cheap Ice Mountain @ Jewel

photo.JPGThis week Jewel has Ice Mountain 1L sparkling water for 50¢.  Use the $1/4 coupon from 3/8 rp and pay 25¢.  I hate paying for stuff, but I LOVE this water.  Unfortunately, it looks like Jewel no longer carries my favorite flavor, lime (mgr checked inventory book), but there’s a new one, black cherry, that I’m gonna try.  This is only a few bottles…I have over 100 more on order.  yes, it’s that good

And here’s the latest Jewel Big Book of Savings – – I guess Tree Killer was a little too graphic (although more accurate). I checked the EE bleach and disenfecting wipes prices and even on sale with the store coupon you are paying much more than at Dollar Tree. Phooey.  The only good thing is a full page of Passover coupons and since that stuff is always dumped on the clearance cart I can see some very cheap macaroons in my future.

Glade catalina at Jewel

photo 2.JPGRight now there’s a national catalina promotion going on and Jewel’s part of it: Buy two products, get a $1 OYNO, buy three products, get a $2 OYNO, but four+ get $3 OYNO. I chose these four $1.88 clearance sprays that are 9.7 oz, so I was able to use the $1 coupons in 2/8 S!  Paid $3.52 and got back $3…not too shabby!  Need more coupons?  Print this $2/2 Glade products coupon and this $1 any Glade product coupon.

break out the sweats – it’s ice cream clearance time!

We’re talking Fruttare for 60¢ a box, Yasso for $1.50, Ben & Jerry’s for $1.50…most expensive items were the big (28 oz) Häagen-Das coffees at $3.50 each. Good thing I have all those cans of whipped cream from the Walmart price match a couple of weeks ago.  This was at the Lisle Jewel and I left quite a few.  The following picture shows one of the two sections.

Free Crystal Light (clearance + Q + cat)

photo.JPGLots and lots of Crystal Light on the clearance cart – check your locations! There is a nationwide catalina promotion until 2/22/15 that gives you $1 OYNO with you buy 3, $2 when you buy 4 and $3 when you buy 5 or more. Obviously only a lunatic wouldn’t break up transactions after 5 (well, actually six, due to coupons). Use the $1/2 coupon from 1/4 S1 and, depending on your clearance price, this could be cheap up to a money maker.  I lucked out at FREE, since I paid $4, will post-redeem $2 in coupons and received a $2 OYNO (which I used on a subsequent transaction).

While the liquids were also around $1 and you can use the same $1/2 coupon, they will not generate a catalina – only “powder drink mix canisters or On the Go (excluding single packets)” generate the cat...i tried it so you won’t have to!

Campbells clearance, coupons & catalinas – oh my!

Putting new link at the top of the post. MUM found another $1 printable on the Campbells’ site
photo.JPGSaw all these Campbell’s Go Soup pouches on the clearance cart at Jewel reduced to $1. Knew there was a $1 printable, so grabbed them…turns out that there is a national catalina promotion that started today (through 2/22) where you buy 2 and get a $1.50 OYNO cat, buy 3+ and get a $2 OYNO cat.  Since I didn’t know the breakdown, I split my order into sets of 5 and rolled the $2 cat into the next transaction.  This way I will still get them for free (I have a LOT of them), since there are only printables available and I don’t have that market cornered…yet…

Make sure to check your own Jewel for great clearance deals – remember, you can post-redeem up to 60 days.

cheap diaper shopping @ Jewel

Jewel is part of a national catalina – Spend $30 on Huggies products and get a $10 OYNO cat!  Jewel sells their packs for $9.99, so you can do the deal in one of several ways, depending on how many inserts you have and how coupon-friendly your Jewel store is.

photo.JPGI purchased six packages at $9.99 each.  After the sixth package scanned the $5 Instant Baby Savings came off.  I used six $3 Huggies coupons from the 1/11 S2 plus the $5/$50 Jewel coupon that reappeared on the last page of the Jewel ad on the APP.  You can print from your phone/iPad or send it to an email.  After all that my subtotal was $31.94 or $3.65 a pack plus tax after the $10 OYNO cat.  If you are unable or don’t want to use the $5/$50 your per pack price will be $4.49.

If you have two inserts you can run the deal like this:  Buy four packages and pay $39.96 less $12 in coupons ($27.96).  You get the $10 OYNO cat, which brings your per package cost to $4.49 plus tax., the same as the above transaction.

Since there isn’t any financial benefit to buying six packages in one transaction, buy whichever you want!

100% legit shopping! who knew…

photo.JPGAnd who says you can’t save nowadays! You see here TWO transactions of Finish, Bayer, 10 Starbucks ($1 printables), Alka-Seltzer and BIC razors (BOGO coupons). I made sure to get up to $50 so I could use the $5/$50 Jewel coupon that reappeared on the last page of the Jewel ad on the APP.  You can print from your phone/iPad or send it to an email.

Total OOP for both transactions was just under $10 (mostly high tax).

Bayerly Jewel shopping in the bitter cold

photo.JPGIf you’re looking for a way to play the Bayer coupon, this transaction involved two Bayer coupons (6 Bayer chewables), two $2.15 Finish coupons (two boxes) and one $1 Alka-Seltzer coupon (6 ct packets).  OOP was $1.49, of which 78¢ was tax.

Lisle has sizable quantities of both Finish and Bayer, so stop on over if you don’t find it at your local store.

Thank you Bayer shopping

I should point out that I have been unable to find any Bayer chewable 36 ct aspirin in any Walmarts – you know, the $2.17 ones that provide the most overage using the $10/3 coupon in the 1/4 S.  So I regrouped…
photo 1.JPG
to Target, for the B2G1 Finish deal. Unfortunately, the $2.99 price being quoted in the blog-o-sphere appears to be pie in the sky pricing. However, when you combine $3.99 Finish with Bayer chewable aspirin ($2.19 each), you are looking at a much better scenario. I bought six Finish, used 4 $2.15 coupon (1/4 S), bought six Bayer, used two $10 coupons, and a quart of half & half and paid $3.99 (remember, Finish is high tax). Finish coupon is limited to 2, but I didn’t catch that.  Which is not to say I would have followed it anyway, but I was bad inadvertently…
photo 2.JPG

Then I decided to check out Jewel – she shoots and scores! – where Bayer was only $2.29! And Jewel’s coupon policy allows for overage on your cart items. I bought nine Bayer, a gallon of organic milk, fancy napkins and tortillas. OOP was $3.09.  There is a new $1 Wild Harvest coupon, which I will post-redeem.  It’s a Bricks coupon, so if you have issues…
photo 3.JPG

Starting on Wednesday, Jewel will have 12-20ct Finish on sale for $2.99. 70¢ Finish is a great price after the coupon, but toss in the Bayer and it’s back up the truck time, folks!