Free ice cream today @ Ben & Jerry’s

UntitledToday, April 8, only, from 12-8, get a free ice cream cone from a participating Ben & Jerry’s store.  The link takes you directly to a store locator page.

I was reading a little about the Vermont company:  Each employee is allowed to take home 3 pints of ice cream per day and the starting wage is something like $15.63 an hour. the commute would be a deal-breaker for me, though…

Update: Free pizza and salad samples today @ Pompeii Pizza

UntitledThey’ve extended the freebie hours!   It’s still 2-4 but now 5-7 has been added.  This is what I had.  You can choose from their entire menu for the pizza and salad and they dont limit you – these are actual slices for which you’d pay real money.

Pompeii Pizza is opening a new location on (according to Google) 200 West Ogden in Westmont.  This is the original family restaurant from Taylor Street, not the chain that opened and closed since 2004.  Pizzeria is opening on Tuesday, April 1st, but for today only:

Get FREE samples of their pizzas and salads from 2-4 pm at the 200 W. Ogden location.  Enjoy!  Their olive pizzas were to die for… bring baggies…

More free Beyond Meat @ Whole Foods!

UntitledI do NOT know why I had to learn about this from Rachel, since I signed up for all their friggin’ emails and such, but Beyond Meat has a FREE products coupon available.  As far as I know, this is still only sold at Whole Foods, but those places are getting almost as ubiquitous as Walgreens – spit and you’ll hit one!

How good are these Beyond Meat products?  I paid for them last week, remember?  I have two pouches of the beef crumbles in the crock pot right now, along with one cut up onion, a can of niblets corn and two small cans of of Herdez salsa verde – read the labels on whatever brand you use ’cause my last batch used Safeway, which was made with corn syrup!  Yeah, that’s just what we want – sweet tacos – yuck!

Edit for free got2b: Free Triaminic @ Dollar Tree!


The dates on these are 9/2014 and 11/2014; use the $3/2 coupon from the 2/09 Smart Source and you’ll have free Triaminic!  OOP for my 30 bottles was 53¢.  As always, ymmv, depending on your location.

If you’re going to out shopping anyway, bring the 2/09 red plum with you because it has a $2/1 coupon EXPIRING TOMORROW 3/23… FREE cans of got2b dry conditioner.

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American Baby magazine subscription – FREE!

Get your FREE subscription to America’s trusted source for baby advice.  American Baby magazine has all the information expectant moms want and need – from health and safety issues to the latest and greatest products for baby.  And did I mention it’s FREE?

I like this kid!  Looks happy, but probably one of those whiners when the cameras are off…

Free cheeze doodles with printable – today only!


Wise Snacks is celebrating National Cheez Doodles Day with $3 off 1 bag coupon offer. This offer is available only today, March 5th and it starts at 9am EST (my coupon shows expiration date of 3/14).  Note that this is a qpls coupon, which some people have trouble printing. If you can, score some free Cheez Doodles!   Limited to one print (uses FB birthday info).

I was just at Walgreens yesterday (more on that later) and grabbed a bag of Wise chips – they were $2.99 – about had a stroke.  Good thing I have that stockpile of low-dose aspirin…or are those for preventing heart attacks…

Post update: Giving away more free pet food at Jewel!

Photo.jpgReturned to Jewel with all my coupons – you can see the total written by customer service on the bottom. Forgot to mention the real reason I bought the Post Raisin Bran for FirstBorn – there was a FREE milk coupon (up to $4) in the 2/9 S. That basically only scored me a half gallon because every store in a six county area seems to be out of organic milk! So add the 1/2 gallon to my earlier total of 29¢

I’m too lazy to list all the coupon inserts, so just use the handy-dandy Find a Coupon tab on the top of the page. I keep it open when shopping so I’m already to spring for a deal!


First of all, thanks so much to the reader for this alert because this is NOT my Lisle Jewel, but the one in Downers Grove called the Saratoga store (it’s on the Ogden/Saratoga corner).  In total I got 9 bags of Beneful at $1.99 each (will return with $2 coupons), 3 bags of PurinaOne for $2.10 ($3 coupons), Iams cat food for $1.49 ($2 printable on P&G site), 8 packs of Friskies treats at 40¢ each ($1/2 coupons in several inserts).  Lots of cans of Friskies wet food, Iams Healthy dry bags, Mom’s AND Grandma’s down to $2.50 (?), but no coupons, so no purchase.  Also lots of both cat and dog food Be Happy, the Purina brand, but no coupons and I really stocked up on those at Dominicks when there were valid coupons!  Happy hunting!  I grabbed a couple of boxes of Raisin Bran for FirstBorn, who is convinced we have no food in the house.  Hates Reese’s Puff, Cheerios (both plain and PB), Shredded Wheat (both original and honey nut), Cocoa Krispies…well, you get the idea.  Oh, also a pack of corn tortillas.

The tables in the back of the store also held stacks of Brawny single rolls for 50¢ each and the two-packs of the Bounty Dura-towels that were so free at Meijer (I loved those!), but I think they were $1.25 and there are only 25¢ available…and let’s face it, I’m not exactly running low on paper towels these days!

OOP was $35.75 ($33.29 subtotal) and paid with my Staples VISA card.  I’ll return with $33 in coupons.  

Growing Up Fisher, new NBC comedy (watch preview)

Since I ran the ad for the online program “Food Patriots,” figured I’d toss in one for the commercial side, too!   Wait, does that mean I’m playing for the other team now?

Inline image 1
NBC’s premiere of a new comedy “Growing Up Fisher” runs on Tuesday nights, but the premiere episode – shown without commercial interruption - is Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 10:38 p.m. ET/PT (after the Olympics closing ceremony).  “Growing Up Fisher” is a comedy and semi-real enough to resemble your own family ( Says it was inspired by his own family) The story follows 11-year-old Henry Fisher (Eli Baker) and his atypical family, his parents’ divorce, and the arrival of his blind father’s guide dog, Elvis (Peyton).  If a dog named Elvis isn’t enough to get you hooked, watch the (I counted six) “Growing Up Fisher” teasers here.