more cheap Ice Mountain @ Jewel!

unnamed (2)Various Ice Mountain varieties are once again on a 3/$5 sale – – heck, they’re also part of the Nestle $20 savings deal this week — but I’d rather pay less and get more.  Buy three of the 12 oz 12-pks pictured and use three 75¢ coupons from 8/23 rp.  After tax you’ll pay $2.84…and get the $2.25 catalina pictured.  Next transaction is $2.84 less the $2.25 and you’re on a roll!

My Jewel has at least a pallet of this water, so if you’re having difficulty finding it, come on down!  Just what I need, another water deal.


Lots more Jewel clearance on cart today!

unnamedLet’s just say it’s a good thing I kept those $1 tearpad coupons, since Torani (regularly priced $4.99) was a buck. Lots of organic sugar, tons of Progresso, Healthy Choice and Campbells soups and more, but no coupons and even a quarter is more than I want to spend on something I don’t need. Now if it were free or a moneymaker… This was the Lisle Jewel and yes, there’s still lots in the freezer endcap – couponless stuff like Glutino pizza and Amy’s products.

Jewel frozen clearance

unnamedSpent $54 on Quorn non-chicken cutlets and nuggets, Eggo minis and Tom Tom tamales. Quorn were $1.50 and I have $1 coupons (peelies from boxes purchased with insert coupons), the Eggos were 75¢ and I’ll use the $1/2 from 8/2S – no coupons on the Tom Tom tamales, but they were only 10¢ (marked down from $1.19), so I’ll eat that part, or rather FirstBorn will!

The Eggos are in their own plastic baggies, so the boxes get tossed, the Quorn get split two packs to a quart freezer ziploc and the tamales don’t take up much space at all!

Jewel last minute shopping

photo.JPGI’ve been in Jewel three days in a row now (a fact pointed out by two employees) and each time forgot to pick up $1.99 organic milk.  Since I have these BOGO Ruby Rocket printables and they’re BOGO at Jewel until the 23rd, figured I’d head over.  If they’re as nasty as I’ve read, Ruby Rocket can relaunch them as Preperation P! I found Swanson broth and cream starter on the clearance cart for 50¢ each.  Picked up quite a few at DT a few months ago (already?!) and used the ginger broth to infuse rice and the cream starter for mushroom soup.  omg, was that good! photo 1.JPG          photo 2.JPG

And here’s a couple of pictures I just had to shoot.  Jewel has been replacing tried and true brands (like Ice Mountain lime, lemon and wild cherry) with stange names like this one from Mexico.  Excuse me, but isn’t the first thing any visitor to Mexico is warned against is drinking the water?  Corporate must have really gotten this stuff cheap.  Or maybe it’s just for washing off your product of Mexico cilantro.

more Jewel Unilever shopping

First of all, don’t panic! This Instant $5 sale runs through 8/25, so lots of time for more sales and coupons! Right now Dove is the hottie, but here’s the best of the rest out there; on some deals you could massage those coupons until you get arrested for prostitution and it wouldn’t helpphoto.JPGFour of the large TRESemmé (28 oz) bottles are $16, less instant $5, less four $2 coupons – you’re still paying $4.32. Which actually isn’t a bad price for this product. photo.JPGOne TRESemme and four Suave Gold Professionals less Instant $5 off, $2 TRESemmé coupon and two Suave BOGOs ($2.99 each). Total $3.77.

photo.JPGFour Dove shampoos and conditioners and one Dove styling product less $5 instant, two $3/2 coupons and one $2 coupon. Total $2.73 photo.JPGFour Dove shampoos and conditioners and one TRESemmé. After $5 Instant savings, two $3/2 coupons and one $2 coupons total was $3.80.

Nothing yet even remotely close to a decent deal on Suave body wash – considering Tone was almost free after coupons and paying with points last month at Walgreens.

running some Jewel deals

With the brand new (7/29-8/25) Unilever promotion – $5 off instantly with $15 participating personal care products – we’re having to do a lot of combinations here.  So far I’ve run Dove a few times and am now working on TRESemme, Suave Gold and Suave body wash.  Will post with more later as I run and test them.

photo.JPGThis, to me, anyway, Dove have the best coupons in the group. Dove has both $3/2 shampoo/conditioner and $2 styling products couons in the 7/26 rp and how you work them is up to you.  Prices are 2/$6 and you aren’t required to buy multiples to get a $3 price.

more Febreze spray @ Jewel

photo.JPGIf you’re running low on Febreze – hey, it’s possible – run this deal over the next few days at Jewel, where you are able to use coupons on BOGO offers, unlike Target.  In this case, I bought all cans of clearance spray for $2.38 each (shelf is $3.49) and ran in one tranaction this way:  Each set of three used one B2G1 Free from the August P&G and two $2 coupons from the July P&G (exp 8/02). Oh, and coupon prompts for price, boo!

I’ve read all over about Target having $2.99 (or less) twin packs with gift card, but that’s the regular price for one can so I’ll keep looking for those elusive clearance sets.  Regularly, it’s $4.99, so with a G2G1 coupon you’re paying $9.98 less the $5 gift card (or $4.98 for 6 cans) or $11.97 less $3 $1 coupons or $6.97 after the $5 gift card (or $.

There is also a .50/2 from 7/26 rp to toss in for grins.

I have lots of coupons and like to help my Jewel as much as possible and the Target I was at pretty much sucked on inventory.  More stores tomorrow.

Ice Mountain & P&G @ Jewel

photo.JPGP&G promo Save $7 instantly wyb $25+ in participating P&G products. Ad says minimum purchase requirement must be met after coupon reductions. Instant savings discount is applied on non-P&G items.  They lie…  While I didn’t use coupons (didn’t have them with), the $7 came off just fine when buying only

Bought twelve Ice Mountains ($6.11), used three $1 coupons from 6/28 rp and paid $3.11.