Cents of Style: 25% off everything code

Bold & Full Wednesday – Courtney’s Picks! 25% Off EVERYTHING + FREE SHIPPING with promo code BOLDBIRTHDAY  For this birthday celebration, Courtney (CEO of Cents of Style) will be picking up the bill for 5 orders on Wednesday and 5 orders on Thursday! 10 Bold & Full orders for their 10th birthday!  Note that the promo code is valid on ALL items, not just Courtney’s Picks..

Cents of Style: Spring Swing Dresses

Cents of Style for Fashion Friday – 3/10/17 – Spring Swing Dresses from $17.95 – $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING with promo code SPRINGSWING.  In addition to the new, short sleeve version, they are blowing out the long sleeve colors…and the price can’t be beat! Please note that since this is close out pricing on the long sleeve colors, the color and sizing options are limited.