Always check for hidden clearance

Not really hidden, it’s just that reduced and clearance items are often on the same shelves as the regularly-priced items, not in separate endcaps or carts.  In this case I took all the reduced $11.99 lox I could carry (only 6 packs, but still…) since they’re 1 lb packages and there’s room in the freezer!

I have to pay TAX!?

This was a fun transaction run just to keep my hand in during slow months.  Used to be a Skinny Pop whore, but I’ve moved on to the hard stuff – bacon jerky 🙂  Had a special order for these, so I still got the 75¢ sale price and used the $1 coupon from 1/6 S.  Lysol is part of the current Buy 5 get $5 off promo and used the 50¢ coupon from 1/6 S3.  Ice Mountain and Purina One were freebie coupons from the manufacturer.  There were boxes of Puffs (not shown) to use up the excess popcorn overage.  btw, these bags are going to the food pantry ’cause it’s a great size for lunches and seniors, who wouldn’t finish the large bags before they went stale.  My mom used sandwich bags as a way to both ration and keep fresh the giant bags I used to bring from Costco.

yes, we love cheese!

Found these 14 oz rounds of La Bonne Vie Brie in a couple of locations at Jewel – $3.99!  So naturally I took them all.  See, the thing about brie and camembert is that, as living things, they only continue to improve or ripen with age.  And sadly, it will not last THAT long 🙁

Got TWO Monopoly pieces – – I foresee a glut of gravy packets in our futures.