36 metallic temporary tattoos only $4.99 shipped!

Shimmer tattoos-300x300I saw these by a Target register last night – – $9.99!  36 Metallic Jewelry Tattoos – Body Art Temporary Tattoos $4.99 + Free Shipping Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos give you a hot look without thousands of needle pokes.  These temporary tattoos are inspired by fashion jewelry, so they have a shimmering, metallic look that’s perfect for a night on the town.  They’re made from a waterproof material, will last 4-6 days, and remove easily with baby oil.  Each order contains 3 packs of assorted designs.  Or stock up now for summer

Blast from the Past – Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series

6111oLYCK-L._SL1000_Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series for only $22.49 for the entire 52 episode collection.  Wow, FirstBorn used to watch this all the time – a good show.  Why are dogs always the coolest characters?

Tune in to over 20 hours of Doug Funnie, the new kid in Bluffington. His life may appear to be pretty average, but with the help of his friends Skeeter and Beebe, his crush Patti Mayonnaise, the school bully Roger, and his trusty journal, it’s anything but! Check out these 52 episodes for some righteous rock and roll from Doug and Skeeter’s favorite band, the Beets, fly off on crime fighting crusades when Doug imagines that he and his dog, Porkchop, are heroes Quailman and Quaildog, fighting off evil villains like Dr. Klotzenstein. Watch as Doug’s artsy sister Judy gives new meaning to the phrase, “all the world’s a stage.” And of course, be there for Doug as he endlessly tries to win over the object of his affection, Patti. From competing in a cooking competition, to surviving a bad picture day at school, to being mayor for a day, check out the not so-average adventures of Doug and all his pals.

livingsocial with gourmet ingredient boxes

unnamed (2)You love getting into the kitchen and whipping up gourmet recipes — but finding quality, small-batch ingredients in the supermarket can be a challenge. Luckily, this deal from Hatchery delivers a chef-curated selection of artisan items to your door each month:

• $20 ($25 value) for a one-month subscription
• $60 ($75 value) for a three-month subscription
• $120 ($150 value) for a six-month subscription

Hand crank emergency radio w/ Smartphone charger!

31UFNBe902LGreat idea to have this American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank NOAA AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Smartphone Charger justincase. Amazon has this as a Daily Deal, almost 60% off! $33 for the hand crank or $10 more for the radio that includes rechargeable batteries.

Receives AM/FM & Weather band Alerts
Charges your smartphone via USB
Multiple power options; rechargeable batteries, hand crank, solar power, and AAA batteries
LED flashlight & emergency beacon