CVS has very cheap Fructis

Fructis is on sale this week at CVS for 2/$7.  I used the $3/2 coupon from 6/3 S plus the $2/2 from the Magic Coupon Machine and paid a buck a bottle.  Also grabbed more hair color, since this week your Buy 7 Get 1 Free has been improved:  each purchase of two counts as three towards your goal.  My six boxes won’t be reflected on my account for a couple of days, but I’ll hit ’em again before the end of the week for more freebies.

CVS shopping

Used two of the $3.50 Natural Instincts coupons with the 2/$17 sale (post with links here), 2 Free Hair Color (scan for $9 automatically) and the $3 Oxi-Clean coupons from 5/20 S or here with the $3.99 sale.  Used a $4 ebs and a $3 Beauty Club coupon, which brought my subtotal down to $2.96.  Submitted to Ibotta (in the parking lot) for a $3 Clairol rebate which came immediately.  Got back a $4 and a $5 ecb for the hair colors.  These also earn towards the Buy 7 Get a Free Hair Color Coupon promotion.

Print coupons now for CVS on Sunday

While there’ll be a few Clairol hair color coupons in this Sunday’s Smart Source, print these higher value coupons now and use them at CVS starting Sunday.  They’re having a 2/$14 get $4 ecbs (Limit 1) plus there’s a $2.50 Ibotta offer expiring the 21st.  These also count towards the Buy 7, get a free coupon (up to $9) for any hair color item.  You will at least make money on the first two purchased!  I show six general Ibotta offers in the coupon database, but don’t know when they expire since I’ve used up most of my personal offers.

$3.50 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

BOGO 1 Temporary Root Touch-up Get 1 Permanent Root Touch-up Free (up to $6.99)

BOGO 1 Clairol Age Defy Hair Color get One Age Defy Hair Color Free (up to $8.99)

$6 Off Two boxes of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or National Instincts

$1.35 on hair color at CVS

Stopped at CVS because I live too close, apparently, to get a paper ad in my Sunday Trib.  Just happened to have a few inserts in my bag left over from Sunday’s Walgreens purchase so when I saw what spit out of the Magic Coupon Machine, I pulled them out with my trusty scissors.  The Nutrisse are Buy 2 get $4 in ecbs, so I bought two, used two $2 coupons from 5/13 rp plus a $9 Beauty coupon.  Also got two free hair color coupons, which I’ll use later in the week or even next week.  They automatically deduct $9 each, so if I’m buying Nutrisse I’m blowing a few bucks on each – – not smart.  OOP was $1.35 and I got my $4 in ecbs (limit one).  The $2 SavingStar rebate was limit one and that’s what I used at Walgreens.  Maybe next week they’ll reboot.

Coupons & Ibotta at CVS

Have enough coupons that together with Ibotta refunds, these hair colors cost very little.  Each seven hair colors purchased spits out another freebie, so between these and this BOGO Age Defy and Ibotta ($10 alone for Color Crave!), my subtotal of $32.16 after coupons dropped $15 after rebates.  And here you’re looking at the seven needed to earn another freebie.

annoying CVS shopping

I am not complaining about the staff, it’s just that CVS just doesn’t want my business.  I never get the weekly ad and when I go online to see what’s on sale, it’s different from what the paper ad actually shows when I get to the store.  Even if I’ve marked the computer to show me the ad!  grrrr

Case in point:  online is pushing Clairol at B1G1 50% off, which works well with the 3 freebie coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine plus a $3 ecb and the $3 mfr coupons from 4/15 S.  Turns out the only deal was buy two and get a $6 ecb.  phooey!  So I had to figure out a way to get the products pictured for as little as possible.  Ended up spending $1.41 after all coupons and gift card , then submitted and collected $12.50 from Ibotta plus my $6 ecb.  So I’m not too bummed out 🙂

CVS shopping for the $10 cash card

First of all, it’s a one time only deal – boo!  Bought four L’Oreal hair colors for $32, used two 2/$6 4/8 rp coupons plus a $9 Beauty Club ecb from today’s scan at the Machine Coupon Machine (also got another 2 Free Hair Color Items coupon).  $11 subtotal and got the printed $10 ecb which I had them convert to the above card which works for paying nasty high tax.

Even though I can’t get another card, I’m still earning free hair color with my purchases plus Beauty Club ecbs, so I’ll scan in a couple of days and see if I get another Freebie hair color coupon.

more CVS hair color clearance

Driving back from the dentist when I saw an unfamiliar CVS, so PITA and I stopped in – – motherlode time!  Used mfr coupons with my stack of $3 Beauty Club ecbs (but not my one remaining FREE hair color item coupon) and submitted to Ibotta, which paid me back $7.50 so fast I thought there was a glitch!  Total OOP before tax was $2.10 and you can certain I’ll have another bunch of freebies and Beauty Club ecbs when next I scan.