Coffee clearance cart at Jewel

I am living a charmed life lately with all my Jewel clearance finds!  These two-pound whole bean coffee bags were only $3 on the clearance cart; below you see 24 cans of Pantene foam conditioner for the shower marked down to $1.29.  I’ll use the $5/3 coupon in the June P&G insert to bring down the cost.  BTW, a $7 catalina printed out for buying P&G products! Now if we could only score a Hills Bros coupon or rebate.

The Annie’s mac and cheese varieties were 25 and 50¢ a box and Pita loves these – she bought them all!  No coupons, but considering the shelf tag was $2.99, a great save.

Word of the Day Sneak Peek

This Friday, June 15th, we get Free Nature Valley Granola Bites in a choice of three flavors: Almond Butter/Coconut, Almond Butter/Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate when you hand your choice to the cashier and say “GRANOLA.”  You do not need to have a  MyMixx account for this deal.

and yet more clearance beans

When I got home and started on my coupon clipping, I noticed one of the cans had rung up at $1.79 instead of the 25¢ like all the rest.  Normally I wouldn’t bother making a second trip (duh!), but I figured it was a short hop, I’d get my coupon cash and rectify the receipt error.  Good thing I went, because I’d missed two Bush’s Organic Beans and all these beautiful Eden Organic Aduki beans – they retail at $2.49 but were only 25¢!  So plenty in the bag and now I really have a wide variety of canned beans!

another Jewel, another clearance cart

Today has been lucky clearance day for us!  Twelve cans of Bush’s organic beans at 25¢ a can (the same price as all the beans pictured, even the Jack’s organic boxes), with a .50/$1 coupon in the 4/29 S.  So basically I paid $1.25 for all this.  I was running low on butter and cannellini beans, which I use a lot for soups.  Very pleased.

Jewel clearance shopping

And before you go on about how lucky I am with my Jewel, lots of the clearance deals I post don’t come from “my” Jewel; I stop periodically at other stores I pass by.  So there!  The Capri Sun fruit/veggie blends were only 87¢ a box and PITA wanted to try them, so we bought all five boxes (she just gave me the thumbs up), Fixodent for only 89¢ will be a resale item, along with the Knot Out Electric Pet Grooming Comb (As Seen on TV) and the Colorista for $1.49.  The fact is I spent under $30 with tax on all this and will post-redeem with whatever coupons show up before 60 days.  The Hartz squeaky toys were just too darned cute and for $1.19, nice rewards for the doggies.