Free Summer Salads @ Noodles & Co – hurry & print!!!

logoRight now Noodles & Co is launching two new delicious salads – Napa Market Salad with Chicken, Pomegranate Vinaigrette and Crisp Apples, and our Chicken Veracruz Salad featuring Fresh-Cut Corn, Crispy Jalapeños and Fresh Avocado –  Made. Different. with REAL Food and REAL Flavors. You and a guest are invited for a Special Sneak Peek event to give them a try before they are available to the general public!  Space is limited – Please RSVP for either Monday, 5/23 or Tuesday, 5/24 (from 11-8) and you’ll receive a free entrée salad, no purchase necessary. After you have given one a try tag a picture of your salad and select fountain beverage on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #NoodlesWorldTour.

Their locations are not listed in alphabetical state order, so scroll down until you find your own state and restaurant.  I already got mine!

credit Hip2Save

Monster Matzos 4 Less @ Jewel!


Actually, these five pound boxes of Manischewitz are FREE with the coupon in the weekly Jewel ad and/or the new Big Book of Crap Savings.  Buy one box marked $14.99 on the shelf and $12.99 comes off as a promotional discount.  Use the $2 mfr coupon and pay low tax. You have to run multiple transactions to get the discounted price because $12.99 only comes off the first one.  It’s rough finding these crackers – I’ve been to lots of different Jewels and either found nothing or very limited Passover products (this was the Lombard Jewel on Roosevelt).  These boxes have five individual boxes, each of which has three bags with six matzos each, so you don’t have to worry about them going stale, although how you’d tell the difference from fresh ones I couldn’t say.

What can you do with this pretty bland cracker?  Well, there’s always squirrels and birds to feed, but if you’re looking for recipes, there are some ugly ones and tasty ones online.  I like these ones from Shape ’cause they include candy, cake, soup and more.

Free Guac & Chips @ Chipotle!


It’s Chipotle’s GuacHunter, the game where you spot the five differences between two sets of photos.  Three sets of photos and they’re timed.  Don’t worry if you time out, ’cause frankly, they’re really nit-picky differences!  But never fear, you’ll win a freebie no matter what!  Enter your name and cell and they’ll send you a text (like the free burrito a while back).  Limit one per mobile device.

BOGO Wings @ Hooters when you shred your EX

UntitledOn Valentine’s Day either bring your Ex’s photo to Hooters or the coupon you receive for taking the short and clever quiz about the break-up.  They’ll recommend you bury, burn or shred him/her and once you download a photo, they’ll do just that — online, that is!  You’ll receive an email with a coupon code for your server to enter and boom!  Ten Free Boneless Wings!  This is only valid on Valentine’s Day.


Free Chipotle Burritos – text now!

_0000_BurritoAccording to news reports (and their own site), Chipotle really wants your business – figuring you’re probably off eating those half-price burritos at Freshii today! – and is willing to give you a free burrito to prove it!  Text RAINCHECK to 888-222 before 6 pm today.  Note that it took about 30+ minutes for me to receive a response, then I had to click the link, enter my name and zip code and be told that I would receive a coupon for a free burrito via text within the next few days.  Note you must text them before 6 pm EST.

Hunting down the deals – Thursday version

Where was I most of yesterday? Scurrying around local Targets, grabbing as many of these Zostrix Foot Pain Relief Creams as I could – they’re marked down to $3 (from about $15!) in the majorly expensive diabetic section. Only two stores had sale signs, which means there should be a ton of overage out there to scoop up using the $5 coupon from 9/13 S. Use the overage on the higher-priced Swiffer products or Pantene or even a non-gift card clearance item (but please use a coupon!).

Christian Schelthoff's photo.

I’ve also been hitting up Jewel for more of the money-making Gerber jars (my local Jewel wasn’t able to order in time – it happens…) – shelf tag reads ends 10/4, so still a few days to hunt.

Able to use up all my Sheba coupons, though I was “forced” to tale only cans in the end, since the plastic tubs had all mysteriously disappeared.  But free cat food is good cat food, in any size container!