Last day for Gerber cat @ Jewel!

unnamedBeen running around, grabbing as many of these money-makers as I can – when buying four 79¢ jars, I’ve been using the Kandoo flushable wipes on sale for $1.99 and paying 37¢ OOP.  Buying four $1.19 plastic tubs only generates 24¢ in overage, so that’s one lousy string cheese, but, since that’s all low tax, I’m only paying 34¢ OOP.  Weird how they charge you for being clean, but not for being fat.

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree & more Gerber!

unnamedFamily Dollar stores are “closing” while they remodel and convert to Dollar Trees, which means lots of shopping opportunities!  Personal care items were 50% off, which made these Herbal Essence hair colors only $2.50 each…and what do we have in our October P&G?  Yup, a $5/2 coupon.  Take a walk around the store, but be careful, because many of the products categories are only 25% off.

Have not yet been able to find any of the bonus Crest tubes shown on the current Dollar Tree ad – I must have hit at least 8 or 9 so far – so don’t know if I’ll be able to use any of those delicious $3/3 coupons from the October P&G.  boo

And one Jewel had the Gerber baby cereal jars marked 79¢ on the shelf, but they rang at 39¢, which totally threw off my math!  And yes, it’s a complaint because then you have to scurry to find more filler items while not tying up the line!

Hunting down the deals – Thursday version

Where was I most of yesterday? Scurrying around local Targets, grabbing as many of these Zostrix Foot Pain Relief Creams as I could – they’re marked down to $3 (from about $15!) in the majorly expensive diabetic section. Only two stores had sale signs, which means there should be a ton of overage out there to scoop up using the $5 coupon from 9/13 S. Use the overage on the higher-priced Swiffer products or Pantene or even a non-gift card clearance item (but please use a coupon!).

Christian Schelthoff's photo.

I’ve also been hitting up Jewel for more of the money-making Gerber jars (my local Jewel wasn’t able to order in time – it happens…) – shelf tag reads ends 10/4, so still a few days to hunt.

Able to use up all my Sheba coupons, though I was “forced” to tale only cans in the end, since the plastic tubs had all mysteriously disappeared.  But free cat food is good cat food, in any size container!

the definitive Gerber baby food money maker post

Why another post? Emails asking what’s included, better pictures and breakdowns, does it work at Target, etc. Please feel free to comment or use the contact tab.
unnamedThere is a Gerber cereal catalina currently running at Jewel (and other grocery stores like Albertson’s, Acme, Meijer, ShopRite & Stop & Shop):  Buy 2, get $1 cat, buy 3 get $2 cat, buy 4 or more (but why would you?) get a $3 cat.  This promotion is scheduled to run through October 4.

Any of the products that say “cereal” on the label seem to work, so I’ve been buying four of the jars pictured (3rd Foods) at 79¢ each, using two $1/2 coupons from 9/13 rp and getting back a $3 catalina.  Next transaction is the same, except I’ve got that pesky $1.82 overage to use up!  Such a problem to have…

If you prefer, the plastic tub two-packs (I paid $1.19 for mine) also work, but you end up with only 24¢ overage; still free and much better for tossing in a tote or diaper bag!

Money-making baby food @ Jewel!

unnamedThere is a Gerber cereal catalina currently running at Jewel (and other stores like Albertson’s, Acme, Meijer, ShopRite, Stop & Shop):  Buy 2, get $1 cat, buy 3 get $2 cat, buy 4 or more (but why would you?) get a $3 cat.  This promotion is scheduled to run through October 4.

unnamedIn my store we don’t have glass jars but instead have plastic tubs, which work the same for this deal, but are slightly more expensive.  Buy four (I paid $1.19 each), use two of the $1/2 9/13 rp coupons) and out spits a $3 catalina.  Next transaction – in my case – gave me 24¢ overage, so a couple of bananas fit the bill.

more cheap Ice Mountain @ Jewel!

unnamed (2)Various Ice Mountain varieties are once again on a 3/$5 sale – – heck, they’re also part of the Nestle $20 savings deal this week — but I’d rather pay less and get more.  Buy three of the 12 oz 12-pks pictured and use three 75¢ coupons from 8/23 rp.  After tax you’ll pay $2.84…and get the $2.25 catalina pictured.  Next transaction is $2.84 less the $2.25 and you’re on a roll!

My Jewel has at least a pallet of this water, so if you’re having difficulty finding it, come on down!  Just what I need, another water deal.


Lots more Jewel clearance on cart today!

unnamedLet’s just say it’s a good thing I kept those $1 tearpad coupons, since Torani (regularly priced $4.99) was a buck. Lots of organic sugar, tons of Progresso, Healthy Choice and Campbells soups and more, but no coupons and even a quarter is more than I want to spend on something I don’t need. Now if it were free or a moneymaker… This was the Lisle Jewel and yes, there’s still lots in the freezer endcap – couponless stuff like Glutino pizza and Amy’s products.

Jewel frozen clearance

unnamedSpent $54 on Quorn non-chicken cutlets and nuggets, Eggo minis and Tom Tom tamales. Quorn were $1.50 and I have $1 coupons (peelies from boxes purchased with insert coupons), the Eggos were 75¢ and I’ll use the $1/2 from 8/2S – no coupons on the Tom Tom tamales, but they were only 10¢ (marked down from $1.19), so I’ll eat that part, or rather FirstBorn will!

The Eggos are in their own plastic baggies, so the boxes get tossed, the Quorn get split two packs to a quart freezer ziploc and the tamales don’t take up much space at all!