booze & rebates = happy readers

I haven’t posted about this deal because, frankly, it’s not a money-maker and unless you are/were a big Smirnoff Ice fan…

But here’s a new twist:  Sunday’s Jewel ad has a $3 coupon off any 12 pk of Smirnoff Ice.   Clip and take it over to Ultra, where it’s on sale for $9.97.  Use this $25 Smirnoff Grocery Rebate and come out ahead!  The rebate form says you have to spend $25.01 on groceries to get the $25; they can be multiple receipts and different stores, so long as they were purchased within the promotion period.  You can use this pdf with no problem as it was downloaded from the Smirnoff Facebook.

The beer is from Jewel, purchased for the $10 Corona rebate, using the $3 off $10 meat purchase coupons from the booklets being handed out the past couple of weekends at the Lombard Jewel’s grand reopening.  The ribeyes and strip steaks are on sale in today’s ad.

I’ve also heard from people who were buying $10 Corona rebate forms on eBay for under $3 that don’t require any beer purchase.  I’m leery of those because a MIR puts you too much at the mercy of the fulfillment monkeys.  If they decide that your state isn’t eligible for this rebate, what are you going to say/do?  Well, unless you’re fluent in flying monkey.

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  1. Hmmmm, I wonder if google translates into flying monkey? lol I have some of the fleabay $10 NBPN rebates mentioned and the offer is good for residents of AL, HI, KY, IL, MO, NC, UT and WV. :0)

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