Jewel Monopoly Shopping

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$5 plus tax.  I paid for the two pounds of lentils ($2.98) and a bit on the Open Nature lamb chops ($2.20).  Everything else was FREE!  Since most of these items are Monopoly bonus items, I got another handful of pieces.  Before coupons the screen read almost $40!!

I’m not that clean Jewel shopping

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When you have coupon overage at Jewel, it’s always best to stock up on things that won’t go bad and/or things with low value coupons.  Palmolive was on clearance for only $1.39 (way under their cost!), so I printed this 25¢ Palmolive coupon as many times as I could and just sucked up the rest.  It’s early enough in the Monopoly game that PITA is still excited – – another few weeks and she’ll be hiding.  So far we’ve won deli potato salad, Goldfish crackers and an Rouxbe online cooking school course (?).  She found these O Organics $1 coupons, so check your store as well.unnamed (12)

Clearance Quaker Oats at Jewel

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Entire cart of clearance Quaker Oats only 50¢ a box and each box earns a bonus Monopoly piece!  Use the $1/2 coupon from 2/12 rp and they’re FREE!  Mixture of sweet and savory varieties in the box – – PITA will be happy because she often complains/whines/bitches that she doesn’t want anything sweet.  I take them out of the boxes and put into tight-fitting totes.

Lots of fancy-pants nuts, GM cereals, K-cups and more on the cart as well.  I’ve put aside 20 Palmolive 25oz dish soaps to pick up later with my Wet N Wild overage – – only $1.39 each!  More dishes than I ever want to wash.

Produce & Steaks @ Jewel

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I don’t know how your store looks, but my Jewel has tons of the 5 & 10¢ produce nicely displayed and/or on ice if needed.  Call me a cynic, but I weighed the produce to make sure it was a good deal!  Open Nature strip steaks were clearance at about $4.50; I used the $2.50 coupons from 2/12 rp.  Green Giant had a blinkie with $1 coupons.  hmmm.  Subtotal was $10.25.

Jewel O Organics clearance

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We stopped at Jewel to pick up the MyMixx freebie and found packages of O Organics chicken reduced to clear – – used the $2.50 coupon in 2/12 rp for some very cheap organic poultry!  I’m going to clip and carry the coupons because I see chicken and beef on clearance quite frequently.  Just realized the coupon isn’t valid until tomorrow – oops!  Well, it scanned fine.  Expiration is 4/8/17.