TRESemme for a quarter

unnamed-6The current Spend $15 get $5 off instantly promotion at Jewel works really well with the new Unilever coupons that come out in today’s redplum.  I bought 16 TRESemme on sale for 2/$8 and used eight $5/2 coupons (pretend I broke up transactions if you’re the coupon police).  Subtotal was $4 plus tax.  Had a few P&G inserts with me and gave Pantene coupons to a couple of old ladies (they all love Pantene, based on prior encounters), which is a great way to earn desperately needed karma points…

omg we have no creamer Jewel shopping

unnamedGood thing I decided to hit Jewel for coffee cream because the clearance cart was out!  Lots of bottles of Coldstone drinks (lower right shelves) but no coupon, no takee.  Certainly don’t need any more canned beans since I have cases in the basement stockpile.  I did take all they had of the Pillsbury Purely Simple chocolate cookie mixes for 75¢ and Texmati basmati rice for $2.  There is a $1.50 RiceSelect coupon on Mambo Sprouts.  Can never have too much of either… should be a coupon along soon for Pillsburyunnamed-1

free or cheap Ragu through Tuesday


This week’s SmartSource (pistachios on cover) has a $1 off any Ragu sauce 14 oz or larger; Jewel has it on sale for 3/$5…however, Jewel was playing loosy-goosy again with this week’s ad because some store have it 2/$2!  Check the middle of page five where you might find Rosh Hashana specials, Hispanic specials or the one with Ragu.  If it’s not in your local ad, check Chicago zip codes or Bourbonnais (for example).  I was able to print out the ad and price-match.

5 cent corn, cheap pizza & peppers @ Jewel

unnamed-1Unadvertised fresh corn special at all Jewels – Lisle had them for 20/$1, but some stores are even cheaper (how about (30/$1!!), depending on how many pallets they still have on hand as a carryover from last week’s sale. My store’s stock was super-fresh.  We’ll grill them all, pull off the husks and freeze in zips.  Just imagine biting into a summer corn on the cob in January!

Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza or Stromboli or Urban Pie Pizza are all $5.47 Friday-Sunday, limit 4.  Print this $2 off Urban Pie coupon and it’s only $3.47!

I grabbed a case of the green peppers at 49¢ a pound; total was under $5.  Cut into strips, rinse and pat dry, then load up the zips and freeze.  Toss ’em into chili, beef sandwiches, omelets and more and enjoy summer when it’s snowing out.

Gluten-free clearance @Jewel


Lots and lots of Bob’s Red Mill regular and gluten-free products on the clearance cart at the Lisle Jewel.  Also turbinado sugar…which I pretty much wiped out since I’ve been making quite a bit ginger simple syrup to sweeten our sun tea.

Rosemary-infused olive oil, ginger simple syrup…Rachael Ray, look out!

Diaper clearance @ Jewel

unnamedBig cart of diapers (Huggies & Luvs, from what I could see) on clearance at the Lisle Jewel (back of Osco), so head over and stock up.  Those red Huggies were only $3.99!  At least half price on all the rest as well.  There is a $2 LUVS coupon in August P&G and various Huggies coupons in 7/24S as well as this $2 Huggies printable.  Remember, Jewel policy allows you to purchase and post-redeem your coupons for up to 60 days, even if the coupons have since expired.

more Jewel clearance shopping


While waiting for Jewel to open a lane for me, I checked out the clearance cart and was pleasantly surprised by all the cheap rice!  Basmati is my favorite, so $2.50 for five pounds isn’t too shabby.  Of course, we didn’t get the 50¢ in the 4/24 rp, but can’t have everything!  btw, I left all the large boxes of Minute Rice if that one floats your boat.