Jewel clearance shopping

photo.JPGWas looking for something else and happened upon this large clearance cart at the back of the store. Loaded up on high-end yummies for poor man’s prices!  Total was $40.70, got 23 Monopoly tickets and one or two items have little coupons to post-redeem (crackers are for Rachel).  Receipt says I saved $80…works for me.  especially considering i spend too much at the $8.99/lb olive bar…

more/cheaper Ice Mountain

photo.JPGIf your store doesn’t have stock on the larger bottles or you have young kids and prefer the smaller bottles, have I got a deal for you! Buy two of the 12 pk 8 oz bottles (part of the 3/$5 sale) for $1.67 each (don’t have to buy 3) and use a .75/2 coupon from 3/8rp. You will pay $2.59 and get back a $1 cat. Pretty cheap - maybe we should ship some to California.

Monopoly winner – goldfish

Monopoly winnerLast winning ticket was a bag of Tostitos chips. This was the multipack Goldfish package with a shelf tag of *cough* $5.29!  Along with the 487 You Have Won 2 Tickets already received. You can tell they’re winding down this promotion ’cause they’re finally releasing winning tickets – and don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing…

cheap Ice Mountain @ Jewel

photo.JPGI do not know how long this catalina will run, so don’t ask!  Buy three of the 700ml Sports bottles currently on sale in the Jewel Big Book of Crap for 3/$5.  Use one of the 75¢/2 coupons in the 3/8rp – you will get a $1.50 catalina.  weird.  The Big Book of Crap sales expire on 4/28…

Jewel clearance shopping

photo.JPGWhat, you thought I was stopping in for winning Monopoly pieces??? it is to laugh…

These Comfort Home Ceramic Fireplace Heaters were on clearance for only $13.25 – they’re $56.51 on Amazon!  And the Duraflame firestarters were $4.99…and I know I have a printable here somewhere…

Wanted to pick up some Breyers Gelato Indulgences for $3.99 since a new $1printable  appeared for email subscribers.  That is, until I read the Triple Chocolate ingredient list…chocolatey sauce?  Sorry, but I restrict my frankenfood to twinkies.

Free spinach @ Jewel – last day

photo.JPGUse the $1 Fresh Express coupon from the latest Big Book of Crap Savings on the 99¢ spinach deal that ends today.  My Jewel was OOS, so they substituted the baby spinach- like there’s really a difference.  Each bag earned PITA an extra Monopoly piece.  seems to me that they should be releasing the winning tickets by now…

cheap Ice Mountain @ Jewel

photo.JPGThis week Jewel has Ice Mountain 1L sparkling water for 50¢.  Use the $1/4 coupon from 3/8 rp and pay 25¢.  I hate paying for stuff, but I LOVE this water.  Unfortunately, it looks like Jewel no longer carries my favorite flavor, lime (mgr checked inventory book), but there’s a new one, black cherry, that I’m gonna try.  This is only a few bottles…I have over 100 more on order.  yes, it’s that good

And here’s the latest Jewel Big Book of Savings – – I guess Tree Killer was a little too graphic (although more accurate). I checked the EE bleach and disenfecting wipes prices and even on sale with the store coupon you are paying much more than at Dollar Tree. Phooey.  The only good thing is a full page of Passover coupons and since that stuff is always dumped on the clearance cart I can see some very cheap macaroons in my future.

Glade catalina at Jewel

photo 2.JPGRight now there’s a national catalina promotion going on and Jewel’s part of it: Buy two products, get a $1 OYNO, buy three products, get a $2 OYNO, but four+ get $3 OYNO. I chose these four $1.88 clearance sprays that are 9.7 oz, so I was able to use the $1 coupons in 2/8 S!  Paid $3.52 and got back $3…not too shabby!  Need more coupons?  Print this $2/2 Glade products coupon and this $1 any Glade product coupon.

break out the sweats – it’s ice cream clearance time!

We’re talking Fruttare for 60¢ a box, Yasso for $1.50, Ben & Jerry’s for $1.50…most expensive items were the big (28 oz) Häagen-Das coffees at $3.50 each. Good thing I have all those cans of whipped cream from the Walmart price match a couple of weeks ago.  This was at the Lisle Jewel and I left quite a few.  The following picture shows one of the two sections.