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Okay, Mark, I went out into the cold, heartless night and picked up Blink at Walgreens.  Got three products, which didn’t make it a moneymaker like two would have, but I like Blink and paying a bit works for me.

Before hitting Walgreens, I added three Blink Checkout51 offers to my account.

Bought Blink RevitaLens (glad I don’t wear contacts ’cause the proliferation of products is insane!) for $10.49, less $5 January IVC; Blink drops for contacts for $8.79 less $3 January IVC and Blink gel tears for $11.99 less $3 January IVC.  Used three $3 coupons from 1/21S.  Total with tax was $12.51 and I submitted for the three $3 rebates.  Also earned 200 everyday points.  So $12.51 less $9 plus a $1 Checkout51 bonus for the 2+ offers redeemed plus 200 points means my outlay was really 51¢.

This is being redeemed on the current offer, which ends at midnight – but the new week contains the same items (they reset), so another go-round tomorrow!

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