Dollar Tree shopping

IMG_4564Well, I’ve yet to see any of the items showing up at Dollar Trees in other parts of the country, but then Iowa was a bust, so maybe it’s just me!  Turns out my Dollar Tree has the cool soap I saw there, only in a different spot.  I picked up all five scents. Seven ounce bars and selling on Amazon for about $5.  Shugar Soapworks out of California,

Dollar Tree shopping


July P&G had $1 coupons for both the Venus and manual Oral B toothbrush  – unfortunately they only had the two, but fortunately, they had lots of the battery ones that scanned $12.36 on the Walmart APP (but $4.99 on the Target one.  I’d never seen this one Venus variety before.

Dollar Tree shopping

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If you’ve been unable to find the Soft Soap at Walgreens, stop at a CVS and load up on the 50¢ coupons sitting in a little holder by their Soft Soap shelf.  Trot over to DT and pick up the larger refill sizes for 50¢ each.  Scans beautifully.

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No coupons on the Theraflu, but a damned good price!  New (to Dollar Tree) Curad produce – alcohol prep pads – which work nice with the $1 coupons in both the 5/7S and 6/18 S.