End of the week DT shopping

More of a fun deal than anything else, but wanted to try the .50 Scott toilet paper coupons from 11/11 S with the Dollar Tree Scott Comfort Plus 4pk.  The coupon reads for any 4pk but didn’t scan, so the manager manually entered it, as it was clearly a 4pk.  As I said, I had to stop there for picture frames for all these Walgreens deals, so if it hadn’t worked I wouldn’t have lost any sleep.

Dollar Tree shopping

IMG_4857The Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-ins were back in stock at Dollar Tree, so PITA and I each grabbed our four limit and used the $1 coupon from 11/12 S.  Overstock on mush bread for 50¢ and hamburgers buns for a quarter; they also had cartloads of junky, crunchy snacks for 50¢.  The hamburger buns I’ll take, since they’re just the same as the Jewel mush buns.

Domino sugar at Dollar Tree

IMG_4697The 9/10 S has a 75¢ coupon for Domino sugar in the flip-top container.  The coupon doesn’t scan at Dollar Tree, but the manager pushed it through, ’cause it’s a flip-top container!  I checked the ones pictured on the coupon at Jewel (2/$4 on sale) and they do not look like flip open tops at all — I do see that they’ve shrunk the size to about 12 oz, though.