Road Trip Time!

Heading off in a few minutes on a road trip to the wilds of Atlanta, where these Yankees (PITA and I) will show ’em who actually won the War of Northern Aggression 🙂  Not gonna do it all in one day; we’re stopping in Metropolis, IL for a night or two (an indoor pool holds strange and mystical powers over me) and then continue on.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures (Metropolis has a large Superman statue, museum and their paper is the Daily Metropolis (guess The Daily Planet was taken).  Check Facebook for photos, since that’s were most of the world seems to dump their vacay shots 🙂 I have lots of inserts with me and a planned trip to Kroger and Publix, two stores of which I’ve heard great things, but never been able to shop since they seem to avoid Chicago.  Rented a Ford Fusion Hybrid, so gas should be really cheap!

do booze coupons = road trips?

Saving money on alcohol can be a tricky business. The industry is heavily regulated, and many states restrict how and whether manufacturers and retailers can offer discounts and coupons. So one state with few such restrictions has a message for everyone else – come to New Hampshire to buy your booze, and we’ll give you a coupon to do it!  All states can participate!  Read the article here.

P&G to raise prices

Higher prices, few or no coupons means you’d better be stocking up when you can. Here’s the article from Coupons in the News.  Read the entire article here.

Better gather your coupons and stock up on some of Procter & Gamble’s most popular products – because they’re going to cost you more soon.

In the coming months, P&G plans to raise prices on Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper and Puffs tissues, while simultaneously raising prices and shrinking the size of its Pampers diapers packages. The Pampers changes, which are currently being phased in, amount to a 4% price increase. Bounty and Charmin’s list prices are set to rise by 5% in October, while Puffs prices will increase by 5% next February.

swap fingerprints for digital coupons?

Scary little article from Coupons in the News about two Japanese firms using fingerprints to replace  digital coupons. Read the entire article here.   I will say the Japanese seem more accepting of this type of technology, while Americans say hell, no!!

Would coupon scammers be as likely to cheat the system if they knew their store would scan their fingerprint while checking out? Would any shoppers be willing to volunteer this piece of personally identifiable information, If it meant they didn’t have to carry around coupons, cash or even a smartphone anymore?

Lisle Library Summer Read Party

Every year Lisle has a summer read program where you read a certain number of books (4 for adults) and get a prize, each year a different one.  You log in your books read and each book earns you a point; you can review the books if desired. There are also categories for kids and teens.  Today marked the Summer Read Kick-off Party.  The past two years it’s been primarily kid-oriented 🙁  but today they had a grilled cheese truck (yummie).  There were lots more kids but spread out all over.