Happy DuPage Flood Anniversary – 2013

Highly pissed off Goddess during the forced evacuation on April 18, 2013 during the worst flooding in Lisle’s history.  The house shown on the left has since been demolished, along with the two houses to the north of me – although it took years; I will now be living in a prairie!  Our house isn’t shown, but the water came up to the garage carriage lights…yeah, that high.20130418_112520

Soy, Almond or Platypus in your Latte?

Your barista may be on a hunt for the best non-dairy milk to use in a latte, but scientists are currently jazzed over another nontraditional milk. Research has shown that platypus milk has powerful antibacterial properties, and new study has found how these antibacterial proteins work. Scientists hope these findings can be used to fight drug-resistant superbugs.  Read article here.

redplum to be rebranded

Don’t panic, but this weekend will be the last time you get a RedPlum coupon insert in your Sunday newspaper or mailbox.

The good news is, it’s not going away – it’s just getting a new name and a new look.

Beginning next Sunday, March 25th, RedPlum will be rebranded as “RetailMeNot Everyday”. It’s a display of corporate synergy between RedPlum publisher Valassis and the coupon code site RetailMeNot, which was acquired by Valassis parent company Harland Clarke Holdings last year.  Read the entire article here.