run! – almost free ice mountain @ Jewel

unnamedQuick post ’cause I’m on the go all day, but there is a huge overlap on sale price, coupons and catalinas on Ice Mountain at Jewel:

Buy THREE 12 oz 12pks of Ice Mountain at 3/$5
Pay with THREE 75 coupons from 6/28rp
Your total will be $2.84

Out pops this beautiful $2.25 OYNO cat!

Keep on rolling and subsequent transactions will be 59¢ for THREE.


Got cookies & milk @ Jewel?

photo 2.JPGJewel has a Thank You special Thursday through Sunday. As part of it the Jewel brand milk gallons and O Organics 1/2 gallons are only $1.77 each. Limit 2 – hah! 18-ct cookies are only $1.99 (sugar, chocolate chip & raison are available). They also have meat specials, but who cares when we have cookies and milk!?

I’ll be picking up quite a few milks over the next couple of days because they freeze so well.

.04 organic carrots @ Jewel – last day

photo.JPGI never printed the Earthbound Farm Organic 75¢ coupons because I thought signing up meant giving up all vitals – frankly I’m getting mighty tired of all my personal information being shared for under a buck!  But the Earthbound site only required email and zip code, the rest was optional…meaning blank.  MUM says they send out emails with coupons about once a week, so that’s good.

Through today, Jewel has the 1 lb Earthbound Farm organic carrots on sale for 79¢.  Use this 75¢ coupon and you’ll pay 4!

And I was at Jewel to pick up my 120 tubs of Truwhip topping – the Food Pantry was thrilled…if a bit pressed for freezer space!

Free after coupons @ Jewel – fixed link

photo.JPGFor those of you interested in more containers of TruWhip, Jewel has the 10 oz size (original and lite) for $1.99. Here’s that wonderful $2 coupon (pdf) on the Truwhip site that we were using to great advantage at Walmart!  Price is valid thorugh June 23 (coupon expires June 30) so place your special order or just grab and go.  I’m waiting for my 10 case-order to come in; the food pantry can pick up when it arrives since they have the van and industrial freezers and I do not!

Last time I posted this coupon, Jewel was selling it for $3.49 and Walmart $1.99.  Now Jewel says their regular price is $2.99.

more Jewel clearance shopping

194.80 before couponsStopped in to post-redeem coupons for the Jimmy Dean breakfast biscuits I bought yesterday and PITA wandered off to check the freezer clearance end cap – again!  Well, good thing because she found a whole heap of new clearance items! My total before coupons was just under $200 – – ran home to clip and got the total down to $50. Wish it were less, but some of the frozens didn’t have coupons, but they were so cheap – like 25¢ for the Michelina lasagna – that I bit the bullet. And PITA found one pound boxes of Blue Ribbon white rice for 10¢ each…so we took them all.  I must say that this week Jewel has some really kickass produce prices:  We got 10 limes for $1, 3 mangos for $1, raspberrries were 99¢ a container (although one scanned at 98¢!).  Was tempted by the avocadoes and mushrooms…

photo.JPGWhen we returned to post-redeem, PITA found these Hormel Compleats marked clearance.  They scanned at 50¢ each and there’s a $1/2 coupon in the 5/3 S2, so it followed us home.  You know how it goes…


Jewel shopping & a pit stop at CVS

photo.JPGJewel has a Buy 10 get $5 off Instantly promo that started today (they also have a P&G Buy $25 get $7 off, but frankly, given the current coupons, it’s pretty sucky).  I like the Skinny Cow 8 oz  coffees for $1.49, less 50¢ off each wyb 10 and then use the 75¢ coupon from 4/26S.  Yes, I’m actually paying 24¢ each but I’m feeling rich!  Lots of freezer clearance items.  Grabbed the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for 99¢ and I’ll return with the $1 coupons from 5/31rp.


The Spend $30 get a $10 CVS cash card promotion says limit one offer per card…they lie.  I’ve run it at least 5 times so far and I’ve been told the limit is 15.  You can see the total and subtotal on the bottom of the receipt, so you don’t have to actually spend the $30, but probably much less to get the $10 card.  And you use the $10 card for the next purchase.  sweet, huh?  The current thinking is that this 15 limit is probably meant for the entire promotion.

I miss Dominicks – take that, Jewel!

From dominicks Just opened this squeeze bottle of mango preserves I found on my basement shelves and couldn’t figure out where it (and the Goya guava preserves next to it) had come from until I remembered:  Dominicks closing clearance.  FYI, expiration date is August 2015!

I miss Dominicks!  If the Jewel weekly ad gets any duller it’ll be registered as a sleeping aid.

$1 pub burgers at Jewel – Wednesday only!

photo.JPGThese are the 1/2 pounders, not the juniors, making them $2 a pound.  Sign in the butcher case reads “Limit 10″ … so pick up the 3- and 4-count pre-packs in the coolers.  This is an incredible price, especially since we’re just heading into grilling season (I was gonna say warmer weather – sigh) and they freeze very, very well.  trust me on this…

cheap Marzetti croutons @ Jewel

photo.JPGBuy one or more pouches of the Marzietti croutons on sale this week for $1 at Jewel and you’ll get a 50¢ catalina coupon spit out (not a OYNO cat).  Mind you, there are 75¢ coupon in the 3/22 S which makes them only 25¢, but some people might be jonesing from crouton-deprivation and have only a few coupons.  don’t know anyone like that, but you never know…