Overage is a many-splendored thing


When you can’t buy the items you want for the prices you want to pay, overage is a very handy way to shop.  Jewel with the $5/$50 and a variety of Garnier and Fructis coupons – first load.  A few boxes of Puffs, 3-pks of sponges and Hefty gallon freezer bags.  And a whole lot more losing Monopoly tickets…

$5/$50 in Sunday Chicago Tribune

d74bc864-73e0-4f08-a239-6596484d24ccBottom right hand corner of the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune is a $5/$50 coupon valid 4/24-26.  I’ve already clipped mine for today’s stock-up on Garnier Whole Blends and Fructis products.  We’re talking decent overage when you combine the instant savings, sale prices and coupons.  I’ll post a few of my transactions later today.

Jewel clearance shopping


Jewel is rebranding heir house brand, so check your clearance cart for deep discounts on Essential Everyday  – they’ve got to dump ’em so the price is certainly right!  The 10 oz jars of sliced olives were only 50¢ and PITA love those, so I grabbed ten, the salsa (they had a couple of varieties) was $1.25, ginger beer was 25¢, organic salads were $3.99 and the port was clearanced at $9.99.  I did not know my Jewel had a clearance wine/spirits section!!!

more Monopoly freebies @ Jewel today


Free Danimals 6-pk and a StarKist 2.6 oz pouch.  Three tins of clearance cart oil at $2.25 each.  Wanted to make sure Osco was aware of the various Fructis coupons in the 4/24 rp, since new coupon + sale + instant savings always attract average shoppers.  And yes, I know that doesn’t apply to us!

Tomorrow starts the Jewel BOGO on pork products, so I’ll be stopping by early enough to grab some boneless country ribs for the Crock Pot.

Triple (losing) Monopoly pieces

c4bad475-1931-47a3-8fed-d6880be09159Since the past few days at Jewel have been triple Monopoly tickets, I’ve amassed quite a pile!  Unfortunately, even with all the shopping I’ve done at Jewel over the past month or so, I have only won two packets of taco seasoning and a box of DD K cups, none of which were retained.  Not only haven’t I won anything of significance, no one I’ve spoken to has heard of any decent winners during this promotion, compared to prior years.  All you seem to win are more tickets!

Free & Cheap Shampoo returns!

The Fructis Garnier instant $5 Savings wyb $15 in products starts Wednesday…and since it’s Wednesday somewhere in the world, it’s working at Jewel now! I ran this three ways:
b4fd5b90-9c20-4513-86fa-b3aedbdd78e4First one is the same deal as last time, five Fructis shampoos and/or conditioners at $3 each and pay tax after the instant savings and $2 coupons from 4/10 rp.08c5d6fa-9106-49de-8b08-1979ea124fca

Buy four Fructis and one Garnier Whole Blends, use the 4/10 rp $2 coupons plus the $2 Whole Blends coupon from 4/3 rp and pay a buck plus tax.


Like this stuff a whole heap of a lot?  Buy four, use the four $2 coupons from 4/3 rp and pay $3 plus tax.

And the main topic of conversation at Jewel today was not that I was running deals, but that I’d spent $20 yesterday.  Well, naturally I had to tell them about the clearance teas I grabbed!  Worked out to be about $4 a pound…

Jewel – oh my! – clearance shopping

Stopped at Jewel/Osco to check out the Almay B1G1 50% off deal, given the $4 coupon in the 4/10 S, but frankly, the high tax eats up all the overage, so it doesn’t make a whole heap of sense, unless you actually need more eye shadow or mascara (more $$).

But since I was there, I gravitated towards the clearance cart and was pleasantly (okay, shocked!) to see all the fancy-pants teas for 50¢ (Tiesta Tea) to a buck (Celestial Tea House, not pictured)!7d8aeee1-3233-49fd-934c-758c6581335c

Quarts of EE olive oil for only $2.50 and Maxwell House International Cafe in several varieties for 75¢.  The cafe was marked on the front how you could also use it as a creamer…disgusting… which given how much I adulterate my coffee is saying something!