New Jewel Big Book of Savings & cheap liquids


Someone had asked about a deal on the Aquafina flavorsplash drinks – had read something on MUM…I checked both the weekly ad and the new Big Book of Savings (ha!) and found nothing, but stopped at Jewel justincase.

No shelf tags, but I grabbed two anyway and had them scanned:  each range at 50¢.  Use the BOGO coupon from 1/26 S (we had two inserts in Chicago that week, so check both) and get them for 25¢ each. Three varieties were berry loco, peelin’ good and color me kiwi.  These are only 16.9 oz bottles, but I’ll refill them cause they’ll fit in a car’s cup holders and the 1L bottles won’t.

$1 Post printable has reset

18183086Target also has a coupon for $1 off Post dry cereal (this has not reset, so if you printed it earlier, you’re SOL), which has the Honey Bunches of Oats Energy variety on a temporary price cut to $2.55 a box through 4/5 (this has been the same price at every Target I’ve visited, but apparently I live a charmed life). Use this $1 Post printable and pay 55¢ (If you don’t see it as the first coupon, change zip to 77477.  If you use your REDcard you’ll save 5%.  Jewel will have this on sale 2/$5 starting tomorrow, but if you are collecting as many Target gift cards as I am, much better at Target!   and yes, i know i can combine them into one card, but i was over $100 earlier today!

PSA: Don’t forget expiring Coke coupons

The last batch of the FREE 12 pack coupons from MyCokeRewards expires today.  I always keep the freebie coupon in their own special pouch ’cause, well, they’re special! Since I had quite a few of the 3/31/14 coupons, I  picked up 15 Mueller yogurts, 3 packs of Diet Coke, 6 pouches of Bumble Bee Albacore Tuna at Jewel and paid $3.42.  Why so much?  I only had a couple of the Coke coupons left, so sometimes you have to pay for food, unfair though it might seem.

Shopping at Whole Foods & Jewel – doing the happy dance!


One more display case of the little Tide bottles from Jewel – 36 in all. Total OOP was $1.26. Yuck, boring picture and having to pay for doing laundry is just plain wrong! We need more women in charge in this country!

You see here (’cause I’m not neat like Rachel…well I’m not neat like – oh hell, I’m a slob!) 27 bottles of yummy Suja Elements juice, a dozen cage-free, vegetarian eggs and a gallon of whole organic milk. Total OOP was $1.11.  I used this $1.50 Facebook coupon (you don’t have to like them), printed twice, click on this $1.00 off ONE Tide Ultra Stain Release Detergent even if you’ve printed it before, because you need to get to the main coupon page so you can switch zip codes to 77477 and print two more $1.50 coupons under beverages, then finally print two more $1.50 coupons on the website.  Lots of switching, but this is fantastic juice!  And now that you’re at $1 a bottle, use this $1 Whole Foods store coupon to get it for FREE and pay less tax, too!  Remember, if you buy over 12 bottles (any variety), you’ll get a 10% case discount, which accounts for the freebie milk and eggs.  Since this juice has gone on sale now a few times, I’d definitely print out the mfr coupons since they’ll be gone soon.  Also, the link to Whole Foods is for the entire list with expiration dates of May 31, 2014.

Rachel and I had stopped in earlier (she really needs to brush up on her coupon usage – - it’s embarrassing having to wait for her…) and I saw this big sign on the back endcap. Don’t know what made me snap it, ’cause I planned to return within a couple of hours,but I’m sure glad I did: The juice was rinigng up at $4.99 and the signs had been removed. Double happy-dance time! Although in all fairness, no one was other than pleasant and polite and never insisted on seeing proof of the sale.  And If’ve found this to be the case each and every time I’ve shopped there.


Back on the Walmart payroll & more free Tide @ Jewel


Wanted to run a price match on the El Monterey breakfast burritos but the Glen Ellyn Walmart is such a clusterf**k during construction that you go from being carded for booze when you first walk in to being asked if you need help to your car by the time you check out.  Sucks the life force out of you faster than raising children will.

I “only” had six of the $5.00 off any two Almay Cosmetic Products, but used the overage from the make-up removers to grab a couple of bags of taters, Tootsie Roll Pops, a Hello Kitty notebook and a birthday card for PITA – total OOP was -$5.39, which I had them put back on my gift card. Still no Hydroxy shakes on the shelf or in the back.


Stopped in at Jewel because I had a few more Tide coupons to use.  Jewel has the breakfast burritos for a buck and used the $1.00 off any one El Monterey Breakfast Burrito, so free, and definitely not worth my time and gas to drive to Meijer or a larger Walmart for 12¢ overage!  I got $1 overage from the $3 cheez doodles printable (1 day coupon offer only), used one $2/3 and a bunch of the $1 Tide printables.  OOP was 94¢

Stopped at the Lisle Food Pantry to drop off more Caress soap and some plush toys for Easter baskets; told them to expect some nice things to come their way from the April 19th coupon/stockpile swap at the Lisle Library.

