All You for $1.66 a month – see my January issue

This New Year, All You is here to help you find hundreds of coupons and saving tips.  For a limited time, get 6 issues for $9.96 or 12 issues for $19.92.  I don’t know about the hundreds of coupons part, but I just started getting All You after a break of a couple of years and I’m pretty impressed with the recipes so far.  Here’s my January issue – lots and lots of comfort food ideas from readers.


New offer: All You 2 for 1 Sale!

The All You 2-for-1 Holiday Sale just started – get TWO  subscriptions For the Price of One!  Buy one subscription to All You and give one to a friend for FREE! That’s TWO subscriptions for just $19.92.  All You is a couponer’s magazine – you’ll find coupons here that just aren’t available elsewhere (you’ll see them listed in the data bases as AY); even the magazine is only available at Walmart and through subscription!  If you’re just starting out or trying to build up your stockpile in a hurry, this magazine is a great resource to get.  I got it for a couple of years when I first started down the devil’s path.

3 months ALL YOU + entertainment savings book for $5!

Get three ALL YOU issues for $5 plus get a FREE savings book containing tons of coupons from favorite retailers:  The Children’s Place, The Gap, Best Buy…  This is an automatic renewal with a no-penalty cancellation option, which reads as follows:

Welcome to the Automatic Renewal Program – Where You’re in Control! Automatic renewal means no more dealing with constant renewal notices! You authorize us to charge your credit/debit card or PayPal now for the price and term above and in time to lock in savings at the rate then in effect, until you tell us to stop. We guarantee uninterrupted service, so you’ll never miss an issue! There are no service contracts, and no penalties for canceling. You can cancel at any time – for any reason – just by contacting customer service. And if there’s ever a problem with your card or PayPal, we’ll simply bill you instead.

ALL YOU for $5 & free coupon book

The newest promotion for ALL You is Get ALL YOU for $5 plus a FREE Coupon Book.  Coupons include: Children’s Place, Sears, Office Depot, Skechers, Dick’s Sporting Goods and more.  This offer includes three monthly issues of ALL YOU print and download editions.  This is an automatic renewal, so if you decide to drop it, you have to call or email them.  That said, you have plenty of time to decide if ALL YOU is right for your needs – you will see coupons here that aren’t available anywhere else.