Dollar Tree shopping

IMG_4857The Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-ins were back in stock at Dollar Tree, so PITA and I each grabbed our four limit and used the $1 coupon from 11/12 S.¬† Overstock on mush bread for 50¬Ę and hamburgers buns for a quarter; they also had cartloads of junky, crunchy snacks for 50¬Ę.¬† The hamburger buns I’ll take, since they’re just the same as the Jewel mush buns.

Domino sugar at Dollar Tree

IMG_4697The 9/10 S has a 75¬Ę coupon for Domino sugar in the flip-top container.¬† The coupon doesn’t¬†scan at Dollar Tree, but the manager pushed it through, ’cause it’s a flip-top container!¬† I checked the ones¬†pictured¬†on the coupon at Jewel (2/$4 on sale) and they do not look like flip open tops at all — I do see that they’ve shrunk the size to about 12 oz, though.

The I’m not that clean shopping trip

FullSizeRender (2)Stopped in to Dollar Tree for 2018 calendars, since you blink and they’re history and you’re paying $9.99 at Osco. ¬†While there I picked up some Lysol wipes and two types of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner using the $1/2 coupons in 8/27S. ¬†No size restrictions and they scan beautifully. ¬†Not the best deal in the world, but the wipes work out to be about half the Target cost per sheet.