Monday’s mags: Entrepreneur, Glamour & Yoga Journal

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iD: Ideas & Discoveries magazine only $8.99 a year

idma2011.1Today only, subscribe to iD: Ideas & Discoveries for only $8.99 per year (49% off) with coupon code DERANGED.  iD : Ideas & Discoveries magazine is a revolutionary science magazine. iD magazine offers a perfect balance of science, nature, psychology, history and current events, combined with stunning photography and graphics, put together in a uniquely compelling way.

Extreme How-To magazine $5.99 a year

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Extreme How-To was founded to provide the latest products, plans and tips on the most popular products for the extreme handyman. Driven by a passion for creating a comprehensive resource for today’s do-it-yourselfer, they are committed to delivering the most up-to-date informative resources.

Popular Science – Robots – only $4.99


Today only, subscribe to Popular Science magazine for only $4.99 per year (58% off)! You can order up to 3 years with coupon code DERANGED.  This is one magazine we all eagerly read – something for the entire family each month.

Here’s the latest issue – Robots! The guy pictured made both his duplicate and the “female” one. Since he was aging and the robot was not he chose some cosmetic surgery to keep the same look. Now this would seriously creep me out.