money-making ZICO

IMG_4517This Ibotta rebate is showing at a number of stores, but they didn’t carry it at either the Target or Meijer stores I stopped at this morning, so went back to my beloved Jewel where they were $2 each and I got a $2.50 rebate while I stood at the cash register.  How cool is that?  You have a 3 limit on your receipt.

What’s Ibotta?  It’s an APP for smart phones that pays you cash for buying stuff you’re buying anyway!  Buy certain products from participating retailers, scan the product UPC and your receipt and get cash back in your Ibotta account

Word of the Day Freebie at Jewel today

While you’re at Jewel, pick up a Dinner Hero cooking kit by Revolution Foods – four varieties available.  You add protein and a side…I think I’m covered the protein part for some time now.  Just say My Hero to the cashier and you’ll either get a quizzical look or a UPC scan for the Word of the Day, which makes it free.  Shelf price is $4.49.  Limit one per person.IMG_4504

It’s a good day for clearance shopping


First thing we saw was a full clearance cart and no takers.  Tons of coffee (lots of k-cups), pop corn and more.  As I was standing there, meat guy walks by with carton of frozen shrimp which are also destined to be reduced to $2 a bag.  He asks how many I want and I say, obviously, ALL.  These are the large white $9.99 shrimp they bring in for grilling sales, so $2 works for me.  Also got a few Kung Pao sauces for a buck.  Oh, the coffee ranged from $2 to $3 for the Kona Reserve whole beans.  I spent $120 people!!!  No more Panera for me for a while!IMG_4503

3 MyMixx freebies this week


Jewel has three new MyMixx freebies this week,: Bolthouse Farms Organic Dressing, Voss Water (glass bottle) and Melona Ice Cream Bars.  Add these paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account and redeem before 7/24 Good, I can go in and get my freebies and post-redeem coupons from yesterday’s clearance cart.  Lots of cheap hair color, Hero fruit spread for 75¢ and a giant bag of white rice for $2.50.  cause you can never have too much rice…