Free Arrid deodorant at Jewel

unnamed (7)Jewel has Arrid on sale this week for a buck – use the $1 coupon in 3/12 S for free deodorant!  Some stores have it for even less – a money maker – and you might find Arm & Hammer tossed in the mix, although it’s not in the ad.  There’s a buck coupon for that in 3/12S as well.

$$ from Monopoly pieces


unnamed (2)If you’ve been bemoaning all those Fandango tokens, which turn into those useless (for me) Fandango credits, here’s a great way to turn them into cash!  Barb commented on MUM that you can choose the 3rd option on Redeem a Fandango Reward – the virtual gift card – and get a $5 Visa eGift card.  Use this to buy an Amazon gift card!  She says you can use this up to 15 times, so $75 in Free Amazon credits!  You have to buy each $5 card separately, but that’s not a high hurdle – took me a few minutes once I figured it all out.

Jewel and overage…sigh

unnamed (2)And yes, it’s a problem when you didn’t plan on overage but there is it, the negative number in the amount due, which explains the candy bars, ’cause they’re B2G2.  Free baguette with Monopoly piece, free yeast with BOGO Red Star Yeast coupon, free shrimp pad Thai by saying “shrimp” to cashier and Fructis shampoos and one can of hair spray, which was the only item I actually planned on paying for.  In this case, the Red Star yeast coupons scanned at $2.99 and I had to scramble, since they were only $2. OOP was $1.47