MyMixx Freebies (3!) at Jewel


Add these three new paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account.  Last week we couldn’t get the Odwalla smoothie to come off; tried separate transactions (which isn’t necessary, btw), swapping out flavors – – nothing.  They ended up just modifying the price to zero after first getting their jollies by asking if I knew it was paperless, if I’d added it to my account, etc.  I call it MyMixx-ups and that’s why I only have 10¢ in gas rewards.  Well, that and the fact that they haven’t had any deals…

Jewel Boom Chicka Clearance

unnamed-1This stuff is addicting, so it’s a good thing it’s on Jewel clearance for only 98¢ a bag; normal price is $3.99!  Two varieties.  Some stores have it marked – mine had it hidden on an end cap with no shelf tags.  Just meant more for us:)

This week the 5lb boxes of both Cuties and Halos clementines are $5.99.  If you pick Halos you can use the $1 coupon (or 50¢ for the smaller bag) from 11/6S.

Odwalla & Avitae Jewel Freebies


Add these two paperless coupons to your Jewel MyMixx account.  I don’t usually like the freebies they offer, but Odwalla is good. Now if you use the caffeinated water in your French press, would that make rocket fuel coffee?  ’cause that’s something I’d have an interest in most mornings…

Deals have been so few and far between that I only have 10¢ off a gallon of gas!  But considering the last Jewel/Shell gas deal was in January 2013 when gas was well over $3 a gallon – I’ll take it!

75% off Glade (and candy) at Jewel


Picked up so much candy I feel like an alcoholic with cravings!  Kit Kat bars were 25¢ and you can never have too many Kit Kat and Snickers bars, right?  Glade was 88¢ ($1/2 in 9/25 S), and Air Wick was $1.38 (supposed to be $1.25 coupon in 11/6 S).  Nice thing about Jewel is that you can post-redeem up to 60 days after your purchase; even if you don’t have coupons now, buy and wait because we’ll be seeing many, many air freshener coupons as we go into the holidays.

Jewel shopping – I paid for bread


Picked up six bags of Paqui Tortilla Chips, currently on BOGO at Jewel and the Ronzoni SuperGreen pasta ($1 blinkie still on shelf).  Had to pay for the LaBrea bread – boo.  Finally found the Paqui chips on an endcap near the meat section – not in natural foods or chips or tortilla/bread aisle.  Starting to feel like a supersleuth.

$1.50 off Paqui 5.5 oz chips
BOGO 5.5 oz Paqui chips

Notes on Jewel MyMixx Gas Promo

fuel-landing-desktop-page-gas-rewards-feature-unit-jo-uI’m sure you’re aware of the new Jewel promotion that started the 19th:  get 1 point for every $1 spent on groceries or pharmacy items and 2 points for every $1 spent on gift cards.  Spend $100 and get 10¢ off each gallon of Shell gas or $200 for 20¢ off.  “No Gas Rewards will accrue to points that do not reach the next $100 dollar threshold, and such points expire at the end of the calendar month in which they are earned. Gas Rewards earned during each month may be used only through the end of the following calendar month (for example, Gas Rewards earned in January expire at the end of February). Gas Rewards savings are limited to 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle, or fraud limits placed by Shell and/or limits placed on your payment card by your financial institution, each of which may be lower.”  My rewards show I need 40 more points to reach the next threshold, so I probably spent $60 before coupons today.  or $2 on a couple of cans of biscuits…

If you don’t enter your MyMixx number at the time of purchase, you’re pretty much SOL, since the front desk can only add points at $50 price points.  All purchases apply to your threshold – even a candy bar – as long as the number is entered but otherwise, no.  Silly, when you think of all the other loyalty programs out there like Speedy Rewards or Panera that let you go online and enter the receipt info.

Jewel shopping and nice tear pads


$1 off Campbell’s Skillet, Slow Cooker or Oven Sauce tearpads on both sides of this display.  Yeah, it’s on sale now, so a buck, but I’m gonna wait for the clearance cart!  Expiration 12/25/16.  The 10/2 S has 75¢ coupons, so much better deal with these ones!

Coincidentally, we’re having Campbell’s Skillet pouches tonight in the slow cooker using Quorn “chicken” over a bed of Ronzoni SuperGreen pasta.  hmmm, how do you calculate the cost?