Jewel shopping

photo.JPGHad a few more Lipton printables that did not exclude bottles and this was the last day for Jewel’s 10/$10 sale…Since it’s unlikely that Target will restock the 96¢ boxes of tea and I have no desire to keep driving by just to check and I prefer giving the business to my local Jewel when I can…I picked up the $1.49 boxes and paid with the $3/2 Lipton printable (there is also a $1 printable that I will probably use at Target).  What will I do with all the free tea?  Drop off at the food pantry, since coffee and tea are very uncommon and welcome donations.  Total OOP was 49¢.

photo.JPGPITA picked up all this stuff from the clearance cart – she’ll return later with the coupons – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  There weren’t any coupons for the Paradise Meadow whole cranberries, but they sure sound yummy – – and only $2.50.

how many stamps?

FirstBorn added up the various points needed to score every one of the Cuisinart items from Jewel (he really needs to get a more productive life): 1,020.  All the items in the first column, however, can be yours for only 380 stamps!  Such a deal…

currently we are looking at 327 stamps (on my third book).

Jewel clearance…there’d better be coupons on this stuff soon!

Want anyI really just stopped in at Jewel to check out the tearpad/blinkie/coupon booklet situation, since we’re getting into the holiday shopping season. Only found these low-value booklets.

photo.JPGHowever, the obligatory pass by the clearance freezer endcap resulted in a full cart of Gortons.  The fish sandwich fillets were in the case, marked $3.50; while I was standing there, freezer guy walked up with a sealed case of the 12 oz box of fillets, for $2 each.  Told him to just dump ‘em in the cart with their bigger brothers!  The mussels were $2.50 and are mainly for my mom; I’ll use a box for paella or gumbo over the winter.  Lucked out with two bags of the cheap bagels – these even had $1 peelies on them so each bag of six was only 99¢!  Keep ‘em in the refrigerator and they’ll last for days – top of the microwave…and you don’t want to know how fast they sprout.

And even with two refrigerators and an upright freezer, I’m maxing out on space!,

Jewel: AM shopping trip

photo.JPGThis was a large order, easily almost $110 – at clearance cart prices!  I originally stopped in to grab the Jimmy Dean meals that were $1.50 in the freezer end cap – 75¢ coupon in 11/9 rp, so 75¢ meals for FirstBorn, who is engaged to Ronald McDonald (well, he should be by now!), but then lots of clearance items caught my eye:

18 of the Jiimmy Dean, 6 boxes Barbara cereal (MM coupons on Mambo Sprouts & Hopster), 2 lb+ bags of Snickers/M&Ms for $4 ($1.50/2 on SS), 20 Sunsweets Amazins ($1 coupon on the Sunsweet site), Russell Stover pixie clone $4.50.  After the JD coupons and one Plumsweet ($1 coupons were in the 11/9 S Sun Times insert but not Trib), I was at $75, so will return with my coupons.  Probably OOP will be about $10.

Well, natch, I’m just doing it for the stamps!

have Cirio, need coupons

HeheheSometimes it pays to shop outside your comfort zone. Not that any Jewels are uncomfortable(!), it’s just that new stores seem to hide their clearance sections. but not for long…  I’ll post-redeem at my Jewel as soon as I acquire more $1/2 coupons from 11/9 rp.  Dates are 5/31/2015.

Jewel – I spring for a .63 shopping trip

photo.JPGHere in the Chicago area we got a $1/2 Cicio coupon in the 11/9 red plum.  Weirdly enough, the expiration date on this coupon is 6/30/2015!  I’ve been eyeing these on the clearance cart at my Jewel for weeks now, but didn’t want to pay the 50¢ clearance price…yeah, you know how cheap i am.

But when they’re free it’s a different matter.  I actually bought 15 and sprang for the extra 50¢.  Check your local Jewel since I believe this is a chain-wide clearance.  Dates are all in 2015.

No products or Jewel near you?  If you have a Pete’s Fresh Market, they’re on sale for 79¢, which brings them down to 29¢, still an excellent price.

they call me Carp: bottom-fishing at Jewel

photo.JPGPITA and I stopped in at this Jewel because I remembered some pumice stones on the clearance cart a few weeks ago and then a couple of days ago – figured there probably wasn’t going to be a run on ‘em so grabbed them all. The other stuff just jumped into my cart. And yes, I found some super-expired stuff in this Jewel’s clearance section, too! They should mebbe pay me for being a shelf-inspector…

And in case you’re wondering, the pumice stones are used to clean the top surface of my 1930’s Chamber stove — works beautifully and since the regular price is $5.99, a $1.49 tag means back up the truck.  I love clearance sections!  They get me stamps on the cheap…I’m about to start my third book.

No Level bars but hair color @ Jewel

photo.JPGThe Target inventory checker showed level bars in stock at the Melrose Park location, which coincided nicely with a planned visit to Oak Park! Crummy Target inventory checked lied – not only zero bars, neither FirstBorn nor I could find any of the Greenworks for the gift card promotion. I mean, it’s not like I am in desperate need of cleaning supplies, even if I were clean.

But luckily my mom needed groceries, so another Jewel to wipe out shelf clear stock up on clearance  hair color – this store had both the Clairol and L’Oreal!  super woot!  Used the overage for ice cream and bananas.  probably other stuff, only not as nutritious… 

So far I’m up to about 215 in stamps, but I’ve probably had to put out about $15.  ugh

just like old times Jewel shopping

photo.JPGYes, it’s been just like old times the past few days at Jewel – I haven’t had to much fun since…well, last year!  Your best bet for overages are things like clearance meats (grabbed a bunch of roasters and thick, boneless pork chops), frozen vegetables and potatoes since it’s stuff we always need but don’t usually have coupons for.  Hope you’re doing as well.

For even more overage, grab the APP, which has a $5/$50 pdf coupon on the last page of the Jewel ad.  You can either print from your phone/iPad or send it to an email.