Mystery Box – White Elephant Gift Edition

whiteelephant-boxMystery Box – White Elephant Gift Edition! Hands down, the most fun way to participate in a gift exchange!  This edition of our mystery box will include MYSTERIOUS things as usual.   However, in this case, it will come in a box or bag marked with an adorable white elephant completely ready to be used in a gift exchange. We personally think it would be fun to not look inside the package at all, so that even you are surprised by it’s contents. You can order multiples and they will be separately “wrapped” up so they can be used as separate gifts in the exchange(s). You can pick from the from the $10 version and the $20 version, as those are the 2 most popular price points in gift exchanges. With that being said, you are getting this from, so you will get way more for $10 or $20 than you would if you just picked up something from the store.  You will pay just one shipping charge no matter how many boxes your order.