Bag o’ Tide


or was that Brag o’ Tide… OOP was $2.15. Lately, the only thing I’ve been getting at Jewel, other than Tide, is WIN 2 FREE Monopoly tickets. rinse and repeat

The printables scan for .99, so manual override necessary, but no big deal.  Make sure you have something to use up the penny overage (that’s why my total was so high).

$1.00 off ONE Tide Plus Collection Detergent

$1.00 off ONE Tide Ultra Stain Release Detergent

Post edit with Q links: Targeting Jewel

Ooh, clever little title, huh? Those silly little bottles of Tide that sprang up all over at price points ranging from $1.49 (on sale) to $2.99 (at Target) have been reduced to 99¢ at Jewel.  Three will cost you $2.97 less the $2/3 coupon in the March P&G insert.  After high tax, you’ll be paying between 38 – 40¢ a five-load bottle.  The older stockpile bottles I have are 30 loads, but I believe they’ve since reduced the size (to save us money!!).

Here’s the two links that reader notsyrup mentioned in her comment below.  The printables have the same wording as the P&G ones:

$1.00 off ONE Tide Plus Collection Detergent

$1.00 off ONE Tide Ultra Stain Release Detergent

So even if the current bottles are still 30 loads, your six bottles will cost you about $2.25! Current sizes for the Ultras, etc. are 24 loads, or just under 5 bottles; your cost will be approximately $1.90.   And this size is not only perfect for perching on the laundry shelf, but a blessing for those with arthritis and/or poor muscle tone.  Stock up and remember, you can post-redeem your coupons at Jewel for up to 60 days.  btw, i have a few more than pictured…


Target currently has a mobile coupon for $15 off a $40 purchase of UP and UP products (I believe it will be available in most Sunday papers, too) for a one-time use: Text UPANDUP to 827438 and you’ll get the coupon.

I grabbed three boxes of the diaper wipes ’cause let’s face it, we all love diaper wipes! Use them for wiping down furniture, dashboards, wood floors…they leave a nice clean scent and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

I had one of the 2-ct Archer Farms K-cup printables left (no longer available), so grabbed a package and four of the Oscar Meyer P3 snack packs, selling for $1.50 each.  There is a $0.75 off OSCAR MAYER P3 PORTABLE PROTEIN PACK printable and a 50% off deal on Cartwheel, so FREE.

Total OOP after paper coupons, mobile coupons, Cartwheel and REDcard was $26.84 – less than the price of two boxes of wipes or a penny a wipe!  but now i have no excuse for dirty floors…

Post update: Giving away more free pet food at Jewel!

Photo.jpgReturned to Jewel with all my coupons – you can see the total written by customer service on the bottom. Forgot to mention the real reason I bought the Post Raisin Bran for FirstBorn – there was a FREE milk coupon (up to $4) in the 2/9 S. That basically only scored me a half gallon because every store in a six county area seems to be out of organic milk! So add the 1/2 gallon to my earlier total of 29¢

I’m too lazy to list all the coupon inserts, so just use the handy-dandy Find a Coupon tab on the top of the page. I keep it open when shopping so I’m already to spring for a deal!


First of all, thanks so much to the reader for this alert because this is NOT my Lisle Jewel, but the one in Downers Grove called the Saratoga store (it’s on the Ogden/Saratoga corner).  In total I got 9 bags of Beneful at $1.99 each (will return with $2 coupons), 3 bags of PurinaOne for $2.10 ($3 coupons), Iams cat food for $1.49 ($2 printable on P&G site), 8 packs of Friskies treats at 40¢ each ($1/2 coupons in several inserts).  Lots of cans of Friskies wet food, Iams Healthy dry bags, Mom’s AND Grandma’s down to $2.50 (?), but no coupons, so no purchase.  Also lots of both cat and dog food Be Happy, the Purina brand, but no coupons and I really stocked up on those at Dominicks when there were valid coupons!  Happy hunting!  I grabbed a couple of boxes of Raisin Bran for FirstBorn, who is convinced we have no food in the house.  Hates Reese’s Puff, Cheerios (both plain and PB), Shredded Wheat (both original and honey nut), Cocoa Krispies…well, you get the idea.  Oh, also a pack of corn tortillas.

The tables in the back of the store also held stacks of Brawny single rolls for 50¢ each and the two-packs of the Bounty Dura-towels that were so free at Meijer (I loved those!), but I think they were $1.25 and there are only 25¢ available…and let’s face it, I’m not exactly running low on paper towels these days!

OOP was $35.75 ($33.29 subtotal) and paid with my Staples VISA card.  I’ll return with $33 in coupons.