Print for cheap La Brea bread @ Jewel!

18536165Select La Brea 12 oz take & bake bread and rolls are BOGO at $2.99.  Use this 75¢ off La Brea bread and pay only $1.49 for both!  I saw the twin baguettes, French rolls, Multi-grain loaves and those weird, square rolls.

This is very good bread – similar to Trader Joe’s baguettes…almost as tasty as my own!  But they do make a kick-ass cheese loaf (which is, unfortunately, not part of this promo)

The Saver Stamps & I’m not that clean 2fer tour!

photo.JPGWould have run the Walgreens deals earlier…but that would have required actually getting dressed and leaving the house before 3…oh, like you don’t do the same.

Walgreens has their Well Beginnings line of diapers and wipes BOGO this week.  They’re also selling for $1.99 for each pack of wipes, plus you get 1,000 points for each pack!  If you consider points money (I don’t), you’ll be paying tax.  I’ve also seen a lot of the diapers on the clearance end caps for about $6, which might make for some really cheap diapers.  I’m accumulating points for the next RR/points roll (if ever there should be one).  The tubs are the same $1.99, but I like the refill green tea & cucumber or shea butter scents and since I use them on hardwood floors and furniture, that’s what I took.

Stopped at Jewel and found a bunch of Vidal Sassoon conditioners and gel on clearance – conditioner was $2.69 (gel was less).  There’s a $2 coupon in today’s redplum, so I’ll post-redeem tomorrow.  The stuffed chicken breasts were not only BOGO, they all had $2 stickers on them!  And yes, you get the benefit of all stickers on a deal like this.  Much less than a buck for each pack.

credit to MUM – see?  I can be nice :)  don’t whine.

Saver Stamps are ruining my nails…

photo.JPGthink they’ll give me a free manicure?  Ran into a P&G promotion at one Jewel where you’d spin the wheel and get “prizes” of teeny-tiny bottles of Crest mouthwash, a deodorant, other stuff…I got the teeny mouthwash – – and two booklets of very good P&G coupons ($1 Febreze products) that don’t expire until 2/28/2015!

Jewel shopping

photo.JPGHad a few more Lipton printables that did not exclude bottles and this was the last day for Jewel’s 10/$10 sale…Since it’s unlikely that Target will restock the 96¢ boxes of tea and I have no desire to keep driving by just to check and I prefer giving the business to my local Jewel when I can…I picked up the $1.49 boxes and paid with the $3/2 Lipton printable (there is also a $1 printable that I will probably use at Target).  What will I do with all the free tea?  Drop off at the food pantry, since coffee and tea are very uncommon and welcome donations.  Total OOP was 49¢.

photo.JPGPITA picked up all this stuff from the clearance cart – she’ll return later with the coupons – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  There weren’t any coupons for the Paradise Meadow whole cranberries, but they sure sound yummy – – and only $2.50.

how many stamps?

FirstBorn added up the various points needed to score every one of the Cuisinart items from Jewel (he really needs to get a more productive life): 1,020.  All the items in the first column, however, can be yours for only 380 stamps!  Such a deal…

currently we are looking at 327 stamps (on my third book).

Jewel clearance…there’d better be coupons on this stuff soon!

Want anyI really just stopped in at Jewel to check out the tearpad/blinkie/coupon booklet situation, since we’re getting into the holiday shopping season. Only found these low-value booklets.

photo.JPGHowever, the obligatory pass by the clearance freezer endcap resulted in a full cart of Gortons.  The fish sandwich fillets were in the case, marked $3.50; while I was standing there, freezer guy walked up with a sealed case of the 12 oz box of fillets, for $2 each.  Told him to just dump ‘em in the cart with their bigger brothers!  The mussels were $2.50 and are mainly for my mom; I’ll use a box for paella or gumbo over the winter.  Lucked out with two bags of the cheap bagels – these even had $1 peelies on them so each bag of six was only 99¢!  Keep ‘em in the refrigerator and they’ll last for days – top of the microwave…and you don’t want to know how fast they sprout.

And even with two refrigerators and an upright freezer, I’m maxing out on space!,

Jewel: AM shopping trip

photo.JPGThis was a large order, easily almost $110 – at clearance cart prices!  I originally stopped in to grab the Jimmy Dean meals that were $1.50 in the freezer end cap – 75¢ coupon in 11/9 rp, so 75¢ meals for FirstBorn, who is engaged to Ronald McDonald (well, he should be by now!), but then lots of clearance items caught my eye:

18 of the Jiimmy Dean, 6 boxes Barbara cereal (MM coupons on Mambo Sprouts & Hopster), 2 lb+ bags of Snickers/M&Ms for $4 ($1.50/2 on SS), 20 Sunsweets Amazins ($1 coupon on the Sunsweet site), Russell Stover pixie clone $4.50.  After the JD coupons and one Plumsweet ($1 coupons were in the 11/9 S Sun Times insert but not Trib), I was at $75, so will return with my coupons.  Probably OOP will be about $10.

Well, natch, I’m just doing it for the stamps!