Grab as many papers as you can today post

Short post since I’ve been running around all over town since dropping off PITA at school this morning.  This Wednesday Jewel is starting again with the P&G catalina promotion that totally rocked the house last go-round!  Since the current October P&G insert is valid through 10/31, we’ll be able to use both that insert and the one in the 10/26 paper.  let’s just say i picked up a few extras…

The beloved Pantene BOGO is back, which ties in really nicely with the $5/3 from October.  Just go out to any of the dollar stores or Menards and grab ‘em!

I’ll post later with various deal scenarios, but we’re talking money makers and even cheap (relatively!) Tide.  Our beloved Febreze makes a huge appearance as well.

and hopefully i’ll have a working desktop by then…although DH is having breakfast at his parents, so have no clue when my hard drive swap will even get started.

Jewel – $6.44

photo.JPGAnd here’s the part that totally bums me out: Coupon data bases all said there were $1 Barber Foods coupons in three inserts over the past few months – – the fact that they weren’t in the Tribe didn’t show up on my phone.  So PITA and I went cross-eyed looking through them to no avail. I’ll have to buy 6 coupons at 8¢ each.  Oh, the horror of it all.  My OOP was $6.44, which included $9 in overage from the McCormick spice packets, against the $1.99 in bagels, onions, cinnamon raison bread from the bakery and the six frozen, stuffed chicken breasts on clearance for $1.25 each.  Hey, I got two stamps out of it at least!  Oh, and lots and lots of brownie “samples.”  Saw PITA walking by with a gigantic square of iced brownie.  Said, where did you get that big piece, since they were cutting them up into little bites.  She said “they missed one.”  the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree i guess

Jewel clearance

photo.JPGLots of frozen food in the clearance end cap – check your own store!  My Jewel had both original and maple varieties of both the link and patty Day Starts and more than just the flat bread version I purchased.  Sausages alone were 75¢, while the breakfast flatbreads (and other varieties) were $1.25.  No coupons, but still cheap, even if nothing turns up within the next 60 days.  The flatbread one is pretty tasty (just tried it).  Nuke 90 seconds on the little reflecting tray and you’re good to go!

earning stamps @ Jewel the hard way

photo.JPG$45 plus lots of shiny high tax (some very expensive stuff here) and I have – so far – $29 in coupons.  Have up to 60 days to post-redeem if a couple of coupon hold-outs show up!  That’s the great part about shopping Jewel/Osco – if a clearance price is good, grab and then return with your coupons to whatever Jewel you want and get your cash back.

You know, thanks to the clearance carts, I just might earn enough stamps for a pot…

making money from Jewel clearance cart

photo.JPGJewel has assorted McCormick spice and seasoning packets on sale through October 26th; use the $1.75/2 coupon from 10/5 rp2 for some serious money-making. Here you see a representative sample of what I grabbed off clearance: McCormick spices were 50¢ and 60¢ each, Knudsen juices were $1.75 and Tyson Anytizers were $2. Mambo Sprouts booklets and site has $1 coupons, while the Anytizer coupons are in 9/7 S2 and 10/12 S. I’ll return with my coupons and probably won’t pay much more than low tax.

Note that the McCormick coupon scans on both the seasoning packets (like for chili or tacos) and spice blends, although it does say coupon exceeds item price, which is normal and just means the cashier has to override, as per Jewel’s coupon policy on overage (you have to have enough in your cart to absorb the overage because they won’t give cash back).

hmmm, cheap caramel dip – sweet deal!

photo.JPGThis Jewel sale started last week and continues through Tuesday: Marzetti caramel dips are $2, and there’s a $1 coupon in the newest Big Book of Savings!  Sweet deal!  They didn’t have any upfront (only other brands), but the produce guy brought up some cases from the back, so if you don’t see it…ASK!  You could also get a rain check, but that won’t help your sweet tooth today!

photo.JPGAlso saw a bunch of clearance pork chops and country ribs for only 99¢ a pound!  Naturally I had to grab all five packs – – especially since my OOP was only $6.81 for all!

Jewel clearance cart – tonight

photo.JPGSaw all the cans of EE tomatoes (different varieties) on the clearance cart earlier today, selling for 20¢ to 50¢ for the biggies.  No coupons showed on the data base, but the Jewel site had $1/3 EE tomatoes and $1/3 EE beans.  Went back and scooped up 48 cans and some chips for $16.28 (darn chips!).  I’ll return with my 16 $1 tomato coupons and hold the EE beans coupons in hopes of finding them on the clearance cart (or a store coupon in the Big Book of Jokes Savings) in the near future.  Coupon expiration dates are 11/13/14.

Why so many?  Dates are a couple of years out and cold weather just screams for chili in the crock pot.

what’s better than free cereal? a MM!

photo.JPGRemember that Cheerios protein cereal that was FREE a few weeks ago at Jewel ($1 boxes with a $1 coupon, since expired)?  Well, they’ve turned up on clearance!  My store had them for 50¢, so I grabbed all 70 of them and will return with the 75¢ coupon from 9/7 S2; don’t sneer, I earned $17.50 in overage which I used to pay for my organic milk and the $3 I would have had to pay for the Better Oats after the $1 coupon (they only had the 3 on the shelf – I’ll pick up more later in the week), with the remainder put on a gift card. woot!

photo.JPGThe Gardein crispy fingers were only $1 – there’s a $1 Gardein printable here.  Print (before it hits limit) and you’ll have some free meat-alternatives.  My store also had 75¢ Boca Burger chik ‘n nuggets.

cheap oatmeal @ Jewel

18440142I love my Jewel, don’t get me wrong, but there’s been very little of interest there over the past couple of months.  Obviously staples are purchased there, but otherwise?  meh.  I’m printing this $1 off Better Oats oatmeal coupon because it’s on sale at Jewel this week for $2.  We eat lots of oatmeal in this house come cooler weather – big pots of steel cut oats on the weekend and individual packets during the week.  If you don’t see the coupon when you click, switch your zip code to 12345 and then reload.