Jewel Luvs shopping

unnamed (13)We’re not getting the double OYNO Catalinas anymore, only the one $10 for buying two boxes.  Since I wasn’t sure if Luvs was part of the instant saving P&G promo, I added the Crest and used the $1 coupon from 6/18 rp.  There is a $2 Luvs printable to bring the cost down.  I added those High Hopes dog treats for the $2.33 overage on each, but if you don’t have those coupons, your OOP will be $14.99 x 2 = $29.98, less two $2 printables or $25.98 and get back a $10 OYNO Catalina. $15.98 plus tax for two boxes, or about half price.

Jewel overage shopping

unnamed (16)

The High Hopes coupon in 4/30 r2 is weird because it not only gives you a $4 discount on the pet treats and the actual pet food is only 75¢, the coupon cannot be clipped and used separately because the terms and conditions is smack dab in the middle.  Since these treats are on sale at 3/$5 through July 9, this is a great way to use the high overage on things you normally don’t see cheap.  Things like sponges, produce, etc.  I’m returning with my Finlandia butter coupons later; I already got my 25¢ Ibotta any milk rebate. You could also use the overage to buy High Hopes dog food!  All Natural and every sale gives hope to homeless pets (it reads).  The bottle of water was the substitute for the MyMixx freebie.

Note:  This isn’t sneaky-Pete shopping; the Jewel coupon policy allows for coupon overage on cart items.

update: 3 MyMixx Freebies this week at Jewel

MyMixx was wonky most of yesterday and the pattern continues today. My MyMixx didn’t show up at all, nor did it for other people. Front End will override it and the good news is that it will still be on your account when the system goes back up! The extra good news is that I just made $3.50 from Iobotta on the Zico! sweet (pun intended)  What’s Ibotta?  It’s an APP for smart phones that pays you cash for buying stuff you’re buying anyway!  Buy certain products from participating retailers, scan the product UPC and your receipt and get cash back in your Ibotta account.  

Jewel has three MyMixx freebies this week: Philadelphia Bagel Chips & Dips, Kraft Trios and a chilled Zico.  Add these paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account and redeem before 6/19

Swiffer promo works…sort of

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They all remembered the last fiasco when not only didn’t the Swiffer cat print, even the fail safe codes didn’t work!  So this time we tried quite a few combinations – – the ones with mops and refills were the only ones that needed the fail safe; both the dry and wet refills worked fine without intervention.

more sweet pits at Jewel

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Through June 6th, Jewel has Arrid on sale 10/$10.  There’s a $1 coupon in 6/4 rp, making these free if you hurry.  Once it’s off sale, it’s $1.99 at least through the end of the month.  Even if it’s not a brand you prefer, this is a great donation item for the price of tax.

more clearance at Jewel!

unnamed (9)Stopped to run a few LUVs deals at Jewel, when what should appear on a Friday, no less!  My old friend Clearance Cart! Good Karma for the stuff I just dropped off at the food pantry.  The Vlasic pickles were 50¢ and there’s a $1/2 coupon in 5/14 S, so free pickles.  Paying 25¢ for water chestnuts is a no-brainer and large cans of imported Italian plum tomatoes for 50¢ is another deal I don’t have to think about. Balsamic reduction is my new fave and each of these strawberry fib bottles was only a buck.

hold off on the Swiffer deal at Jewel

unnamed (11)

I’ve tried all combinations of products (this is just a sample photo), with coupons and without and have been unable to get the $10 Catalina to print.  Front desk couldn’t even get the $5 or $10 Fail Safe code to work!  That’s bad when your fail safe isn’t…  I’ll try again in another day and hope they get the wrinkles ironed out.