Jewel for some cheap EE pizza

photo.JPG Stack this $1 EE pizza printable with the 60¢ store coupon in the September Big Book of Savings (just came out).  This week the EE pizzas are 3/$9 – last week they were 4/$10.  I’m grabbing them now ’cause we’re really low on pizza and these are pretty good.  They’re the old Chef’s Kitchen ones tricked out with new labels.  There was a point where they switched manufacturers and the resulting pizza was total crap (Shoppers Value anyone?) but now the taste has returns and it’s safe to go back in the water.

Note:  The 60¢ store coupons are limited to ONE per transaction; additional coupons will scan but not register, so split it up!

Sunday out & about shopping

If you’re looking for a good place to use those $4/2 Starbucks printables, head over to Jewel, where the iced coffee bottles are $1.50 each – and Jewel gives you overage without sneaking!

photo.JPGTarget continues with their gift card bonanza, this week with a sweet deal on Old Spice body wash: Buy 3 and get a $5 gift card. They have shelves just crammed with the bonus boxes, where you pay only $3.95 and get two bottles! That’s a few pennies cheaper than the single bottles! Buy three of the doubles, use either this $1 printable or the $1/2 coupon in the September P&G.  With the printables + gift card, you’ll be paying about 65¢ per bottle, slightly more with the insert coupon.

There’s an even better deal for a whole list of products where you buy three and earn a $10 gift card! Pick up the $4.26 Swiffer refills, pay with this $1 Swiffer printable plus these two Target mobile coupons (Text LUNCH to 827438) and (text THANKS to 827438).  Even with NO coupons, you’ll be paying $2.78 for all three after gift card.  I bought one set of three Swiffer, but there were only two remaining on the shelf – luckily? we needed toilet paper and Charmin 30 ct double rolls are not only on sale for $16.99, but part of that same $10 gift card promotion. Completely out of the 30cts, but they substituted the Mega + Double Plus and pushed through the gift card. There are .25 coupons in the September P&G, plus a .50 Target one expiring today. Since I hadn’t planned on picking up the toilet paper, I didn’t have any coupons. Yes, I can always return with the mfr coupon within a few days, but I’ll be SOL for the store coupon, since they won’t take expireds.

Jewel clearance cart – I’m lovin’ it!

photo.JPGWhile making tuna salad for tomorrow’s dinner, I realized we had no celery, which necessitated a Jewel run. Good thing, because the carts at both Jewel and Osco were filled with clearance items and many of them will be even cheaper after the magic of coupons!

An entire bag (62) little tubs of Cesar dog food – use the $1/3 from 8/24 rp for a discount even greater than the 50¢ clearance price.  The Bear Creek macaroni & cheese was 75¢ – too pricey, especially since we have lots of Kraft, but after a 55¢ coupon from 5/4 S, it’s back up the truck time.  The Crayola gumballs were only 25¢ a bag – cheap enough not to sweat over the lack of coupons.  8pk of AlpoChop House was $2.25 and I’ll use the $1 coupon from 7/27 r1.  Couple packs of YumEarth organic lollipops and sour jelly bean for 50¢ each – again no coupons but we’re living the high life here!

Total was $72, but I’ll return with $20 in Cesar coupons, $1 for Alpo and about $4 for the Bear Creek.  Also picked up five bottles of Aura Cacia lavender bubble bath, which was pricey even on clearance and some long-dated products I’ll sell to cover the rest of my shopping trip.  And who knows?  Maybe there’ll be coupons for the gumballs within the ext 60 days!   I’m pleased.

PSA: Don’t forget cheap Kraft mac & cheese ends tonight!

Stopped at Jewel for lunch meat for FirstBorn and decided to pick up five more boxes of Sponge Bob mac for the cavernous jaws aka FristBorn and PITA.  Lots of clearance items – no coupons.  pass!

If you’re trying to run a last-minute stock-up, head over to Walmart with your Jewel ad and take as many as you want for 29¢.  While I love my Jewel, many of you do not have as good a relationship with your local store and I’m realistic…

PM Kraft mac @ Walmart

photo.JPG Posted this on Facebook earlier in the week and decided to take my own advice! Stopped at Walmart and picked up 12 boxes of Kraft original mac & cheese, showed the Jewel ad and paid 29¢ each – no muss, no fuss.

