelty product (no size restrictions) in 6/1 S for FREE ice cream! The Kauai coffee was on the clearance cart for $3.99 – use the $2 coupon from 6/08 S and pay $1.99 for a 10 oz bag of Hawaiian coffee. Lots of Barilla on the cart, but these were the best deals for gluten-free folks: $1 each less the .55/2 coupon from the 5/18 S (these go to Rachel ’cause we don’t suffer from food allergies).

$1.50 beef hot dogs @ Jewel

photo.JPGJewel has Dietz & Watsons hot dogs on sale for $7/2.  Use the $2 coupons from the new Big Book of Savings and get each pack for only $1.50!   No issues scanning; I’ve always considered the beef varieties of hot dogs to be gourmet ’cause they usually don’t include them in the sale prices!  Check the dates ’cause they are coming in short codes – I freeze mine so we’ll have enough to last the summer!

Jewel clearance

photo.JPG Been doing rather well at Jewel lately on the clearance front! Stopped in for more fruit and cherries (PITA seems to have devoured most of yesterday’s bag) and found lots more goodies in the clearance end caps. These Simply Potatoes were $1.10 with dates in July and August! They also had boxes of Bertolli chicken ravioli with portobello mushrooms, which I grabbed at $1.75 until someone saw them in my cart and mentioned they’d had them and they weren’t all that.  Sorry, but even for only $1.75 I’m not gonna bother.

I spend money @ Jewel

photo.JPG In my defense, though, I did get an awful lot of groceries for my $29.40:

Big ole bag of cherries – these are sweet and firm and well-worth the $1.99/lb price!
4 12-pks 7up TEN
2 Perdue Short Cuts + FREE Fresh Express spinach. Note that the ad is a misprint – no 16 oz bags, only the usual 9 oz ones.
2 Perdue whole grain chicken breast nuggets $6.99 BOGO
5 jars Planters dry roasted peanuts
2 9 oz cups of cut up pineapple.

Here’s the link to yesterday’s post with all the coupons I used.  Everything worked just as it should, meaning the instant savings came off automatically, the BOGO came off and the spinach came off the Short Cuts purchase of two.

Jewel clearance

photo.JPGStopped at Jewel to make sure they had enough Perdue chicken ordered since it’s gonna really move fast – meat man is doubling up his order!  While waiting, I checked out the clearance cart and the clearance freezer end cap – both were huge hits!  The Reese marinated artichoke hearts were only a buck and the larger glass jars were $2 – kick-ass  price.  No coupons, but we will wait and see.  The French’s cheddar onion rings were $1.75 and those have a 50¢ coupon in the 5/11 S to ease the pain.  The large bags of EE ravioli (sausage and beef varieties) were $1.78 – - I did leave a few of those ’cause there were tons.  Picked up the two last bags of the EE stuffed pasta shells for PITA for  $1.98 each.

There’ll be plenty of stock on the Planter’s nuts, too; and they were pretty sure that the 7UpTEN would be included in the 4/$9 promotion, so $1.25 a pack after coupons!  Here’s the original post with coupon links.  Don’t wait, because there aren’t any insert coupons and you don’t want to see the dreaded “Print Limit Reached” …

Cheap chicken nuggets @ Jewel & more!

downloadBest Jewel ad I’ve seen in quite a few weeks.  Unfortunately, there aren’t insert coupons for these items, so print now before they hit limit.  This is just the stuff that I think is cheap; your needs will undoubtedly be different.

Grab some really cheap Perdue chicken nuggets with the Jewel sale starting tomorrow and this $2 Perdue frozen fully cooked chicken products coupon (if you don’t see the coupon, switch to ZIP 45414).  There’s also a $2 manufacturer coupon on the Target site.  Select varieties of Perdue frozen breaded chicken will be BOGO at $6.99.  Use two coupons and pay only $2.99 or $1.50 EACH!  These are 22-29 oz packages, too.  Great to have around the house for quick lunches.

More Perdue chicken deals, this one for Perdue Short Cuts on sale for 2/$7 with a FREE Fresh Express spinach when you buy two Short Cuts.  Print two $1 Perdue Short Cuts coupons (if you don’t see the coupon, switch to ZIP 45414), and you’ll end up spending $5 for a tasty and filling spinach salad!

I also like the $1.99/lb cherries, the 9 oz cut-up fruit cups for $1 each – price is decent for no-fuss snacking – and blueberries for $1.45 a pint.

Coke and Pepsi products are 4/$9 (limit 8). Database said Trib had a $1 Diet Pepsi multi-packs coupon in 5/18S but it lied.  If TEN products are included, print $1 off a 12 pack of 7-Up TEN and you’ll end up paying $1.25 a pack.

Kraft is part of a Buy 5 get $5 off in instant savings promotion – no cheese coupons, but you can get Planters Nuts for $1.49 after instant savings and this $1/2 Planters nuts coupon.

Here’s an Rx coupon for Osco.  Good deal if you’re on maintenance meds.


I debase myself for cheap strawberries

photo.JPGToday only, strawberries are 99¢ a pound – both organic and regular – when you utter some phrase akin to “I’m having a berry blast.”  Yeah, precisely my sentiments…but we love berries, so I’ll debase myself for my family.  Blueberries were $1.50 a pint.

Check very carefully to make sure you aren’t getting some moldy oldies in the clamshell – - a couple of berries looked like they needed a shave.  Produce manager said that’s how they’re coming from the warehouse (mostly the organics), which leads me to believe that Jewel isn’t concerned so much for my fruit health as with clearing out their warehouse of non-moving perishable fruit…so call me a cynic…

Out and about shopping

The Fiora paper towel single rolls at Jewel have dropped from $1.29 to 10/$10 through July 6.  Use the $1 coupon from 5/4 rp to get FREE paper towels!  I picked up 60 and paid $4.35 (this is high tax stuff, folks; your rate might be even higher).  Too boring to take a picture of, frankly, so here’s a picture of something I picked up at Walgreens – Banana Boat sunscreen.  It’s BOGO this week on the spray cans (not bottles), and most of the products have $2 hangtags on them.  Depending on which ones you choose (the higher the SPF, the more you pay), you could be paying about $4 a can after tax for the bonus sizes.  While it’s not the cheapest I’ve ever seen, it’s much better than paying almost $12 a can for the regular sizes!

The Clorox Touch-Up deal is totally messed up – I not only didn’t get the $2 RR shown in the ad, I didn’t get squat!  Tried it two times, with four products each, figuring if the $2RR wasn’t generating, maybe I’d trigger the same National catalina as on Monday ($1 RR when you buy 2, $2 with 3 and $3 with 4), but I got zip, so returned everything.  Store checked online to see if there had been any update to the information posted on Monday but that info has been taken down!  I’m not touching this one (no pun intended) until Friday or Saturday.