Jewel Clearance Shopping

One of today’s Jewel stores had lots of clearance carts in the front (75th & Naper in Naperville) but no coupons so no go in cart.  Actually, I had filled up the cart with the avocado oil (for a buck!), but when I got to the register I saw the little words sunflower oil AND AVOCADO OIL (25% avocado oil), so left with just the nuts.  boo.

I did grab some clearance cart items at the Lisle store, including a bunch of IZZY four-packs for $1.25 and all the Newman’s Own Organic Salad Dressing for a quarter each.  I’m hoping for the usual $1 coupon to pay for the IZZY.  Yes, I’m cheap like that.

Monopoly Shopping at Jewel

I try to use the Monopoly freebie tickets when I remember, but if I don’t have my purse with me… So now I had a situation where there were so many coupons in the binder clip that I had to redeem all the freebies at one time.  You see here freebies plus a $1.99 rain check rice pudding, Half & Half (warehouse will be shutting down for a few days for the Safeway computer conversion and I do NOT want to be without my coffee mixer!), a Horizon chocolate milk on sale for $3.99 with a $1 sticker on it (and apparently I had added a 55¢ coupon to MyMixx card) and the 29¢/lb sale bananas.  Subtotal was $11.42.

Word of the Day sneak peek

Ooooh, who’s your daddy now?  Get your FREE Fisher Oven Roasted Nuts – choice of Cashews or Deluxe Mixed Nuts – for only FREE (not even tax) when you trot up to the cashier and say “ONLY THE GOOD STUFF” on April 20th only.  8.75 oz containers, not those puny pouches and not no cheap peanuts!