Back from the all-day Wags run

Yes, that’s right – ALL. DAY. WAGS. RUN!  Drove up to our northernmost Walgreens – so far – where I was treated like royalty (and no, they didn’t try to cut off my head).  Since I know I’ll forget someone’s name, I’m just gonna say huge thanks to Pierre, the Store Manager, who has trained all members of his staff to be kind, courteous and efficient.  It’s very much appreciated.

Ran about 200 transactions of the Kotex U, Complete & a .15 filler to roll against the witch hazel, Lanacane and a small bottle of water for filler.  One transaction was $1.24 and the other was .25.  The Kotex U spun off a $3 RR that just accumulated.  This has all been detailed in a prior post.

The picture here is after the first set of transactions.  You can see the stack of $3 RRs in the foreground.  Buy two of the breakfast bars at 2/$5, two of the Banana Boat products and one of the Yardley body wash.  I ran it with a .15 candy filler.  Here’s the numbers if you want to run this tomorrow, when the 15% F&F promo no longer applies:  Buy the above items – subtotal is $17.98 plus a .15 or so filler.  Use either the $2 hang tag on many of the Banana Boat products of the $1 from 4/22 S, plus the $1 Yardley coupon, plus the $2/2 Banana Boat IVC from the Beauty Guide booklet (check with cosmetics, as it’s a new one).  The number of $3 RRs you use depends on the value of the coupons, but you know that already!  In my case, each transaction (with the 15% F&F promo) ended up at .41 plus lots of tax – or $1.60 in total.

And the breakfast bars spun off another $2 RR!  A great day.  A special hello to the readers who were so kind and funny at the Elgin Wags.  Thanks for stopping to tell me all those lies about how much better my site is than Rachel’s… posts may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking that link. See disclosure policy under The Legal Stuff.

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  1. Love reading about your shopping trips! I hit up three WAGS yesterday. I was mainly getting the clinical deodorant that had a $2 RR for my two DS’s. Was able to get them for $4 after the RR with no manufacture coupons involved. That shit is expensive, but that is all they will use. Pisses me off when I can get other name deodorants for free but they won’t use them! I did pick up some of the cheap Kotex to roll a few tranies back and forth. P.S. I like both MUM’s and your sights!!!!!

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