So if you’re trying to stock up on the greater weight original boxes, Walmart is the way to go.  Of course, you can always stop by Target starting Sunday, and pick up 5 boxes at $1.04 each and get 5 boxes free.  Works out to be 52¢ a box and you can be sure that any deal requiring 10 boxes per customer and limit 20 will be out of stock at 8:03 am.

Jewel – trippin’ over mac & cheese

photo.JPG This is the letter sent out from corporate – very decent of Jewel to honor the error, imo.  I’ve heard some stores are claiming it’s a misprint and not honoring the price at all, while others, like Lisle, have signs up showing the 29¢ price!  If your store won’t honor the price, show ‘em this letter and ask if they’d like you to call corporate… Lisle also has stocked up (full end caps!) with more cases coming; if you’re in the area, stop on by.  Note that you cannot stack this deal, so the cheese will be for five with only two $1/2 coupons.

photo.JPG The original variety isn’t part of the deal, but most kids want SpongeBob and the TNMT anyway, even if it is 2 oz less!  The organic sugar was on the clearance cart for $2 a pouch – there’s a $1 SS printable!  Other people have found dog and cat food deeply discounted at their stores.  And hey, subtract a high-value coupon from a clearance price and you’re doing better than Target!

.29 Kraft mac & $1.49 chunks @ Jewel

UntitledStarting tomorrow, Jewel will be running their $1 off Instant Savings on various Kraft products – mac n cheese included!  No coupons out there (a coupon would be even better right?) at present, but the sale doesn’t start until tomorrow (Wednesday)…

My store has been alerted to the fact that they’ll need truckloads of this stuff, but if your store is stingy with special orders and rain checks, don’t delay.

Untitled 2This sale includes the 8 oz chunk and shredded cheeses, and for them we have a $1/2 coupon in the 8/3 S.

Jewel for post-7/31 P&G shopping

PITA already put the stuff away, but I ran a couple of transactions as follows:

8 Febreze and 2 HE shampoos.  Paid with 4 BOGO Febreze and 1 $3/2 HE coupons.  See?  Legitimate as all get out!  Keep an eye on the Febreze because I had TWO cans that rang up at $2.48, which threw the whole transaction off.  Also, the $5 instant off did NOT come off and had to be manually entered by the cashier.  And this was after the Febreze had been replaced, so I was definitely at $25.  It’s the same situation I encountered yesterday:  three identical transactions and only the first one generated the $5 discount automatically.  Subtotal was $7 plus gawd-awful high tax.  I’m buying stuff that will do me some good, not just junk ’cause it’s cheap.

Note:  Keep an eye out for the newest Quaker tearpads:  $1/2.  Just don’t keep an eye out at my Jewel…

Jewel run for P&G promotion


Ran three transactions – strictly Herbal Essence and Febreze. The main point is that I followed all the Limit 4 coupon rules! quel surprise… Buy 8 HE bottles (I use shampoo in my hand soap dispensers) and either 2 or 4 Febreze products.  I ran it with 4 Febreze, but grabbed the $2.38 clearance cans.  Used four $3/2 HE coupons from August P&G, 2 Febreze BOGO coupons from August P&G and only a couple of $1 Febreze coupons from July P&G inserts since I’d used almost all during Monday’s shopping trip.  OOP was $7.54

Note:  The Febreze BOGO coupons will automatically bump off the $1 coupons at the register – you’ll see them scan in for the correct amount, then flop to zero.  Cashier can manually override; best guess is that the BOGO coupons are coded for two products and it shows too many coupons.

Note 2:  The P&G $5 instant came off automatically on the first order, but had to be manually entered for transactions 2 and 3.  Why, when each transaction was identical!?

Jewel bargain shopping


Jewel has Febreze on 2/$5. I grabbed “a few” and used the BOGO coupon from the August P&G stacked with the $1 coupon from the July P&G. I also got $5 off instantly but don’t know why.  There is an instant deal showing in Wednesday’s ad, so maybe it got programmed in already!  My OOP was about 50¢ a can.

Dietz & Watson sausages are either 3/$10 or 2/$6, depending on variety.  Use the $2 D&W coupon in the current Big Book of Savings for some really, really cheap lunches and dinners!  Check the dates (you have to pull the sausages out of the cardboard sleeve to see them – some people are reporting expired packs.  These freeze great and will work very well in Fall dinners of stews and jambalaya… Don’t delay ’cause the sale ends tomorrow.

Bacon (applewood smoked) was on sale for $4.99 with $1 peelies and since we’re heading into prime BLT season…