Clearance Cart Shopping

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Okay, can you guess what my end result will be after I post-redeem the current coupons (check the data base) and the $1 Quaker Oats coupon coming out on Sunday?  My OOP without coupons was $65+.  The Spice Islands mulling kit was $2, but the value of the spices was worth way more … then it came up 33% off spices at the register!

MyMixx sneak peek

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Apparently they’re only giving us the one MyMixx freebie this week – – unless they’ve added some sneak ones they hope we’ll miss 🙂  Chobani Smooth was a BOGO online coupon in August, but this time it’s Free.  There is a $1 coupon in 10/1 rp if you want to buy more.

Cheap Stella Cheese at Jewel

IMG_4796Print out these 50¢ Stella Cheese Product coupons and take them to Jewel which has BOGO Stella Cheese cups at $4.79 this week.  Submit for a $1 SavingStar rebate and a $1 Checkout51 rebate.  $2.79 for two cups of cheese!. love combining rebates, sales and coupons!

The $1 Checkout51 was available when I left the house, but you can’t add the damned thing to your account like other sites and it was already gone when I got home.

3 MyMixx Freebies today


Add the paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account by Sunday, 11/12 and redeem by Monday, 11/13.   Note the coupons read expiration 11/14, but I wouldn’t take that chance…

Arla Cream Cheese 7 oz tub: Original; Herbs & Spices; Bluberry Cream; Mediterranean Garden; Light Cream Cheese. I’ve easily picked up 90 or more of these already and like them all (well, haven’t see the Light one and wouldn’t buy it anyway, but the rest are great as veggie dips and for dumping into stews and soups). yum

Odwalla Spice Pumpkin or Apple Caramel Cider 15.2 oz bottle.