Jewel for cheap Lysol toilet cleaner

If you can find this coupon and inventory (not that easy!), you’ll be getting ten of the large bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (not the little Dollar Tree ones) for a total of $3.19 with tax.  These are in the same type of plastic holders the $1/2 Lysol wipes are found in, not tearpads, so keep on the alert.  Promotion runs through next week, so here’s hoping they restock all coupons and inventory!

Jewel: cheap Lysol wipes w/ in-store Q

If your school list includes canisters of wipes, Jewel has a sweet deal starting today.  Buy 5  assorted Lysol products and get a buck off each – the 35 ct wipes are included.  In most of the Jewel stores I’ve been in, they’ve had little coupon holders right on the shelf for both $1/2 Lysol spray bottles and $1/2 wipes.  Take a $1.99 sale price, then subtract a buck a canister for buying five, use the coupons (I bought ten to use five coupons) and you’ll pay 49¢ plus tax for each.  Normal shelf price is $2.99.

more Jewel clearance cart

With the exception of the La Brea bread (which also had a coupon attached), all these items were found on the clearance cart pictured above.  Funniest deal was the 50¢ Swanson Soup Maker which had coupons attached for a free box of broth up to $2.99.  Now that’s the sweet spot shopping.  We are stocked up on bone broth, that’s for sure!  The small jars on the right are all Better than Bouillon roasted garlic base, which I will definitely be making use of!  spent Spent $17 ’cause of the damned bread – No coupons 🙁