Dr. Pepper & Cheez-It combo coupon

0801565c-d23b-482a-9861-a64cc4b8420bGrab some Dr. Pepper and Cheez-Its and save with this $1.50 Dr. Pepper & Cheez-It baked crackers printable.  This happens to be FirstBorn’s all-time favorite combo, so you can be sure he’ll be printing with no argument!  Unfortunately, the only store that carries the sugar variety is Jewel, which is not known for great pop deals (neither Meijer nor Target have it by me) and don’t even get me started on the price of Cheez-Its!

While you’re printing, why not print out this $1 So Delicious printable and pair it with the $1 Checkout51 offer.  Depending on the price, you could score free creamer!  Target didn’t have it and my Jewel no longer carries it…

Almay clearance shopping @ Jewel

indexCheck your local Jewel/Osco for clearance deals on Almay – these items were all under three bucks, so overage towards cart items with the 1/24 S $3 and $5 Almay coupons!  You can also use them for overage at Walmart on the small size eye makeup remover (Walgreens also has the small size and a B1G1 50% off Almay promo this week).  Lots of possibilities…now to find inventory.

Jewels clearance shopping

ab91a62a-3f79-48c5-a8c9-a62287613357Drove around to a few Jewels today, checking out their clearance sections. Really huge price differences on some stuff (like Ranier cherries in a jar for $1.64 at one store, but $3.64 at another). My favorite find was Twinings Christmas tea for $1.25…so I took all the black tea and a few of the herbal one (PITA and DH like herbal teas – meh).  Stinks that Twinings never has coupons, but I guess you can’t have everything…

Jewel clearance shopping

770a0766-deaf-4ade-ab12-f105aaefa076Had an appointment in Lombard, so hit up the Dollar Trees along the way for more freebies and almost-free Lime-A-Way. Stopped at a Jewel and found a clearance cart full of these Glade twin-pack refills for a buck.  Coincidentally, there is a $1 coupon in the 10/25S that expires on the 17th (you can also buy coupons for under a dime from one of the trusted sellers on the right sidebar)!  The shelf-stable breads were all vacuum-sealed with dates over a month out, so grabbed those, too, for a buck!  Rosemary, sour dough and plain baguettes.

And yes, the Glade deal made me feel Loved, at Peace and Cherished!

Jewel clearance & Jewel coupons

20b29ed8-acd1-4da3-9e37-389352461cd5This smoked basmati rice was only $2 a 2lb bag, so I took ’em all.  Basmati is my favorite type of rice and smoked sounds different. which is kinda me, i guess.

Check for O Organics, Open Nature and Lucerne coupons, all a buck off one item.  Fine print say limit one per transaction and $1.99 minimum purchase, which technically means you can’t use two Lucerne coupons on the cheese sale that starts tomorrow (2/$3).

Jewel clearance shopping

4d064c33-3356-47fa-b51e-83e4c140464bHit up another Jewel while out and about – this one wanted $1.64 for the clearance Febreze and $1.99 for most of the Celestial Seasonings teas…management must be delusional.  However, I was able to find these teas marked 99¢ (black tea, which I prefer), which gave me an overage problem which I solved with a Snickers bar…if only all of life’s problems could be solved so easily!

Jewel clearance shopping…must be wearing my lucky charms

18b79be6-5951-4de1-9bd3-26b14b271681Clearance cart had 18 Celestial Seasonings seasonal herbal teas marked $1 each. Use the 12/6 S or 10/4 S $1 coupons and they’re FREE! There was a shelf tag for a chai black tea variety, but it was gone…damned shelf-clearers!

a064903b-0881-44d9-bca5-ab016c00688dFebreze marked a buck on the clearance cart so naturally I also checked the shelves and scanned some other varieties and got lucky! Use the $1.50/2 Febreze coupon in the January P&G.

Remember, you can post-redeem your coupons at Jewel for up to 60 days, even if the coupons have expired in the meantime, as long as they were valid on the date of purchase.

“free” guacamole shopping

a60fb357-eb86-473a-b655-af8d2b3a3c9fI had a few “free” Yucatan guacamole coupons which expire tomorrow – originally I was going to have a giveaway, but then decided I’d buy the product and donate to my food pantry.  Good thing I didn’t hand them out because although they were marked FREE and had no maximum value noted anywhere, they only scanned at $5.  Inasmuch as Jewel had them on sale for $5.99, this was a suck donkey balls situation and I ended up paying.  But can you imagine the outrage if one of you had gone in with a few coupons for free products that weren’t?  Regular shelf price is $6.49, btw. not feeling the Yucatan love right now…

Almost-free pork roast Jewel shopping

ba32dc3a-86fb-4ed8-9466-30b684e43d90Was gonna pass on the 89¢ lb Hormel pork butt roast at Jewel, but realized I could use overage from the Revlon B1G1 50% off sale on the little eyeshadows with the $3 12/13 S coupon and and basically pay high tax.  Luckily, my store was out of firestarters corn husks and offered to take $2 off so an even better deal!   FirstBorn will be thrilled and PITA will be pissed.  Can’t win in this house.  Tomorrow will have the oven going all day, what with the roast (and leftover carnitas!), bread and baked potatoes.

And seriously, if I want tamales, I’ll drive down to 26th Street and pick up a dozen or two at $10-11 each.