Perfect(ly odd) ideas for Halloween costumes

Think of all the stuff that’s hidden in the Amazon back room…and be afraid, be very afraid.

610yqFvNwYL._SL1500_ (1)First up is this cute little door buster that just screams – well, I’m not quite sure what it screams – but you will be the one everyone remembers.  go team?

Arrr, I thought this was a pirate costume.  One similar is termed unisex. please, don’t…

Okay, I’ve gotta stop now. I wanted to have an equal number of ideas for guys, but
this was the only item that did not offer the full monty! I think my retinas have been permanently seared…click at your own risk…

Gold Box: over half off Vanguard Endeavor ED binoculars

51Yg3spooGLToday only, get this Vanguard Endeavor ED Binocular (8×42) for $190 – that’s over half off the $429.99 list price!

  • ED glass, Bak4 phase-coated prisms and fully multi coated lenses; water and fog proof
  • 42 mm objective lenses with enhanced edge-to-edge view quality
  • 3 stage twist out eyecups with long eye relief
  • Position locking diopter ring
  • Open bridge design with soft rubber armor and a large focus adjustment wheel

DIY gel beads air freshener – Part 2

My latest DIY Project is gel bead air fresheners.  I bought a couple and was so pleased I naturally had to try my hand at making them.  Especially since I had dye and beads available.  I must say that I was very disappointed in my search for common Fall scents like pumpkin pie – nothing at Sam’s Club or Target and Michael’s selection was limited and expensive ($7.99 for 5 oz bottle of diffuser oil).

If you think it’s cheaper to buy than make, here’s what Michael’s gets for small jars.  DIY means you create custom scents: basil in the kitchen or pine needles in the living room.

photo 2.JPGThese measurements are for an 8 oz container; tweak for smaller or larger sizes.  I’m using a plain garage sale jar, but as gifts I’d go for something fancier, like the pewter daisy jelly lids that fit on these 8-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars.  Pretty…


Pour 1 teaspoon of fragrance into the jar.  Here’s an Amazon link to a company with an extensive line of fragrance oils; this links to Pumpkin Patch, but the company has over four pages of scents, all reasonably-priced!
photo 3.JPGAdd 1 drop of dish soap and swirl to mix.  You only add enough soap to allow the oil and water to mingle, not party-hearty!
photo 1.JPGI added 8 oz of distilled water carefully to the mixture, then slowly stirred; you are not going for suds.
photo 4.JPGAdd as little or a much dye as you wish – it’s not required. I use Wilton Icing Colors because they’re very, very powerful; just the tip of a knife gave me this rose color.  I’ve used the same set for over 20 years…have to leave them in my Will!
photo.JPGYes, I’m a crummy photographer (DH is the camera pro) – you won’t believe how many times I messed up this shot.  You only add 1 teaspoon of the gel beads to the water, although it can be a heaping teaspoon, since it’s better to have too many (move the overflow to another jar).  Here’s a full page of water beads (also called jelly or crystal soil beads) on Amazon; you could buy an entire pound for under $10 shipped!  Do not get carried away; they will continue to increase in size as they absorb water.  Here’s two beads after a few hours.  FirstBorn saw these on the counter and asked why I had glass beads out.  Could not believe they were the same.

In a few more hours, these beads will have completely absorbed the water. Can’t get easier than that, huh?

Try lavender for bathrooms, rose oil for bedrooms or a nursery, basil and/or thyme for kitchens…custom scents you won’t find in any store. Great personal Christmas gifts because these are not only nontoxic, they can be refreshed with water and a touch more scent. The cost per jar is pennies because you use so little of each item.  Even buying fancy jars and lids will still allow custom creations for a few bucks.  Tie on some snazzy bows and sell ‘em at the flea market!