annoying CVS shopping

I am not complaining about the staff, it’s just that CVS just doesn’t want my business.  I never get the weekly ad and when I go online to see what’s on sale, it’s different from what the paper ad actually shows when I get to the store.  Even if I’ve marked the computer to show me the ad!  grrrr

Case in point:  online is pushing Clairol at B1G1 50% off, which works well with the 3 freebie coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine plus a $3 ecb and the $3 mfr coupons from 4/15 S.  Turns out the only deal was buy two and get a $6 ecb.  phooey!  So I had to figure out a way to get the products pictured for as little as possible.  Ended up spending $1.41 after all coupons and gift card , then submitted and collected $12.50 from Ibotta plus my $6 ecb.  So I’m not too bummed out 🙂

CVS shopping for the $10 cash card

First of all, it’s a one time only deal – boo!  Bought four L’Oreal hair colors for $32, used two 2/$6 4/8 rp coupons plus a $9 Beauty Club ecb from today’s scan at the Machine Coupon Machine (also got another 2 Free Hair Color Items coupon).  $11 subtotal and got the printed $10 ecb which I had them convert to the above card which works for paying nasty high tax.

Even though I can’t get another card, I’m still earning free hair color with my purchases plus Beauty Club ecbs, so I’ll scan in a couple of days and see if I get another Freebie hair color coupon.

more CVS hair color clearance

Driving back from the dentist when I saw an unfamiliar CVS, so PITA and I stopped in – – motherlode time!  Used mfr coupons with my stack of $3 Beauty Club ecbs (but not my one remaining FREE hair color item coupon) and submitted to Ibotta, which paid me back $7.50 so fast I thought there was a glitch!  Total OOP before tax was $2.10 and you can certain I’ll have another bunch of freebies and Beauty Club ecbs when next I scan.

making money on hair color at CVS

Two days ago I got another 4 Free Hair Colors from the CVS Magic Coupon Machine, so decided to hit my local CVS to use them up.  Scanned my card and guess what – – a $3 ecb, a $9 ecb, a 1 free hair color item and a 2 free hair color item coupon printed out!   Used the $4 freebie, along with a Clairol Root Touch freebie when you buy a Nice ‘n Easy (bought 2 Roots).  My subtotal was $3.21 (stupid $3.99 Splat I keep buying with no coupons) and submitted for $10 in Ibotta Clairol rebates.  Everything scanned without an issue.

more CVS hair color clearance

Don’t know why, but I decided to scan my card at the Magic Coupon Machine – out popped a coupon for 4 Free hair colors and an $18 ecb!  Unfortunately, given all the clearance hair colors and coupons, I wasn’t able to hit that mark, so kept the ecb coupons and used the ones from 3/18 rp.  Subtotal was $9.39 and I earned $7.50 back on Ibotta.

CVS shopping hair color blowout

I scanned my card and out popped a $6 ebc, a $9 ecb and 2 FOUR FREE HAIR COLOR coupons!  Since my last purchase at CVS last week gave me a Buy 7, get 3 Free hair color coupon, so I bought four Nice ‘n Easy and 4 Root Touch Ups, use four BOGOs from the 3/25 rp with the CVS coupon and paid $2.96 plus high tax.  I also scanned my receipt for the $2.50 Ibotta rebate while at the register before running transaction no. 2.

Number 2 transaction was for 2 L’Oreal Feria and 6 L’Oreal Preference.  Used the $9 ecb and two cvs coupons, which took $36 each off, leaving me a total of $1.52 plus high tax.

Transaction 3 was pricey because I added fancy whole cashews on sale for $7.99 for the 24oz size, plus two clearance ($3.99) Splat color removers which I thought were cool, even without a coupon. Picked up another 5 clearance Nice ‘n Easy plus 5 Root Touchups, used the BOGO coupons plus the $6 ecb, leaving me a subtotal of $21.81. Without the nuts and Splat it would have been $16 cheaper, but hey, it’s a splurge.

CVS Clearance Shopping

I LOVE stores without shelf tags!  I was able to get lots more of known items and scanned a few more possible – lucked out on a couple.  My advice is to pull up the posts and enlarge the photo so you see what’s selling for $2.14 and what they’re trying to still get $8.59 for!

Ibotta has lots of Clairol rebates PLUS there’s this high-value $6/2 Clairol coupon.  I’m hoping both the Ibotta rebates and coupon reset soon 🙂